#1. Nightbar, Street (night).

Outside view of the bar.

#2. Nightbar, Lounge (night).

The "Butterfly Girl" Manhwa team celebrates: Park Soo-Bong, Jang Soo-Bin and Ji Byeong-Se.
More empty beer and Soju bottles.
Park Soo-Bong grabs a filled bottle of Soju.

- Yah, you're getting too far ahead, we'll never be able to catch you!
- I'm not just celebrating my interview or the end of "Butterfly Girl".
- It's also my celibacy anniversary.
- (imitating Mr. Ladybug) "And he's proud of it!"
"He should seriously think about arranged appointments now".
(thoughtful and confident)

#3. RECALL - Courtyard of a village house (night).

One year ago... Close-up of a photo showing...
Soo-Bong and Moon Mi-Ra, well dressed, smiling. Moon Mi-Ra holds an expensive golden pen.
Behind them, a signing booth of the manhwa "Queen of Darkness" during a convention.
Black bubbles appear on the picture, then the picture decomposes in flames.
Soo-Bong is next to a campfire, which lights up the yard. He has several other photos in hand.
Pathetic, disgusted, resentful, Soo-Bong throws more photos into the fire.

~ My celibacy was the most successful thing of my last year!

#4. Nightbar, Lounge (night).

- Aaah, there they are! (looks at the bar entrance)

Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo arrive in the bar.

Soo-Bin points to two empty seats around the table. Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo sit there.

- Sorry for the delay, I had the bridge scene to shoot.
- Oh really, he loves that bridge! He'd spend his life on it!

Oh Yeon-Joo elbows Kang Chul.

- Ah! And I did a little jogging after that, to relieve my stress...
- He knows how to keep his fitness, my Hyung Kang!

Soo-Bong's friendly tap on Kang Chul's shoulder, spilling empty bottles while bending over.

- Congratulations about your interview, Soo-Bong.
- "Since Soo-Bong draws characters with microscopic noses, it's a success!"
- Don't pay attention to him...
- Can I get you anything?
- Soju for me.
- I'll just have a little drink in the Yeon-Joo bottle, no more.
- Yah! You always play the role of a freeloader!

Then Yeon-Joo smiles, and lovingly rubs her nose against Kang Chul's.

- Hyung Kang, you should introduce actresses to Soo-Bong!
- Is he cured?
- You know, a hottie like Han Hyo-Joo!
- Tsss, a pale reflection of the original...
- They could have hired someone more similar.
- She's a bit jealous...
- When I think there will be kissing scenes with her, Brrr!
- She's not my ideal type, so it's okay.
- And when you draw "Butterfly Girl", you no longer need sentimental advice.
- Indeed, with this manhwa, Seonsaingnim has created a bible on this subject.
- Really? I hardly know the story.
- While your wife is participating in the manhwa?
- Ah! I'm interested in what she does, but I especially like her drawings.
- No offense, Seonsaingnim, you know I love this kind of story...
- But if I had to summarize...

{ANIMATION INSERT - Manhwa, Character introduction page.}
First page only. Cute and unrealistic style. Vignettes with characters' names showing...
¤ Young woman with huge turquoise green butterfly wings, in overalls, holding a flower pot.
Title Card: The heroine, Ren-Bo.
¤ Young man in white coat, holding a medical book and a scalpel.
Title Card: The hero, Park Sin-Moo.
¤ Pretty young woman, in miniskirt, holding a paint can.
Title Card: The rival, Eun-Ji.

~ Park Sin-Moo is in love with Ren-Bo, another girl is in love with Park Sin-Moo, another guy is in love with this girl, and so on until the local grocery owner and the little old lady of the neighborhood.

- Ah ah ah! That's so much like that!
- This manhwa is a sentimental centripetal extended to the whole population!
- There isn't one of them who isn't jealous and planning sneak attacks.
- Maybe it's even a circle, if Ren-Bo is in love with the little old lady of the neighbourhood!
- From a logical point of view, if the main love story succeeds, it will bring down all the others like dominoes.
- Hyung Kang, you still have the art of breaking magic through analysis!
- Hey, this scenario is even more cruel than the stories you see in dramas.

Meanwhile, Jang Soo-Bin checks her messages on her smartphone.
As she is about to close it, she returns to the home page.
There, she remains stunned in front of her screen for a few seconds.

- Omo!
- Kang Chul, is that you on this?

She stretches out the screen in front of the guests' eyes.

#5. Police Station, Office Room (night).

At the same time...

- Chief! Come and see this quickly!
- What is it about?
- The dumb thief you interrogated earlier.

The female police officer shows her computer screen, opened on a video site.

- Look how he got caught!

She launchs an amateur video, which shows the incredible Kang Chul stunt at the shopping mall.

- Aigoo. It's that guy we should catch!

#6. Nightbar, Lounge (night).

With wide eyes, Oh Yeon-Joo stares at Kang Chul, appalled.
Obviously, she didn't know all the details of the scene.

- Well what?
- It's not very civic, but I didn't break any laws.
- Nothing has been damaged, and I have helped the police.
- Ah Ah! Hyung Kang is the best.
- We've never seen a thug escape from him!
- But now it's everywhere.
- It might even be on the news on TV!
- What are you going to do with that?
- Yah! It will be quite a promotion for Kang Chul the actor and his drama!
- Oh well, I know what to do with that...

Kang Chul takes out his smartphone, and does a quick web search.
He finds the video and copies the link, then writes a message.

As the message progresses on the screen, Kang Chul says the text in voiceover.

~ Recipient, the circus scarecrow.
~ Dear Director Jung,
~ As you can see, I'm working on my role relentlessly.
~ Is that enough to get into the character's shoes?

He pastes the link of the video in the message, then clicks on the "send" button.
Title Card: Message sent.

- All this for a pickpocket, isn't it excessive?
- It's a risky attitude. What would he do if it were a real criminal?
- He would put a bullet between his eyes!

Although Soo-Bong is completely drunk, Jang Soo-Bin and Ji Byeong-Se are appalled.

- Ah! That doesn't make sense.
- How would I shoot a bullet into a head when I don't have a gun on me?
- Don't go overboard. You haven't been drinking though...

Soo-Bong looks for a file on his smartphone.

- I'm sure Hyung Kang has one under his pillow!

Soo-Bong shows a drawing of "W" on which Kang Chul takes the handgun under his pillow.

- And for the bullet in the head, that would be this.

Soo-Bong shows a scene from volume 28. There is a psychopath armed with an assault rifle.

Kang Chul defends himself with his pistol and fires a bullet between the psychopath's eyes.

- Heol! You have the collection on your smartphone?
- How could I get away from the masterpiece to which I owe everything?
- This is not the online version. Only an archive, huh?
- I don't want to see "END" change to "TO BE CONTINUED" again!
- What do you mean, "END" would turn into "TO BE CONTINUED"?
- Oh, that reminds me!
- "Butterfly Girl", the epilogue that will be published tomorrow...
- I wanted to add a romantic final scene, a kiss by the Han River bank.

Park Soo-Bong gets up all of a sudden.

- I'll draw this right now, Seonsaingnim!
- Soo-Bong, that's kind but you're in no condition.
- I'll take care of it.
- No way, you're as drunk as I am.
- Certainly not!
- You have to pick up your baby.
- That's right, Yeon-Joo.
- It's really nothing, just one thumbnail to draw.
- I'll do it, for God's sake!
- It will be so fast that I would have left your house before you returned.

Park Soo-Bong turns around quickly, and leaves the bar, staggering.

#7. Street (night).

Soo-Bong arrives in front of a taxi station.

- Taxi!

#8. Nightbar, Lounge (night).

- I hope it's okay, I've never seen him that drunk before.
- Oh, I've already seen him in worse condition...
- It was a pleasant evening, but we have to leave too.
- Yes, it's late for my mother, who's babysitting us.
- See you soon!
- See you soon!

#9. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Street (night).

The taxi arrives and drops Soo-Bong off.

Soo-Bong stumbles into Oh Sung-Moo's house.

#10. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

Soo-Bong sits in front of his tablet and lights it up, looking haggard.

An image of Ren-Bo/Butterfly Girl, appears on the tablet, holding a pink plush rabbit.

However, Ren-Bo does not have butterfly wings!

- Why are you looking at me like that with your big sad eyes?
- I'm not the one writing the script, huh?
- I too will be sad when I no longer have to draw you.
- Burp. (he almost vomits)

Soo-Bong punches himself in the chest several times.

- I shouldn't have created her so cute.
- I would eat her, if she eats me too!

Soo-Bong takes his electronic stylus and turns it on.

- Get to work.

He clicks on "new" on the tablet's menu, an empty image is displayed.

Soo-Bong looks at the blank image for a few seconds, his eyes gloomy, wavering.

- It's not going to be that easy.
- Aaah, my head is spinning, my eyes are jumping. (blinks)
- But wait, why do I bother...
- I have already drawn this set !
- I would just have to copy and paste, then add the characters.
- When was it?

Soo-Bong scrolls through old pages of the manhwa on the tablet.

- Shit, I'm exhausted, I can't find this scene.
- Oh ! Of course, volume 2 ending, confession scene...
- There it is!

The tablet displays a drawing of the Han River bank, beneath a pink sky.

- I deserve to rest for two minutes.

The bust oscillating slightly in circles, Soo-Bong closes his eyes.
But instead of reopening these, he drops his stylus on the floor and falls slumped, deadly drunk.
With his head resting on the tablet like a pillow, he starts snoring.

#11. Gil Soo-Sun's apartment, Living room (night).

Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo enter the apartment.

- It's us, Mom!

Oh Yeon-Joo's mother, asleep on the couch, wakes up numb.

- Good evening, Eomeoni.
- Oh I'm sorry, we're so late.
- It's nothing. Good evening, children.
- Has the kid been quiet?
- He exhausted me...
- Already at his age, he has incredible energy.
- Our Chul-Moo inherits as much from his father as from his mother!

Kang Chul puts his hands in the crib, and takes his child in his arms.

- So, how is my little action hero?
- He's a hell of a little number!

{RECALL INSERT, W Ep 07 - "W" Penthouse (day) / Prison Cell (day).}
¤ Kang Chul orders Do-Yoon to question Yeon-Joo and shows 4 fingers of his hand.
¤ Yeon-Joo shows 4 fingers of her hand to answer her choice of romance.

~ I had asked his mother to choose one number.

{ANIMATION INSERT - Souvenir photo board.}
Successively, 4 photos are stick on a board. For each, a subtitle displays a number.
All the pictures represent Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo in different places and situations.
¤ Title Card: #1. Photo: A fancy reception with a view of the bay of Monte-Carlo.
¤ Title Card: #2. Photo: In front of the great pyramid of Cairo, Egypt.
¤ Title Card: #3. Photo: In Oh Sung-Moo's house, kitchen, cooking together.
¤ Title Card: #4. Photo: Embracing under the sheets of the bed, the top of the bust undressed.

~ Since then, we have enjoyed a gala in Monte-Carlo, a trip to Egypt, a tender and ordinary life, and as a bonus this little piece of love.

- Finally, she wanted all the numbers!
- You shouldn't have been stingy anyway, it was petty from a Cheabol.
- (talking to the baby) Do you hear that, Chul-Moo?
- To think I gave all this to your mother when I stopped being a Cheabol!

Kang Chul kisses the child.
By an involuntary movement, the baby puts his hand in Kang Chul eye.

- Ouch, Ouch!
- You are already old enough to take boxing lessons with uncle Do-Yoon, you little monster!
- Chul, there's no way I'm letting you take my grandson into your world.
- All you have to do is invite this Do-Yoon, like the other times.
- Don't worry, mother, Chul-Moo won't go until he's of legal age!

Oh Yeon-Joo's smartphone rings, displaying Jang Soo-Bin.

- Hello, Seonsaingnim?

Jang Soo-Bin is very excited according to her voice pitch, even though we can't hear her lines.

~ ...
- Calm down, Seonsaingnim.
~ ...
- Have you tried to contact him?
~ ...

There is a slight panic coming from Oh Yeon-Joo.

Kang Chul tries to listen, his ear glued to the phone, intrigued.

- We'll take care of that, just be quiet.

Oh Yeon-Joo, hang up, febrile.

- Mom, I need you to take care of the baby tonight.
- Anything serious?

#12. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's kitchen (night).

A few moments before...
Jang Soo-Bin's about to plunge her spoon into a smoking soup bowl.

- Hangover soup is much more effective before bedtime.
- One in the evening, and another the next morning!

Her smartphone rings, and she answers.

#13. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's kitchen + Publisher Park's office (night).

- Hello?
- Publisher Park here, sorry to call you so late, author Jang.

- The problem is too urgent to be delayed.
- I really need to check in with you.
- Uh, certainly, what is it about?
- It's about your special access, for emergency uploads.
- I wanted to know why you used it.
- Excuse me?
- Ah, and there's more than that.
- Understand me, I love your work, and "Butterfly Girl" is selling very well.

- I wouldn't mind extending its publication.
You don't have to force my hand.
- But admit it should be done by contract first.
- Excuse me, Publisher Park, I don't understand anything you're saying.
- I want to talk about the episode you just put online.
- Obviously, there is no conclusion, and you aim to relaunch the story.
- Never in my life, I've never done such a thing!

- I don't make it up, the word "END" doesn't appear in the last box.
- No I mean, I never put anything online!
- Let me take a look at this. Two minutes, please. Stay on the line.

Jang Soo-Bin puts the call on hold, and heads for her office.

- What is this nonsense?

#14. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's office (night).

Jang Soo-Bin opens the web page of the episode on her computer.
On the screen, Ren-Bo/Butterfly Girl, sad, holding a pink plush rabbit. No butterfly wings.

#15. FLASHBACK - Publisher Park's office (night).

On Publisher Park's screen, website statistics, growing, with a current peak.
Publisher Park is fascinated, motionless, the image of statistics reflected on his glasses.

#16. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's office (night).

Jang Soo-Bin looks at her computer screen, whose image we can't see.
She scrolls the mouse wheel swiftly, and becomes more and more contracted.

Suddenly, she raises the hand holding the mouse, throwing it on the table.

- (shocked) Omo!
- (thinks) But what is that...
- As it's not me... It can only be Soo-Bong.

#17. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's office + Publisher Park's office (night).

- (reactivates her smartphone) Hello, Publisher Park?

- Go ahead.
- No idea why, but my cartoonist put this episode online behind my back.
- Really? I am reassured that you honor our contract.
- But tell me...
- What... what is it?
- Would you be interested in continuing "Butterfly Girl"?
- The number of views on this episode exceeds anything ever seen before.
- Readers love it!

- Even me, I was surprised by the final twist and the emotion.
- Sincerely, your manhwa has more potential than a short series.
- I apologize Publisher Park, but first I have to understand what happened.
- And contact my draftsman, about this reckless initiative.
- Yes, I understand.
- Come see me tomorrow, we will discuss this in more detail.
- Yes, thank you Publisher Park.
See you tomorrow without fail. (hangs up)

#18. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's office (night).

- Soo-Bong, Soo-Bong, Soo-Bong, what the hell were you thinking?
- He was so drunk, I should never have asked him to do that.
- If I had known that alcohol could make him commit this kind of nonsense...

Jang Soo-Bin dials Soo-Bong's number, and waits for him to pick up.

- But why doesn't he answer?
- He plays with my nerves...

#19. FLASHBACK - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

At the same time...
BRZZ...BRZZ...BRZZ... Soo-Bong's smartphone rings rings rings...
He's still asleep, his head on his graphic tablet.
He mumbles a few incomprehensible words, but he's too baked to wake up.

#20. FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's office (night).

A few seconds later...
Jang Soo-Bin violently hangs up her smartphone.

- Park Soo-Bong, I'm going to sober you up with buckets of water!

#21. Gil Soo-Sun's apartment, Yeon-Joo's bedroom (night).

A bassinet, a crib, baby toys. This is now Chul-Moo's nursery at grandma's home.
Oh Yeon-Joo is sitting in front of her old student computer, with Kang Chul next to her.

- Let's first see what the context is.

She opens the page of the last published episode of "Butterfly Girl".

- Was that supposed to be the final epilogue?
- Yes, Soo-Bong just had to add the last scene.
- "The bride and groom kiss on the bank of the Han River, the place where they confessed their love years ago".

On the screen, Ren-Bo/Butterfly Girl, sad, holding a pink plush rabbit.

- Was this sticker planned?
- Yes, it's the last one before the final scene.
- She looks rather sad for a young bride.
- The force of habit, probably.
- Soo-Bong always had to draw her sad, since the first episode.

Yeon-Joo scrolls the wheel of her mouse once.

- Wait, the next sticker was not planned.
- Let's read this carefully.

#22. Gil Soo-Sun's apartment, Yeon-Joo's bedroom (night) + Manhwa.

Manhwa images, text bubbles of the characters heard in voice-over, with their real voice.


Butterfly Girl wonders, in the moonlight.

- I lost my best friend...
- Fairy Spark has never reappeared since I lost my wings.

C#2. BACK to bedroom.
- Fairy Spark is the only one to cheer her up, since her childhood!
- A fairy?
- A small fairy like Peter Pan's one?
- Yes, except she has butterfly wings. She appears from time to time.
Just long enough to warn Ren-Bo of a danger, advise her or comfort her.
- Only Ren-Bo is able to see, talk to or hear her.
- Is she real, or a figment of her imagination?
- No idea, you should ask Jang Soo-Bin.
- Let's see what happens next.

- Why do I feel so empty? Like my heart was ripped out?
- When I finally have everything to be happy...

Butterfly Girl cries a lot.

- Weren't my wings pretty?
- I've spent my life hating my wings.
But now that I don't have them anymore...

Butterfly Girl rears up screaming with grief.
She suddenly raises her head, with the eyes of a madwoman.

C#4. BACK to bedroom.
- Lord!

Butterfly Girl grabs a knife.

- I just have to cut my wrists, like my wings were cut off!

C#6. BACK to bedroom.
Oh Yeon-Joo starts jumping and whining.
Kang Chul lays his hand tenderly on her head.

- This is already published, it cannot be changed.
- Let's look at the rest.

- My life has been a nightmare, but what follows is worse.
- I thought I loved Park Sin-Moo, and finally, my heart is arid.
- I just want to sleep, a long sleep without bad dreams.

Butterfly Girl starts to cut her wrist.

C#8. BACK to bedroom.
- I implore you, don't do that!


Fairy Spark suddenly appears in front of Butterfly Girl.

The fairy is even more caricatured than Ren-Bo, huge eyes, butterfly wings, 20 centimeters.

C#10. BACK to bedroom.
- Omo!
- Did you also experience the reading of "W" so intensely?
- Of course, even more!

- Ren-Bo, don't do that!

Ren-Bo stops her movement, stunned.
She opens her hand in front of her, and Fairy Spark lands on it.

- Spark, my Spark, you came back, but how?
- Why did you disappear?
- This is the last time I could come, if you don't do anything.
- You won't come anymore?
But what should I do? Otoke ?
- A bad dream...
- Wouldn't you like to make all this a bad dream?
- I would love so much... a bad dream that I would have forgotten!
- So close your eyes...

Ren-Bo closes her eyes, and Fairy Spark blows a sparkle powder on her face.

C#12. BACK to bedroom.
At the bottom of the page is displayed...

- We have to go see Soo-Bong, right now!

#23. Village Street (day).

The light is intense and warm, the sun high in the sky.

Park Soo-Bong is struggling to regain consciousness.

- MmmGrr, why was that phone ringing all the time?

He's lying on a sidewalk, his head in the gutter.

- Huh? What am I doing in this gutter?
- I went out to vomit in the street?
- (sniffs) Snirf... This gutter smells like strawberries.
(looks at the street)
- Ouch! (closes his eyes and rubs them)

The houses on the street are excessively colourful.

- Why did they paint their huts with such flashy colours?
- (dazzled) Didn't I sober up or what?

Soo-Bong hears a female voice behind him.

- Ajusshi?

Soo-Bong turns around.

- Oh !

A pretty young woman is on the street, we see only her face.

A rainbow appears in the sky.

- Ajusshi...

She has huge turquoise green butterfly wings!

- ... Are you all right?
- Wh... wh... What???

{RECALL INSERT - Manhwa, Frame with Ren-Bo, turquoise green butterfly wings.}

- Ren-Bo!

FLASH, End image : Soo-Bong dismayed + Ren-Bo.

Starring :

- Kim So-Hyun is Ren-Bo, aka Butterfly Girl.
- Nam Gi-Ae is Gil Soo-Sun. Excerpts from the drama "W: two worlds".
- Kwon Hyeok-Min (Ri Min) is the Park editor. Excerpts from the drama "W: two worlds".