#1. Han River Bridge (night).

Kang Chul stands on the parapet, looking sad and thoughtful, in the rain.

- I thought my destiny was in this world.
- But I was wrong, my destiny has always been here, on this bridge.

Kang Chul closes his eyes, and lets himself fall into the void.

#2. Han River Bridge, Film set (night).

- Cut!
- We'll keep this one, for lack of anything better...

Director Jung Dae-Yoon has a badge with his name on it, and the initials "W".

An entire film set is installed on the bridge. Technicians, props, lamps, cables, cameras.
Everyone is under the rain, produced by an artificial system for the needs of the shooting.
An female assistant holds an umbrella over the head of Jung Dae-Yoon, sitting on his folding chair.
Further on, at the bridge entrance, a security team blocks access to a crowd of curious people.

Director Jung Dae-Yoon inveighs at technicians, while pointing at the guardrail.

- For fuck's sake, what the hell are you waiting for to pull him up?
- That he falls in this bloody river for real?
- But... we were already taking care of it...
- Since when do you answer, asshole? Think you're Kang Chul?
- ... (I should have shut-up)
- What are you waiting for to tell them to move their asses?
(takes off his cap)
- Piss off, dickhead!
(he hits several times the technician's buttocks with his cap)

The technician arches his back, lets out ridiculous screams, stomps his feet, then runs off.

Kang Chul, in the void above the river, is pulled up by a cable attached to him.

- (to the nearest guy) You, there!
- ... (mercy, not me).

Jung Dae-Yoon points to the other end of the set, to the technician in charge of the artificial rain.

- Go tell the other moron that he has 3 seconds to stop raining on my shoes...
- ... or I'll make him chomp his garden hose!

The guy quickly bends down to signal he understands, then runs off.
Jung Dae-Yoon takes his megaphone, and boosts volume to the max.

- Fucking lazy bastards, shake your stinking asses, goddamn dogshit!!!
- We have all the freakin' scenes with Han Hyo-Joo to shoot after that!

The whole staff is getting panicked. It's running in all directions!

- (to himself) At least an actress on whom we can rely...

Meanwhile, Kang Chul walks towards his team of props guys.

- Where the fuck is he going?
- Yah! Kang Chul!
- Come here, I have a few words to say to you.
- What is it, director Jung?
- Do you have any idea how much dough we're throwing away to make such a scene on this shitty bridge?
- Don't you think you could be a bit involved? A minimum?
- Ah, Gentleman has the physique, he even has the name!
- But when are you going to get into your frakking character?
- When he is asleep in his bed, or in a coma in the river?

Kang Chul remains calm, while looking away, jaded and casual.

- Oh, bollocks! He doesn't give a shit what I say to him, that punk.

{RECALL INSERT, W ep06 - Han River Bridge (night).}
Kang Chul will jump off the bridge, under the rain.

- For the hero who was looking for a murderer and became one himself...
- ... there could not be a better end.

- Sorry, director Jung, the monologue didn't seem very accurate to me.
- Oooh, my pitiful little bunny.
- Do you know who wrote it?
- Shit! We have the best screenwriter in Korea!

Kang Chul sees Oh Yeon-Joo in the crowd of curious people.
Suddenly there is a restless movement, and Oh Yeon-Joo screams.

Instantly, Kang Chul runs in her direction.
Jung Dae-Yoon didn't notice anything, he speaks with his head down.

- Song Jae-Jung, the best screenw--
(lifts his head and realizes he is talking in a vacuum)
- (looks at Kang Chul running away)
He's getting away... Just like that, he gets away...
- But why was I dumped with this insolent beginner?
- When we could have hired Lee Jong-Suk!
- A brave little guy, who does what he's asked without begrudging...

#3. FLASHBACK - Han River Bridge, Entrance (night).

A few moments before...
Oh Yeon-Joo gets out of the taxi and walks to the entrance of the bridge.

Two suspicious guys lurking behind a bus shelter spy on Yeon-Joo.

Lee Sang-Deuk, 30, tall, determined, nice suit but old-fashioned.
Baek Young-Sik, 40, small, fat, worried, ordinary and old-fashioned clothes.

- There she is! I told you she'd pick up her husband.
- Boss, do we really have to do this?
- No way to back down!
- We'll find out what's behind this so-called Kang Chul, Kang Ta, or whoever.
- And the best way is to use his relatives. hey hey!
- Boss, I don't know if I'll be able to--
- Shut up! Get in position, quick!
- As we said! Take advantage of the crowd and the confusion.
- (moves reluctantly to the bridge)
To think I missed the TV show for this...

Baek Young-Sik approaches Oh Yeon-Joo in the group of curious people. Sweat beads on his temples.

He checks the people around him, in front, behind.
All of them looking towards the bridge with concern, sighing, or shouting "Kang Chul"!
Baek Young-Sik swallows his saliva and takes out an object from his pocket.
A kind of flat and black electronic device, which he puts between his teeth.
Bo-Boom Bo-Boom. Then he brings his hands to the bag that Oh Yeon-Joo is holding.
It's a loose canvas bag, warm and colorful, with a design printed on it.
BUMP! A girl bumps into Baek Young-Sik by accident.
He spits out the object. Ejected!

He panics, looks around. Did someone find me out?
No, the girl went further away. Whew!
Awe! He passes his hands over his mouth several times. The object, where is it?!
Damn it! He panics again, looks on the ground, between people's feet. Nothing!
Then he frowns... Could it be that...
He looks into the opening of Yeon-Joo's bag...
The electronic device is in the bag, visible, on top of other things!
Baek Young-Sik opens his mouth wide, elated, grateful, close to a tear in his eye.

Oh Yeon-Joo moves towards the bridge. Now or never!
Without hesitation, Baek Young-Sik snatches the bag from her.
Oh Yeon-Joo shouts and Baek Young-Sik runs away with the bag.

#4. Han River Bridge, Entrance (night).

Baek Young-Sik runs, involuntarily shaking the bag.
About ten meters further, Lee Sang-Deuk blocks his way.

Lee Sang-Deuk waves his arms, moves as if he pretends to intercept Baek Young-Sik.
But it's a feint, when Baek Young-Sik comes, Lee Sang-Deuk lets him pass.
However, he snatches the bag from his hands, then let him run away.
Lee Sang-Deuk joins Oh Yeon-Joo, smiling, by dangling the bag high in the air.

- Oh thank you, you're wonderful!
- I think this is yours, ma'am.

Lee Sang-Deuk gives the bag back to Oh Yeon-Joo. The design printed on it is visible.

In comic and miniature characters, Yeon-Joo kisses Kang Chul

- He didn't have time to steal anything.

Kang Chul arrives, under the surprised cries of the fans.

- What happened?
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- A thief tried to grab my bag, but this good man--

Kang Chul, alert, spots the thief in the distance, on the avenue near the bridge.

- Honey, you don't need to--

Without listening, Kang Chul starts to run after the fugitive.

Lee Sang-Deuk takes the opportunity to sneak away.

People go with their little comments.

- He is incredible.
- So fully in his character!
- And so cute, up close...
- Ah, Kang Chul remains Kang Chul, whatever the world...

#5. Avenue (night).

Baek Young-Sik stands bent, his hands on his legs, out of breath.

- I'm tired to do his dirty work.
- ... !!! (stunned, suddenly realizes something)

{RECALL INSERT, Ep02 - Han River Bridge, Entrance (night).}
Baek Young-Sik looks into the opening of Yeon-Joo's Bag...
The electronic device is in the bag, visible, on top of other stuff!

- I didn't need to steal that damn bag!
- ... !!! (stunned, suddenly understands something)

{RECALL INSERT, Ep02 - Han River Bridge, Entrance (night).}
Baek Young-Sik runs, involuntarily shaking the bag.

- No, it's Ok!!! The transmitter would be on top of her stuff otherwise!
- I didn't do anything stupid... Well, I presume...
- Mmmh. (he glances behind him, just out of spite)

(scared, he sees Kang Chul in the distance, running in his direction)
- Aish! (Shit!)

Baek Young-Sik starts running again, and takes advantage of the red light to cross the avenue.
Then he sinks into a multi-level shopping mall, open all night long.

Kang Chul arrives at the avenue level, but the light has gone back to green.
Without hesitation, he rushes between the cars, in a concert of horns. HONK! HONK! HONK!

KREEEK! He almost gets hit by a vehicle that brakes suddenly.
Instead, Kang Chul jumps on the front hood, and slides on it.

#6. Shopping mall, Indoor Esplanade (night).

Kang Chul enters the mall in turn.
It's a large circular hollow tower.
In the middle, an open esplanade, with a ceiling at the top of the building.
All around, a spiral of conveyor belts serving the floors.

Kang Chul stops at the square's center, his gaze scans the upper floors.
Baek Young-Sik, on the second floor, takes a look over the railing.
Kang Chul spots him immediately. Sharp senses and super intuition!

- Aish! (Shit!)

Kang Chul rushes to the conveyor belt, and ascends the floors.
Baek Young-Sik resumes his run on the conveyor belt, pushing customers around.
As the floors go by, Kang Chul inevitably closes the gap.
On the 5th floor, Baek Young-Sik notices that Kang Chul is only 20 meters away.

: Fucked, I'm fucked!

But luckily, he realizes he's right next to the central elevator.
The kind of elevator with transparent windows, offering a panoramic view of the inside of the Gallery.

The doors are precisely about to close.
Baek Young-Sik has just enough time to get inside.
KLAM! As the doors slam, Kang Chul's face appears just behind.
At first frightened, Baek Young-Sik quickly reassures himself, because the elevator starts to go down.

Baek Young-Sik smiles smirkily, and waves his hand to Kang Chul, as to say goodbye.

Annoyed, Kang Chul is about to give up.

But he quickly observes the place, and one detail catches his attention.
He steps back a few steps to get his momentum and runs towards the inner railing.
He jumps into the void!
And he grabs a huge commercial hanging.

Attached to the ceiling, it hangs to the ground floor.

Kang Chul loosens his grip slightly, and lets himself slide down.

Baek Young-Sik witnesses this from inside the elevator.

- But... this guy is mentally insane!
- Does he think I'm Hans Gruber?
(Main villain of the well-known action movie "Die Hard".)

Kang Chul lands, runs and arrives in front of the elevator just as it reaches the first floor.
The doors open, Kang Chul grabs Young-Sik by the collar, like an alley cat held by the neck pelt.

- Heading for the police station!

Baek Young-Sik burst into tears, under the inquisitive eye of the onlookers.

#7. Park Min-Soo's house, Living room (night).

Professor Park Min-Soo is sitting on the sofa, looking at a medical radio picture.
His own name is written on the photo, showing the pectoral region on the X-ray.
His wife Da-Ye comes and sits next to him, holding a manhwa of "Butterfly Girl" in her hand.
Park Min-Soo hurriedly puts the photo back into its envelope.

- Honey, you know, the webtoon you loved...
- Did you know they started shooting it in Drama?
- Da-Ye, I told you that "W" is ancient history.
- I don't want to hear about this garbage can anymore.
- Now the next generation is "Queen of darkness".
- Ah, this manhwa is so exciting!
- Apparently, the Drama will tell the last two volumes.
- What? The last two volumes ?!
- 35 volumes, and they will focus only on the crappy part?
- The Drama screenwriter caused a scandal.

{FLASHBACK INSERT - Press conference (day).}
- Anything else is crap.

The reporters are all stunned, staring at Song Jae-Jung on the podium.

- Raaah!!! (he goes crazy)
- 33 volumes of pure spectacular action, and all she is interested in is this abracadabrante end, disconnected from the series universe.
- "W" will be permanently destroyed by this incompetent scriptwriter, unable to understand where the genius of this masterpiece stands.
- She will disgust everyone, and produce a masterful flop, where no one will understand anything!
- I thought it was ancient history...
- Ah, but do I have to remind you that in addition...

Drawing showing Yeon-Joo kissing Kang Chul.

- ... this manhwa was parasitized by this traitor Oh Yeon-Joo...

{RECALL INSERT - Hospital, Park Sin-Moo's Office (day).}
Yeon-Joo puts a letter of resignation on the desk, Professor Park is overwhelmed.

- ... that she resigned as soon as she received her surgeon diploma...

{RECALL INSERT - Hospital, Surgical Operating Room (day).}
Yeon-Joo opens a chest with her scalpel. Professor Park cries with joy, proud of her.

- ... just as she was starting to produce results!

{RECALL INSERT - Hospital, Corridor (day).}
Professor Park walks up in a huff, followed by a silly-looking intern guy (Won Yun-Suk).

- The student replacing her is ten times more incompetent than she was!
- And I suffer this jerk every day!!!
- It was just a character who looked like her.
- She had nothing to do with it.
- Of course she does!

Park Da-Ye suddenly gets angry, and throws volume 5 of "Butterfly Girl" on her husband's lap.

- So you certainly have something to do with it, too!
- Are you hiding something from me?
- What is this?

Park Da-Ye opens the manhwa on a given page, and puts her finger on it.

- There!

The character on the page is not realistic, but enough to be recognized.

On a wall of the room, there is a picture of Da-Ye and Park Min-Soo younger. Identical to the drawing!

- Why I am in this? (TING!)

#8. TV Station Square (night).

Jang Soo-Bin waits for Soo-Bong.

She is sad, lost in her thoughts...

{RECALL INSERT, Ep01 - Park Min-Soo's house, Living Room (afternoon). }
- Now they're talking about "Butterfly Girl"...
- Rah, I missed the point!
- And now we'll have to endure this tear-jerking rose water romance.

#9. RECALL - High School, Classroom (late morning).

20 years ago, after a class session, while most of the students are leaving the room...

Young Park Min-Soo is sitting behind his desk, in the front row.

Next desk, young Jang Soo-Bin, hair in disorder, wearing round glasses.
On a paper, she draws a young girl with butterfly wings, in front of a rainbow, comic style.

- Medicine and surgery, a useful and serious profession!
- I plan to save lives.
- I too plan to fulfill my dream.
- Soo-Bin, are you still obsessed with your little doodles?
(he looks at her drawing with contempt)
- That's ridiculous, get down to business.
- This will get you nowhere, except to be unemployed.

Young Jang Soo-Bin is wounded in the heart.

Young Da-Ye comes, and puts her arm familiarly on Park Min-Soo's shoulder.

- Oppa, are you coming?
- (to Soo-Bin) I will have lunch with Da-Ye.
- ... (distressed)
- Feel free to come with us, Soo-Bin.
- No, it will be fine...

#10. TV Station Square (night).

Jang Soo-Bin has a tear in her eye.

: You preferred Da-Ye, as if I was invisible.
: Her, whose only ambition was to become a housewife.
: How could you criticize me so harshly...
: ... when you chose a woman who was never going to get the stars?

Soo-Bong comes out of the TV station building.

- (calls) Seonsaingnim !

Soo-Bin comes out of her reverie. Surprised, she stutters a few inarticulate sounds.
Soo-Bong rushes to Jang Soo-Bin and takes her in his arms.

- Seonsaingnim, I love you!
- Omo! What's the matter with you?

The embrace remains friendly and short-lived.

- Seonsaingnim, I have a hell of a catch!
- We're going to have a crazy time!
- If you want, but no karaoke, huh?
- No, we're just going to drink to lose it!
- (regains her smile) I'm in!
- Ah ah ah !

#11. Police station (night).

Exterior view of the police station.

#12. Police Station, Complaints Room (night).

Intimidated, Baek Young-Sik looks at his feet like a child caught in the act.
He looks like a mental idiot. In front of him, behind his desk, a police detective.

- Baek Young-Sik!
- Yes, detective?
- Is this guy your guardian? (he points to someone next to Young-Sik)
- Lee Sang-Deuk?
- Yes.

The detective addresses Lee Sang-Deuk, sitting next to Baek Young-Sik.

- What's his problem?
- My cousin is not a thief. He's a kleptomaniac.
- It's not his fault, it's stronger than him.
- He's always been a bit retarded, but he's harmless.
- And he always gives back what he took!
- Huh, you fool! (hits Baek Young-Sik's head with a newspaper)
- Ouch!

The detective looks at his computer screen.

- He has no criminal record...
- No, you heard the testimony.
- Even if he takes something, I'm here to pick it up and return it.
- You little punk! (hits Baek Young-Sik again with the newspaper)
- Ouch agains!
- Aigoo.
- The victim did not come to file her complaint.
- So I'm going to release him.
- Oooh... Thank you Detective!
- I keep his file.
- So, no more foolishness, Misters Baek Young-Sik and Lee Sang-Deuk...

#13. Night Bar, Main Lounge (night).

Park Soo-Bong, Jang Soo-Bin and Ji Byeong-Se (a young man) sit at tables.
They laugh and drink. Many other customers are in the bar, it's lively.

There are already a lot of empty Soju cans.

Ji Byeong-Se wears fake glasses, and clothes similar to those of Soo-Bong in the past.
On his sweatshirt, there is a drawing of a humanized ladybug with a sullen look.

Ji Byeong-Se speaks with a weird, sarcastic voice, imitating someone.

- "Obviously, Park Soo-Bong is getting the upper hand."
- "Since that TV interview, he doesn't feel himself peeing anymore!"
- Oh no, you're not going to start that!
- Why? He's funny...
- Every time he gets drunk, he does it all night long...
- Do you really think Mister Ladybug would have that voice?
- "This idiot of Park Soo-Bong knows that Byeong-Se writes my dialogues."
- "And that the wonderful Byeong-Se is the best person to know my voice."
- I need to drink more...

Jang Soo-Bin puts her arms around Ji Byeong-Se's neck.

- Byeong-Se, comes to Butterfly Ajumma for a hug.
- Seonsaingnim, you scare me!

Ji Byeong-Se clears quickly, not noticing that his glasses have half slipped off.

- She got you! You dropped Mister Ladybug!
- "Sorry for Butterfly Ajumma, but I never interact with other characters."
- I should have brought an insecticide bomb.

#14. Traditional restaurant (night).

Exterior view of the restaurant. A few customers, rich, classy dressed, come in and out.

#15. Traditional restaurant, Private dinner room (night).

It is a place often reserved by businessmen, where the food is of good quality.

- Boss, you saw how that maniac chased me!
- Yah! I'm buying you a fancy meal to get over it, what more do you want?
- But I'm on file now.
- I can't do this anymore.
- Shut up, you idiot!
- This tells us twice as much about this guy, and proves that we are moving in the right direction.
- But I'm scared, boss. He could come after us...
- Exactly! We now know that this Kang Chul, or Kang Ta, is a last-ditcher.
- The kind of guy who doesn't back down from anything.
- A kind of ambitious filthy bastard ready to remove all obstacles, at any cost.
- We have no idea where he came from, he may have weapons.

- Let's try to clarify.

#16. Traditional restaurant, Private dinner room (night) + MONTAGE.

C#1. FLASHBACK - Airport, Arrivals Terminal (day).
Kang Chul is greeted by Yeon-Joo, at the exit of the arrivals.
Many American passengers with him. The sign reads: "Arrival Dallas Flight".

~ A certain Kang Ta, whose past is hidden, appears with Oh Yeon-Joo.

C#2. FLASHBACK - Press conference (day).
On the podium, the presenter shows a large drawing of Kang Chul from the manhwa.
Kang Chul imitates the expression of the character in the drawing. Rain of photo flash.

~ He's hired for the main role of "W" Drama, thanks to his physical resemblance.

C#3. FLASHBACK - Press article in close-up.
Display the comparison of the drawing and the photo of Kang Chul.
A shocking title: "Kang Ta becomes Kang Chul!".

~ And he's crazy enough to change his first name, and call himself as the hero.

C#4. FLASHBACK, W Ep 13 - Café, Lounge (day).
Park Min-Soo gets agitated in front of Kang Chul, he is amazed at his resemblance to the manhwa.

~ Because people were reporting the resemblance to him for years.

C#5. FLASHBACK, W Ep 13 - Café, Lounge (day).
Park Min-Soo takes the business card and sees Kang Chul written on it. Confounded with disbelief!

~ Since he was joking about it, he might as well go to the end of the prank.

C#6. BACK to present.
- It's wholly dumb.
- Not dumb, but bogus.

C#7. FLASHBACK - TV Screen / Manhwa.
¤ The TV shows Oh Sung-Moo hospitalized after an assault.
¤ The manhwa image shows Kang Chul shooting him.

~ That, plus a ton of other inconsistencies and weird things.

C#8. BACK to present.
- There's something huge hidden behind it.
- Too huge for us, boss!

- No, I'm starting to get a better idea of what's going on...
- And this is thanks to an incompetent and idle ball like you.
- Really boss? Did I find the key to the riddle?
Are you satisfied with my services?
- Uh, but what exactly did I find?

C#9. RECALL - Lee Sang-Deuk's apartment, Living room (day).
Baek Young-Sik is sprawled in an armchair, reading a manhwa, which he holds with one hand.
He is so slumped that his belly sticks out of his shirt. He distractedly scoops out his noze boogers.

~ You spend your time reading these little illustrated stories for kids.

C#10. BACK to present.
- Manhwas, boss, they're called manhwas.
- But it's also for adults!
- Yeah, for those retarded like kids, like you.
- It's all about that manhwa you told me about.
- "W", boss, a pure masterpiece!
- As if by chance, this Kang Chul turns into a drama adaptation.
- And you say Oh Yeon-Joo appears in it, with an important role.

C#11. RECALL - Lee Sang-Deuk's apartment, Living room (day).
Baek Young-Sik holds an open manhwa under Lee Sang-Deuk's nose, showing Yeon-Joo drawn.
Busy typing on his computer, irritated, he snarls away Baek Young-Sik's hand. The manhwa flies off.

~ Yes, she is the heroine in the last two volumes. I showed you the drawings.

C#12. BACK to present.
- Do you want to see them again? She looks like her, doesn't she?

C#13. IMAGINATION, Lee Sang-Deuk - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Main bedroom (day).
Oh Yeon-Joo, posing partially naked, wearing a Roman toga, hand raised with an apple on it.

~ So similar, that it is certain that Oh Sung-Moo have taken her as a model.

C#14. BACK to present.

- This leads me to think that in the greatest of secrets...

C#15. IMAGINATION, Lee Sang-Deuk - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Main bedroom (day).
Kang Chul, posing naked, except for a vine leaf on his pubic area, hand raised with a laurel tree on it.

~ ... this Kang Ta also have been Oh Sung-Moo's model for years...

C#16. BACK to present.
- ... and the author has done everything to hide this.
- Maybe he was afraid people would say he couldn't draw?
- Or that he was unable to create a character from scratch?

C#17. IMAGINATION, Lee Sang-Deuk - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Main bedroom (day).
Oh Sung-Moo, drunk with a glass of alcohol in his hand, draws while making mistakes.
The room is cluttered with empty alcohol bottles up to the waist. A real garbage dump!

~ It's plausible, it wouldn't surprise me with such an alcoholic.

C#18. IMAGINATION, Lee Sang-Deuk - Street (day).
Oh Sung-Moo, bum, drunk, a bottle of alcohol in his hand, sitting on the ground, a hat on the ground.
He waves a badly made drawing, a passer-by throws a coin into his hat.

~ Besides, he had no success before that.

C#19. FLASHBACK - Church (day).
Kang Chul in white tuxedo and Yeon-Joo in wedding dress come out of the church. Rain of flowers.
Yeon-Joo's aunt is enthusiastic, her mother happy but suspicious, Soo-Bong crazy with joy.

~ And that would explain how Kang Ta and Oh Yeon-Joo met, and eventually got married.

C#20. BACK to present.
- Wanker, when you want, you can get your brain working.

C#21. FLASHBACK - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Street (day)
The journalists ring the doorbell, nobody answers, they call their newspaper.
Further down the street, on a sign, a wanted notice for Oh Sung-Moo.

~ Until then, I suspected Kang Ta of being involved in the mysterious disappearance of Oh Sung-Moo.

C#22. IMAGINATION, Lee Sang-Deuk - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Street (day).
Next to the wanted notice and a trash can, Kang Chul, psycho, spying on reporters.
He opens the lid, and in the trash can, Oh Sung-Moo bound, gagged, begging.
Kang Chul, with a sadistic smile, closes the lid of the trash can.

~ For an unknow reason, blackmail, mutual hatred, author's pressure.

C#23. BACK to present.
- But boss, how could he be in a relationship with his daughter, in this case?
- Does she also have a grudge against her father?

- No, I think the truth is much more sordid.
- Oh Sung-Moo has amassed a fortune, and the couple have inherited it.

C#24. FLASHBACK - Oh Sung-Moo's house (night).
Outside view. Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo enter the garden.

~ They even have the nerve to live in Oh Sung-Moo's old house.

C#25. FLASHBACK - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).
Yeon-Joo and Soo-Bong are drawing on their tablets.

~ Which also serves as a workshop for them to draw manhwas!

#17. Traditional restaurant, Private dinner room (night).

- This couple is a pair of scoundrels who have found each other well.
- Bonnie and Clyde!
- And they murdered Oh Sung-Moo to seize his wealth!
- Boss, you're the best!
- But it's only a matter of days or hours before we can prove all this.
- Thanks to the radio transmitter I slipped in their bag!
- So I'm going to take the case public, in all the media.
- And I would be avenged on this guy, who made me cry in front of everyone.
- I would become the greatest journalist in Korea.
- The Pulitzer Prize is ours!
- More than that, I will be seen as a hero...
- ... when I reveal the truth and tear the lives of these scumbags to shreds.
- Ah ah ah ! Boss, you are really evil.

FLASH, End image: Lee Sang-Deuk with a sadistic smile + Baek Young-Sik applauded.


- Director Jung Dae-Yoon is himself. Extracts from the Internet.
- Kang Ji-Hwan is Lee Sang-Deuk. Excerpts from the drama "Incarnation of Money".
- Yang Hyung-Wook is Baek Young-Sik. Excerpts from the drama "Incarnation of Money".
- Joe Byeong-Gyu is Ji Byeong-Se. Excerpts from the drama "Radio romance".
- Yoo Seung-Mok is a police inspector. Excerpts from the drama "Yong Pal".
- Kim So-Hyun is Jang Soo-Bin young. Excerpts from the drama "Radio romance".
- Cha Sun-Woo (Baro) is Park Min-Soo young. Excerpts from the drama "Angry Mom".
- Jung Chae-Yeon is a young Park Da-Ye. Excerpts from the drama "Reunited Worlds".