#1. Moor (day).

A stormy and dark day...

Chaotic plain, wind, wild grass, sickly bushes.

On the ground, bloody dead corpses of Joseon Royal soldiers.
Mutilated, eviscerated, limbs cut off, broken bodies in impossible positions.
Only man standing, but in agony, the Royal Police Chief Officer.
Eyes widened, jaw clenched, he expectorates a flow of blood.

He tilts his head down to look at the way he dies.
Pierced in the thorax by a huge arm, supernatural and blackish, outlined with shadowy dust.
At end of the limb, a blackish hand as large as five heads. On it, a beating heart, his own.
The shadow hand closes and crushes the heart, the officers' eyes switch to white.
CRACK! Lightning strikes the moor, briefly illuminating the scene.
For a split second, we see a dark silhouette with bright smoking eyes, behind the officer.

WOOSH! At speed of thought, the limb withdraws from the man's chest, leaving a huge gaping hole.

#2. Capital of Joseon (late afternoon).

Title card: Joseon, year 1887.

Overview, Royal Capital, a stormy end of the day.

#3. Royal Palace (late afternoon).

A horseman gallops through the gates of the royal palace.

Wang Shin, 30, handsome, fine and muscular, determined and rustic.

Wang Shin steps ashore and runs to the royal police station.

The guards give in passage and he rushes inside.

#4. Royal Police Station (late afternoon).

- I'm sorry, Wang Shin, your father is dead, murdered.
- ... !!!
- How? Who?
- He was chasing the Dark Guild.
Killed with his men, all horribly mutilated.
- The Queen of Darkness!
- (to himself) Father, why didn't you listen to me...
Why didn't you wait for me...

An officer broke into the room.

- Wang Shin, you are expected at His Majesty's Intendant office.

#5. Royal Intendant's Office (late afternoon).

Wang Shin enters the intendant's office.

Intendant Han is dull, eyes lost in the vagueness.

- Intendant Han?

The intendant awakes from his torpor, but his gaze is stony and his voice monotonous.

- Wang Shin, your father died, he was chief of police.
- But as far as you are concerned, you have no status in court.
- What trivia are you talking about?
- Henceforth, your presence at the palace is prohibited.
- I ask you, by law, to leave the palace.
- Funeral has not yet been arranged.
- I have barely begun to cry for my father.
- And you ask me such nonsense?!
- We have no time to waste.
- Guards, escort this commoner out of the compound!

Wang Shin is forced to leave the room, surrounded by two royal guards.

- Intendant Han, I no longer recognize you. Why are you doing this?

The officer calls him to order.

- Let's hurry. Come to your quarters to pack your things.

Once alone, Intendant Han doesn't move an inch. Frozen. Empty stare.

A dark silhouette slips behind Intendant Han.
A female hand with black varnished nails starts to touch his cheek.
The mysterious woman, whose mouth we only see, whispers in his ear.

- You will soon forget this character, intendant.
- As if he had never been part of your world...

#6. Wang Shin's quarters (late afternoon).

In a room annexed to the police station, Wang Shin finishes his luggage.
He dresses in a buffet outfit, reinforced by protective equipment.

He wraps a breech rifle in a sheet, one of the first to appear in Korea.

He stores in the sheath of his belt a 6-shot revolver.
It's one of these ancient models, requiring to manually raise the firing pin with each shot.

He loads a stick of dynamite, yarn, herbs and compresses into a bag.
He stores half a dozen daggers in sheaths all over his body.
He equips himself with a sword on the side, a bow on the back, and ammunition belts.
Finally, the rest of his stuff is a package the size of a pillow.

Wang Shin comes out of the house and addresses the officer.

- Let me at least say goodbye to Lady Cha.
- All right, I'll walk you to the heavenly hall.

#7. Heavenly Hall Garden (late afternoon).

Next to a fountain is a lady of the palace, dressed in a Shaman's outfit.
She is so beautiful that no other woman could compete in all of Joseon.
Her only flaw is a sneer on her face, making her naturally contemptuous.
She leans toward a large plant vase carved into the central fountain.
She cuts a flower, holding a shear from her delicate hand with black nails.

Lady Cha Yu-Sun, 30, Head Shaman.

Wang Shin arrives at the center of the square.

- Yu-Sun!

Lady Cha quietly lays the flower and the shears next to the vase, then raises her head.
Standing still, the man and woman look at each other.
Their eyes are charged with a vibrant emotion.

- Yu-Sun, my father is dead and I'm forced to leave the palace.
- I don't know what's going on, but I'll stay close to protect you.

Cha Yu-Sun's gaze then becomes shady, inflexible.

- Who authorizes you to speak to me in a familiar way?
- Yu-Sun, what's going on?
- Have we been intimate?

Wang Shin's face is tightening.
A cold shiver rises from the bottom of his spine to his ears.

- Lady Cha... our love... our kisses...
- As if it had any meaning.

Tetanized, Wang Shin staggers back one step.

- Did someone do something to you too?
- Are you subject to any constraint?
- You've just deluded yourself.
- No, not you, it's not you...
- It's enough now!
- Let's send this unwelcome one back!

Two guards come out, while their presence was not detectable until then.
They seize Wang Shin, while Dame Cha turns heels.
WOSSH! Wang Shin puts a guard down with a push/swipe motion.
SLAM! He kicks the second guard in the chest, who is pushed back, knocked out.
Wang Shin grabs Cha Yu-Sun's forearm, which is forced to turn around.

- I want to know for sure.

Their faces barely ten centimeters apart, Wang Shin looks deep into Cha Yu-Sun's eyes.

But she looks at him with an ulcerated gaze.

- Never appear in front of me again.

The officer approaches with reinforcements.

#8. Forest path (night).

On a forest path, Wang Shin's horse advances indolently, at man's pace.

It's a blue night with a full moon, and rain begins to fall.
Wang Shin stands bent over his saddle, and cannot hold back his tears.

#9. RECALL - Wang Il-Do's house, Living room (night).

At Wang Il-Do's home, Wang Shin's father, a week ago.
Wang Shin has several bandages, reddened by clotted blood.

- Shin, I'm finally about to discover the secret identity of the Queen of Darkness.
- So let me intervene with you.
I fought her guild more than anyone else.
- And you were seriously injured by her henchmen!
- It's my duty to finish the job, with the army!
- Your duty is to rest, if you want to survive.
- I can't lose my only son like this...

#10. RECALL - Cha Yu-Sun's house, Living room (night).

At Cha Yu-Sun's home, Wang Shin's lover, a week ago.
Wang Shin has several bandages, reddened by clotted blood.

- I beg you, Wang Shin, don't go, you're in no condition.
- If anything happened to you, I would die without even killing myself.
- So what can I do?
- Stay by my side.
- I'm so scared, the Darkness Guild has already attacked the Heavenly Hall.
- I love you, Wang Shin.

The two lovers look at each other with concern.
Then Lady Cha kisses Wang Shin, who answers her kiss.

#11. Forest path (night).

Wang Shin is suddenly pulled out of his reverie.
His horse collapses, without neighing. Wang Shin doesn't even fall.
He examines his inanimate horse, breath, eye, chest. Dead! Inexplicable.
Wang Shin looks at his horse for a few seconds, sad and frightened.
He lifts his head, his eyes widen briefly. Instinct alert!
Immediately, he sneaks into the thicket by the side of the path.

Wang Shin scans the surroundings, frowning, with a sharp eye.
No animal sounds. Absolute silence. No waving branches. No wind.
A malevolent presence around the path? Wang Shin go deeper into the woods.

#12. Forest (night).

Two red eyes light up at the top of a slope, between two trees.
We can see a dark, smoking mass standing out from the blue of the night.
It's a wolf, too big to have been birthed by mother nature.

The evil beast leaps towards Wang Shin, who draws his sword.
Wang Shin takes the lead in this anarchic struggle.
SLASH! He cuts the creature to death.
Disregarding the sword pushed into his side, the giant wolf tumbles Wang Shin.
GROARR! The monstrous mouth closes on his forearm.
Despite the reinforced leather bra, the fangs sink into the flesh.
Horrified, Wang Shin pulls out his gun.
POW! He shoots a bullet into the monster's skull at point-blank.
A sheaf of blood splatters his distraught face.

Wang Shin detects human silhouettes, twirling between the trees.
Shadow killers, with saber, masks, and dark uniforms made of strips.

Wang Shin runs to the top of the slope, then turns around.
He arms his rifle, targets one of the killers, and fires. BANG!

Impossible to know the outcome of the shooting in this shady undergrowth.
Wang Shin is running to lose his breath to get out of the forest.
Behind him, the shadow killers sneak in.
They hide behind a tree, then reappear behind another, closer tree.

#13. Plateau (night).

Wang Shin comes to a clear plateau and hide behind a rock.
One of the killers comes out of the woods.
BANG! This time, Wang Shin's shot hits the target.
Instead of collapsing dead, the killer vanishes into a cloud of shadow.

There are too many shadow killers.
Wang Shin is forced to back down further.

#14. Promontory (night).

Wang Shin arrives at the edge of a promontory. Stupor! No escape!

BANG! He shoots a killer, who evaporates, as if swallowed up in the strips of his uniform.
His next opponent is fifteen meters away, just long enough to reload the breech rifle.
BANG! He shoots, and although his aim is perfect, a supernatural phenomenon occurs.
His enemy disappears into a kind of dark implosion, and reappears a meter away.

Forced into close combat, SKLANG! Wang Shin blocks the fighter's sword with his rifle.
This killer is much stronger than the others.
He wears a scary mask.

Facing such a formidable enemy gives the other killers time to rush to Wang Shin.
The hero has the ultimate reflex to take out his sword. SLASH! He cuts one of them up.
And while this killer pulverizes, the others immobilize Wang Shin.
SMASH! The masked killer strikes him in the head with the guard of his sword.
Stunned, Wang Shin drops rifle and sword.
Shadow killers put him on his knees, near the edge of the cliff.

Wang Shin sees a silhouette approaching, behind the blood curtain dripping from his eyebrows.
Imperial, the queen of darkness stands in front of him, her abdomen radiating a red supernatural light.
Her body and face are entirely dark, nestled in shadow dust.
Her eyes are two smoking light slits.

- Choi Jang-Jun, Seo Yong-Gi, Lee Hwon, Park Yoon-Kang.
I eliminated all these heroes.
- You had your hour of glory, Wang Shin, a little longer than the others.
- It seems that I had a weakness for you for a while...
- But that's it. You're going to erase yourself from my memory.
- Die!

Suddenly, the queen of darkness arches backwards, as if possessed.
Like a terrible hallucination... SPROOTCH! A titanic arm of shadow springs from her belly.
The supernatural limb rushes at an unimaginable speed to perforate Wang Shin.

Wang Shin waits for death by clenching his teeth.

#15. TV slide show (afternoon).

Wang Shin dissolves from "real" to "image", in a comic book box, displaying "To be continued".

Epic music during the presentation.

~ That's it, it was some thumbnails of the "Queen of darkness" manhwa, as an introduction...

Sticker of the queen of darkness, the shadow arm comes out of her belly.

~ Pictures from this week's episode.

Cover of the manhwa, volume 17, Cha Yu-Sun in black and white, on an animated TV background.

All these drawings are highly sophisticated, semi-realistic and yet very fine and artistic.
Strong contrasts, with many black areas, clever shadow effects.
The colors use watercolor, and are discreet, grayed, or sometimes sickly, purplish.
By small touches sometimes, intense colors, like aggressive red, to shock the eye.

#16. TV set (afternoon).

- You are watching "Culture-Hallyu", on MBC. I'm Adrien Lee.

View of the presenter, on the TV set.

- Destination 8th art, the world of manhwas.
- Today, I welcome the talented cartoonist hidden in the shadow of the most famous manhwas.

Soo-Bong arrives on the TV set, dressed in a suit and without glasses.

- Park Soo-Bong, it is an honour for me to welcome you.
- Thank you very much.
- This is your first television interview, I presume.
- Yes.
- So I'm even more delighted!
- (embarrassed laugh) Ah ah...
- You were the main assistant of the famous Oh Sung-Moo, the author who revolutionized the world of Manwha with "W".
- (grief) The kindest man I have ever met in my life.

On a screen, cover of "W" volume 4 + Oh Sung-Moo, severe and scary.

- "Queen of Darkness" is the second Manhwa in which you have participated.
- Can you tell us more about this turning point in your career?
- Author Moon Mi-Ra has an unsurpassable graphic talent.
I learned a lot from her.

Picture of Moon Mi-Ra in the background TV screen, fashion magazine quality.

- In gratitude, I contributed to her work, creating Wang Shin.
- Risky bet! This manhwa was known for its main character...
The Queen of Darkness!
- What pleased the readers was the surprising and dark side of the story, featuring a villain instead of a heroine.
- Yes, and she has made a great consumption of heroes, killed in all kinds of Machiavellian ways.

They both giggle.
As Soo-Bong talks, the view gradually recedes and...

#17. Moon Mi-Ra's apartment (afternoon).

... we find him on a giant screen of Home Theater.

~ However, a regular hero could stabilize the story, and interest new readers.

The giant screen is in a very spacious luxury apartment, both modern and Gothic.

The living room is messy, with cans and food wrappers lying around on the floor.
Thick smoke hovers in the atmosphere of the room in black, gold, white, and ochre tones.
On a coffee table, in an ashtray, a hand-rolled cigarette butt.

~ And that doesn't stop the queen of darkness from continuing her exactions, which her traditional fans love so much.

Two women slumped in a huge sofa watch the show.

Kim Yoon-Hee, Oh Sung-Moo's former chubby assistant, and author Moon Mi-Ra.

Moon Mi-Ra, 30, divine beauty, but with a naturally disdainful face.
As if to make her impossible to seduce, even by the most handsome of kings.
Dressed in a black and sexy Gothic style, with make-up and black nails.
Kim Yoon-Hee, 28, very fat, blonde, with a round, charming and smiling face.
Dressed in a comfortable brightly colored sweatsuit, she is eating a small cake.

~ I am satisfied that readers like Wang Shin, even one year after I left.
- You'll see what I do with your hero, Soo-Bong!

Moon Mi-Ra looks drunk, or under the influence of a psychotropic drug.

- But Unnie, it's true that the manhwa sells better thanks to him...
- When I draw Wang Shin, all I see is Soo-Bong.
- And I have only one desire, it's to dismember him!
- After all, I would rather see you angry than depressed. It was about time.
- Only you understand me a bit, Yoon-Hee.
- You must be the only girl who is less lucky in love than I am.

Yoon-Hee suddenly looks sad and sullen.

#18. TV set (afternoon).

Back on the TV set.

- "Butterfly Girl", it's a totally different style.

A screen displays the manhwa cover of "Butterfly Girl", volume 5, the heroine with butterfly wings.

A drawing style with very bright colors, characters with unrealistic proportions.
Faces with big eyes drowned in light bubbles, and a small nose, romantic and comical.

- By what incredible feat did you assume the role of lead illustrator?
- Not so new to me, I had already worked for author Jang Soo-Bin before.

Picture of Jang Soo-Bin in the background TV screen, whimsical and crazy.

- No one could have guessed that.
- It's again a success for you.
- How did you come up with the idea of participating in "Butterfly Girl"?

The view gradually recedes and...

#19. Park Min-Soo's house, Living room (afternoon).

... Soo-Bong is found in an ordinary television screen.

~ I really appreciate the rigor of Jang Soo-Bin's scripts, as well as her eccentric and acidulous universe.

The television is in a good quality house of medium size, without exaggerated luxury.
The living room is neat, impeccably clean.

~ She didn't have time to draw this manhwa, in addition to her main work.

Two elegant women sit on armchairs and watch the television show.

Park Da-Ye, Professor Park's wife, and Jang Soo-Bin, the author of cute and sentimental manhwa.

Park Da-Ye, 44, classic high class.
Jang Soo-Bin, 44, large round glasses, dressed and styled in a whimsical way (seen in W episode 06).

~ As we had kept in touch, I jumped at the opportunity to draw her story.
- Your designer has style. I thought he was dressing like a teenager.
- That's because I forced him to wear a suit for his interview!
- And to remove his fake stupid glasses...
- I will miss this manhwa, you wrote such a moving story...

There's a sound of a front door opening.

- Is that you, darling?
- Hurry up, you just have time to see the end of the show.

Professor Park Min-Soo enters the living room.

- They'll talk about "Queen of Darkness"?
- It has already been done.
- Now they're talking about "Butterfly Girl"...
- Rah, I missed the point!
- And now we'll have to endure this tear-jerking rose water romance.
- ... (sad and vexed)
- Oh, sorry, Soo-Bin, I wasn't saying that to upset you.
- You certainly are very good at what you do, although it's boring.
- It doesn't matter, it needs something for all tastes...
- Wang Shin versus the Queen of Darkness.
That! It's a story that is punchy!
- Name of a coronary bypass! "W" finally had a worthy successor.
- And no grotesque intruders coming to ruin this masterpiece!
- Well, I have to leave you.
- I promised Soo-Bong that I would pick him up at the TV studio.

Park Da-Ye nods with a smile.
She puts her arm around Jang Soo-Bin's elbow to escort her out.
Jang Soo-Bin looks sadly at Park Min-Soo, who ignores her.
He looks intrigued and watches the television.

- Hey, that's the mad dog!

{RECALL INSERT, W Ep16 - Hospital, Corridor (day).}
Without sound: Soo-Bong is angry, agitated, and yells at the fearful Professor Park.

~ The lunatic who yelled at me in the hospital two years ago...

- He is working for her? (TING!)

#20. TV set (afternoon).

Back on the TV set.

- "Butterfly Girl", it ended this week.
- What do you plan to do now?
- Wait, I have something new for the public.
- Surprise us.
- We will publish a special episode for "Butterfly Girl".
- A fan service epilogue!
- Yes, the audience often likes to know the characters' futures at the end...
- And enjoy some of the touching moments of their happy lives.
- "Butterfly Girl" was a too short one-year work.
So, we wanted to please our readers.
- We look forward to that.
- But tell us about your future projects.
- I think it's time for me to become an independent, full-fledged author.
- My current assistant is gifted enough to create stories, in addition to her drawing skills.
- Then we should team up...

#21. University (late afternoon).

Seoul University of Dramatic Arts, outside view.

A woman's voice, wide sound, using a microphone.

~ 1st principle, autonomy.

#22. University, Conference room (late afternoon).

General view of the conference room, crowded with students.

~ Let your characters live! Ask yourself what they would do, not you.

On the podium, professor and scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung, using a mic.

- They should not become a substitute for your wishes.
- 2nd principle, consistency.
- Who has a first aid certificate here?

Many students raise their hands.

- Lot of people.
- And what do you think when you see a cliché scene, in which a character gives a cardiac massage on someone who is still breathing?

A student raises his hand more, Song Jae-Jung signals him to speak.

- Give a cardiac massage, when heart is beating, causes cardiac arrest.
- That's right, and it's really unbearable to see that.
- Not only is it poorly written, but if ignorant people reproduce this gesture, they could put someone in danger.
- So, consistency in detail, and consistency of the scenario as a whole.

- Take for example a story in which the hero poses as dead, after someone tried to murder him.
- He returns to his city a few years later, determined to take revenge.
- He makes a false identity for himself, although he is barely disguised.
- The city is fuuuuuull of people or relatives who knew him.
- In fact, he might be unmasked every 5 minutes!
- It's simple, my 5-year-old nephew is smarter than this hero...
- ... Or than his writer! (proud of her joke).

General laughter in the amphitheatre.
A unknow female student intervenes, covering the last laughs.

- Seonsaingnim!
- Yes?

The student turns out to be Oh Yeon-Joo!

- I just read a manhwa with this scenario recently.
- Share your feelings with us.
- I loved it!
- There was a terrible suspense when he would be unmasked by his enemies.
- Heartbreaking when he had to ignore his former fiancée, whom he still loves.
- And also, the hero was such a cute Oppa...

General laughter in the amphitheatre. Much louder than the previous one!

- (amused) Thank you for your candor and enthusiasm, Oh Yeon-Joo.
(a female student is surprised and looks at Yeon-Joo)
- It is undoubtedly because of such naive reactions that some scriptwriters give in to easiness.
- But the audience has become more mature. We can no longer serve a scenario filled with unbelievable things out of context.
- And just that...

- 3rd principle, the context.
- Investigate thoroughly the environment in which your story takes place.
- Reality is often more extraordinary than what comes out of your imagination.
- It will also give you tons of unexpected ideas, all credible.
: Ah, what if I wrote my manhwa script in the hospital environment?
: I would have lots of fabulous and realistic stories...
: Surgical operations would have instructive reversals.
: I could even put a character who looks like the Mad Dog in it.

#23. University, Campus (evening).

It's nightfall on the university campus.

Oh Yeon-Joo is going to the campus.

- Unnie, wait for me!

The female student seen earlier in the conference room tries to catch up with her.

- The teacher called you Oh Yeon-Joo...
- Yes, it is me.
- The real Oh Yeon-Joo?
- Oh Sung-Moo's daughter, the one he drew in "W"?
- I look like me, don't I?
- You are also pretty.
- It's deabak (amazing)!
I never thought I'd meet you at this script class.
- About the lesson, isn't that a bit rigid as a method?
- Are you kidding, you don't know who the teacher is?
- Song Jae-Jung...
- Is it someone famous?
- Of course, she wrote scripts for TV.
- Wait. (she pulls out her smartphone, and does a quick search on it)
- Look. (she hands the smartphone to Yeon-Joo)

On the smartphone screen, two famous drama posters.

- Oh I see, I rarely watch television.
- She even takes care of the future adaptation of "W" into a drama.
- Gosh... the world is a small place.
- Would you like to have a drink?
- I'm sorry, I have an appointment.
- After maybe? Please, Unnie.
- Then I have to pick up my baby from my mother.
- I had so many questions to ask you.
- We can do that next time, before the class.
- Promised?
- Yes, I promise.

#24. Avenue (night).

A line of cabs, on the avenue next to the university campus.

- Taxi!
- Where should I take you?
- At the Han River Bridge.

#25. Han River Bridge (night).

On the bridge, Kang Chul is on the other side of the railing, in the rain.

Kang Chul stands on the parapet, looking sad and thoughtful.

- I thought my destiny was in this world.
- But I was wrong, my destiny has always been here, on this bridge.

Kang Chul closes his eyes, and lets himself fall into the void.

#26. Bridge nearby, Taxi (night).

Oh Yeon-Joo's taxi arrives near the bridge, but a crowd blocks its access.

- Looks like something bad happened.
- I'm sorry, I have to drop you off here.

Oh Yeon-Joo gets out of the taxi, and...

#27. Han River Bridge, Entrance (night).

... she hurries to join the crowd of curious people, who all look at the bridge.
As Yeon-Joo tries to make her way, she hears the conversations.

- Did he jump off the bridge?
- Yes, I saw it all!
- Omo!

Oh Yeon-Joo's worried face.

FLASH, End image: Kang Chul leaning, jumping + Oh Yeon-Joo worried.

Starring :

- Lee Jun Ki is Wang Shin. Excerpts from the drama "Joseon Gunman".
- Kim Tae Hee is Cha Yu-Sun. Excerpts from the drama "Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love".
- Kim Tae Hee is Moon Mi-Ra. Excerpts from the drama "IRIS".
- Yang Hye-Ji is Kim Yoon-Hee. Excerpts from her Youtube channel Mukbang.
- Han Hyo-Joo is Oh Yeon-Joo. Excerpts from the drama "W: two worlds".
- Lee Jong-Suk is Kang Chul. Excerpts from the drama "W: two worlds".
- Lee Si-Un is Park Soo-Bong. Extracts from all available sources.
- Heo Jung-Do is Park Min-Soo. Excerpts from the drama "W: two worlds".
- Adrien Lee is himself. Excerpts from the "Showbiz Korea" program.
- Song Jae-Jung is herself. Excerpts from the drama conference "Nine".
- Lee Yo-Won is Park Da-Ye. Excerpts from the drama "Avengers social club".
- Hwang Suk-Jung is Jang So-Bin. Excerpts from the drama "W: two worlds".
- Baek Seo-E is a university student. Excerpts from the drama "Let's Fight Ghost".
- Jung Jin-Young is Wang Il-Do. Excerpts from the drama "Dong-Yi".
- Choi Cheol-Ho is an officer of Joseon. Excerpts from the drama "Joseon Gunman".
- Choi Jae-Sung is an officer of Joseon. Excerpts from the drama "Joseon Gunman".
- Jung Sun-Il is Intendant Han. Excerpts from the drama "Dong-Yi".