# 1

Oh Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul are on the road, in their car, at night.

Oh Yeon-Joo drives, while Kang Chul is reading "Butterfly Girl" on his smartphone.

(Montage: images of the manhwa are regularly displayed on the smartphone.)

- Could Soo-Bong really have drawn this?
- It is his graphic style, and he is attached to the character enough to consider God knows what.
- When "W" was autonomous, it perfectly mimicked your father's style.
- Do you really think there's a chance it could happen again?
- To find out, we would have to analyze the story already.
- Remind me of the main lines of "Butterfly Girl".
- The main character is the archetype of the pure and innocent girl.

Portrait of Ren-Bo, on Kang Chul's smartphone.

- Her misfortune is to be born with huge butterfly wings. Because of this, Ren-Bo has been a pariah all her life, a target of all persecution.
- The character spends her life crying, but always finds the strength to become happy again instantly.
- Yet, even as a malformation, her wings are beautiful.
- That's true, but that's not the direction the scenario is going in.
- Because of all the injustices she is suffering, Ren-Bo would like to get rid of her wings to live normally.
- Isn't there a time when surgeons try to amputate her?
- She didn't make that decision, she was still a child.
Her parents wanted her to be operated on by the best surgeons.
- Why did they fail?
- Ren-Bo's wings are directly connected to her heart.
- No surgeon can find a method without it killing her.
- And so she is condemned to live her way of the cross, without any hope.
- Until she met the young Park Sin-Moo, a student in her class who fell in love with her.

Park Sin-Moo's drawing in high school, on Kang Chul's smartphone.

- Yes, the main romance of the story.
- How do they get closer to each other?
- Park Sin-Moo promises her that he will become the greatest surgeon of all time, and that one day he will be able to operate without risk.
- Okay, and a few years later, he finally succeeded.
They get married, then the manhwa comes to an end.
- Yes, at this time, Ren-Bo is 26 years old.
In the meantime, she is going through a lot of difficult times.
- But Park Sin-Moo is there to help her in a concrete way, in addition to the emotional support of Fairy Spark.
- What does Fairy Spark think about this love story?
- Her role is a little ambiguous. She has to support Ren-Bo, but she seems either jealous or a little reluctant.
- I observe that Soo-Bong was right to trust Jang Soo-Bin, the scenario is remarkably well constructed.
- Yes, the universe is fanciful, the starting point unreal, and the direction chosen against the flow, but it's believable!
- It's not just counter-intuitive.
- There is a major problem!
- The end is well brought, I don't know what.

- The character's real desire!
- How would she live if she was autonomous?
- Instead of being guided by the story?
- Gosh! That's just one of my university dramaturgy teacher's tips!
- I too know a lot about the art of writing a manhwa!
- Kang Chul the genius touches everything....
- So what is your conclusion?
- I seriously think Butterfly Girl could have woken up as I did.
- But how? This is crazy!
- How could such an absurdity happen again?
- We don't have enough to know, but there is a difference between her and me.
- Apart from being a girl?
- Yes, when I woke up, I just changed the manhwa by catching up at the bridge instead of jumping.

- But her case is more complex.
- A dream?
- Like when you went back two months in the manhwa?
- No, that would be too huge.
- It is possible.
- I will not minimize the hard time I had, but I must admit that Ren-Bo suffered much more in the long run.
- Who knows what can happen when such a character becomes alive?

# 2

In a village in the world of "Butterfly Girl", in broad daylight.

Soo-Bong is half lying on the ground, his head next to the gutter.

- Ren-Bo....

Soo-Bong stands up from the ground.

- You know my name?
: The Manhwa! I entered the manhwa, like Oh Yeon-Joo!
: What to do?
: Try to be natural.
Avoid doing nonsense, unlike Oh Yeon-Joo.
- I... I'm not from the neighborhood.
- I heard about you, and I really wanted to see you.
- So, there you are, the famous girl with butterfly wings...
: That's it! This is flawless, from a script point of view!
- You look so wonderful... Wow!
- Uh, I mean..... Your wings... your wings are beautiful, it's amazing.
- My wings... beautiful?
- Do you think my wings are wonderful, Ajusshi? Really?
: No, I shouldn't have said that!
Everyone tells her that her wings are a horror!
: But I can't say something like that, when I think the opposite.
- I really had no idea... how beautiful your wings could be once real.
- Once real? Huh?
- You are telling a bit weird things, Ajusshi.
: Why can't I say something consistent?
: I'd better change the subject, just to create a diversion.
- Hello? Ajusshi?
- Ah, I'm still a bit too young to be called Ajusshi.
- How old are you?
: It works! Good thing she has a bird's brain!
- Barely 29 years old.

# 3

Ren-Bo takes the time to examine Soo-Bong from every angle.

: By the way, she looks younger than 26 years old.
: Her wings !!!! How does she still have these?
Park Sin-Moo did a surgical operation to remove these!
: And this place, it has nothing to do with the scenery of the end scene!
: I don't understand. Why do I end up here?
- Dressed in a suit, you look a bit older....
: Nothing like this happened to Oh Yeon-Joo.
She always arrived where the manhwa was taking place.
: At the same time that....
: The Time! I need to know....
- Say, aren't you a little dreamy?
- Sorry, I'm still a bit shocked. Hmm.
- And you, Ren-Bo, how old are you?
- I am 20 years old.
: Huh?!!! What the hell is this crazy thing?!
: Assuming that travelling in a manhwa is not crazy enough in itself....
- Besides that, why were your head in the gutter?
- I... I was walking around... and... and unfortunately I stepped on my shoelace.
- That's why I stupidly fell here. And yes, that's it....
- ... (suspicious)
- ... (dumb)
- How did you manage to walk on your shoelace while wearing slippers?

Park Soo-Bong opens his eyes wide, and looks at his feet.

- ... !!!

Soo-Bong wears big, ridiculous slippers.

{FLASHBACK - Oh Sung-Moo's house, tonight. }
Drunk, Soo-Bong just sat down in front of his tablet.

- First, let's make ourselves comfortable.

Soo-Bong takes off his shoes carelessly with his feet.
Then, he slides his feet into a pair of slippers with a wacky design, hanging under the table.


- I have the feeling that you are making fun of me, by telling impossible things...
- I'm just distracted... I probably forgot to put my shoes on, when I got out.

Ren-Bo's wings change colour from green to red.

She seems particularly annoyed.

- That's enough to say nonsense!!!!!
- I saw you appear out of nowhere, like a ghost teleporting!

# 4

Soo-Bong has a face of a plane crash.

- Aaaaah.
: How can it go so far in a spin, right from the start?
: Quick, quick, I have to say something, anything!
- I... I am... uh.... I'm some kind of magician!
- And I prefer not to let anyone know....
: No, not that! Raaah!

Ren-Bo's wings are turning green again.

- Mmmh, it's true you're dressed like a magician.
This could be realistic....
- Huh?
- Yes, yes, it is true!
- I can appear and disappear, like Fairy Spark!
- You know Fairy Spark?!!!
- But... how?
: She is the only one who can see her.
: No one knows if Fairy Spark exists, or if Ren-Bo has a fart on her helmet.
: Even writer Jang Soo-Bin never specified the subject.
: I'm definitively screwed!
: Inside my own manhwa....

# 5

Real world, Jang Soo-Bin enters Oh Sung-Moo's house at night.

- Soo-Bong?
- Are you there?

Soo-Bong can' t be found, so she approaches his tablet.

- I have to find a way to rectify this myself.

She takes an electronic stylus from a pot.
She tries to draw a few lines, but nothing is printed on the screen.

- Grrr, why doesn't it work?

She shakes the Stylus, but her eyes are suddenly drawn to the tablet.
Her eyes enlarge with an expression of horror.

- ... !?!!
- Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!

# 6

"Butterfly Girl" world, in the village, in the middle of the day.

- I have never told anyone about Fairy Spark.
- How could you know her?
: Too bad, I'll do like Oh Yeon-Joo...
: Kick in the sidelines!
- There is an explanation.
- But I can't tell you about it now.
- We don't know each other well enough yet.
- Is that a secret?
- Exactly.

Ren-Bo starts making Aegyo. (Aegyo = Infantile and adorable facial expression)
Her wings change colour, turning yellow and orange.

- What is it?
- Come on, tell me.
- I can't do that now.
- So tell me your name. You know mine well!
- Park Soo-Bong.
- That's it, Soo-Bong!
Now we know each other well enough!
- So what's your secret?
- Mmh?
- Mmh?

: What a damn idea to have made her a stubborn character to the last degree!
- Come on, Soo-Bong, I won't tell anyone...
: You bet, no one has ever kept a secret in this manhwa!
- ...Not even to Fairy Spark.
- No, no and no!
: If she keeps playing cute like that, I'm going to crack!
: When I think there are fools who say it doesn't work.
: They have never met a girl like her....
- Tell me... "Oppa" Soo-Bong! (familiar language)
: I'm cracking!!!!!

# 7

There is a kind of little light puff in front of Ren-Bo.

- Oh !

The light fades and Fairy Spark appears suddenly.

With a fun vengeful look, Ren-Bo notices that Soo-Bong is looking at the little fairy.

- There's no more doubt you can see her, now!
- What is it, Fairy Spark?
- There are people who want to hurt you, Ren-Bo.
- You have to go hide.
: Damn it! I remember everything!

(Montage: during Soo-Bong's thoughts, the corresponding images of the manhwa are shown.)

: This is the scene where a horde of angry girls will attack Ren-Bo.
They are driven by their Oppa on motorcycles.
: They will damage her wings, with indelible markers.
Then Park Sin-Moo will come in his sports car, just to save her.
: He will prevent her from getting her wings cut with razor blades, which can be fatal to her.
- Go home quickly, Ren-Bo.
- No, she won't have time!
- Follow me Ren-Bo, we're going to hide behind that fence.
- Do you think so?

Soo-Bong takes the initiative and grabs Ren-Bo's wrist, while Fairy Spark vanishes in a light puff.

# 8

Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo cross the orange fence of a turquoise green resort, with blue lawn.

Then they kneel behind the small perimeter wall, out of sight.

: By staying on the road to get home, Ren-Bo was surprised.
: So much to do, so much to fix this situation from the beginning.
: I prefer not to leave her with her wings stained with insults and obscene drawings, since Park Sin-Moo arrived too late to prevent that...
- Soo-Bong, I don't feel comfortable here.
- They were going to come too quickly for us to hide elsewhere.

In the distance, we hear rumblings of motorcycles.

- Look, at the end of the avenue, they're already there!
- I'm afraid.

Tears begin to run down Ren-Bo's cheeks.
Her wings turn blue and purple.
Soo-Bong gently patts her on the shoulder to reassure her.

- Let's stay safe here, everything will be fine.

About fifteen roaring motorcycles parade behind the low wall.
They're all driven by a guy, with a girl standing in the back.

- Yah! This is where she was spotted.
- She couldn't have flown away!
- Take out the nets.

The bikes move away, without anyone having detected anything.
But the group's last motorcycle starts honking its horn.

- Yah! Turn around, everyone!
- I saw a wingtip protrude here!

All motorcyclists brake and stop.
The watchword quickly spread from one person to another.
The procession is turning back.

# 9

- Oh, no! They saw us!
- Hurry, let's cross this garden, and flee through the back of the house.

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong start running on the blue grass.
They take a side alley, along the wall of the house.
But at the end, the way is blocked by a 3-meter high hedge of purple thuyas trees.
There are no windows on this side of the house.
And the adjoining fence consists of a 2. 5 meter high metal barrier.

- A dead end.

As in a video game, when it is necessary to block the passages on the contour of a map.

: We're not going to get caught that stupidly?
: What to do, what to do?

Soo-Bong turns to the wall of the house.

- Hyung Kang, help!!!
- Why are you screaming on this wall?

# 10

Real world, Oh Sung-Moo's house, at night.
Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo get out of their car and rush into Oh Sung-Moo' house.

- Soo-Bong?
- Oh !

Oh Yeon-Joo just saw Jang Soo-Bin, passed out on the floor.

- Did she hurt herself?

Oh Yeon-Joo kneels down to examine her.

- A contusion to the head, but she doesn't bleed.
- This should be fine.
- I'll move her to the sofa.
- What could have happened to her?

Oh Yeon-Joo is in front of the tablet, eyes wide open.

- Chul!!!!!

Kang Chul comes in hasty.

- It... it draws itself!
- It was when she saw this that she fainted.
- What about Soo-Bong?
- There!

The tablet displays the image where Soo-Bong calls for help.

- Hyung Kang, help!!!
- Soo-Bong!
He was dragged inside!
- It seems he's in trouble.
- It looks like this distress message is intended for you.
- Yes, it reproduces the trick I used when I was prisoner of Han Chul-Oh.
- What can be done to help him? Drawing?
- Try it.

The lines Oh Yeon-Joo traces refuse to be printed, these are erased by the scene changes.

- No, it doesn't work.
- It's scrolling too fast, as if time is passing faster there.
- Why can we see it live, before it is published?
- This must be possible on the author's tablet.
This also happened to Oh Sung-Moo.
- This must happen if the author tries to draw something that contradicts what the hero of the manhwa wants.
- This means that....
- Two years after "W"... a new manhwa came to life!
- And Ren-Bo, its heroine, wants to decide her own destiny....

# 11

World of "Butterfly Girl", resort garden, midday.

- We'll never be able to climb that!

- They know we're here.
- Soo-Bong, there is no turning back.
- I know how to do it!
- Ren-Bo, you could fly away, and go to the other side.
- Even if you can't tow me, run away!
It doesn't matter if they catch me.
: Especially since in theory, I'm supposed to be invulnerable here.
: Hoping that this theory is still valid.
- I can't, Soo-Bong.
- My wings have never been able to be used to fly...
- I can just make a little wind, like a fan.
: Idiot I am! Yet I am the best person to know that.
: In order for her wings to be only a wound for her, the scenario made these completely useless.
: Wait....

{FLASHBACK - Jang Soo-Bin's workshop, several months ago. }

- Seonsaingnim, why does the character have wings and can't use these?
- This is obvious. If that were the case, she would start to like her wings.
And the romance with Park Sin-Moo depends on not wanting her wings anymore.
- Okay, but in the absolute, is she able to fly or not?
- I don't know, who cares about that?
It's a Geek question, really!
- Why are you asking me that?
- This could be a great twist!
- I will remember the idea, but it's really not on the agenda...

: No one has definitively determined whether or not she can fly....
: In the story, Jang Soo-Bin forbids her to fly, but her true potential is unknown.
- Ren-Bo, you can do it!
- I assure you that you can fly!
- Soo-Bong, I would have loved it so much, but it's impossible.
- That's what people always wanted you to believe, but it's wrong.
- Make me believe it?
- You just don't have the right technique, nothing more!
- Soo-Bong, they're coming....
: What would be the trick? That she believes it?
: No, she can't believe it. And I don't know any technique.
: Or is it up to me to define it?
: All insects must flap their wings at very high frequencies to fly, but humans do not perform such fast and jerky movements.
: The closest controlled movement to it should be found.
: Voluntary tremors!
- Ren-Bo, you have to force yourself to shake.
Like when we play video games on arcade terminals.
- On a Shoot-them-up with manual shooting, you have to shake your finger with the elbow jerk to shoot faster.

Soo-Bong demonstrates the gesture on a garden table.

- Tac-tac-tac-tac-tac. Just like that, you see?
- You have to do the same thing, but with your wings!
- I don't play these kinds of games.
- I prefer interactive romances.
: Me and my Geek advice.... Let's make it easier.
- Then clashes your teeth, thanks to a voluntary jaw cramp.
- Clac-clac-clac-clac-clac. Like a laughing skeleton.

Ren-Bo tries in vain to bite her teeth out.

- clac..... tic... tloc...

# 12

- So, we have fun, crazy people?

About thirty high school students have just arrived.
They occupy the entire passage of the side garden of the house, and block any retreat.

- These idiots put themselves in a trap.
- Yah, girls, come on!
- And don't forget the hardware stuff.

Soo-Bong notes that they are high school students in their final year.
He gives himself a responsible adult look, and interferes, protecting Ren-Bo.

- Ki... Kids, it's okay now, go home.
- This is an Ajusshi asking you!

The head of the high school students is very strong and easily measures one head more than Soo-Bong.

This brute approaches very close to Soo-Bong, as if he were going to kiss him.

- Or else?
- ...
- What do you mean "else"? You...

The high school student sends a huge header into Soo-Bong's face, and blows his nose off.
Then he grabs his collar, and sends him up against the wall, like a straw fescue.
Soo-Bong ends up spread out on the blue grass.

: That's not true, I'm being beaten up by a kid.
: And it hurts like hell!

He touches his nostrils with his fingers.

: Nevertheless, it is true that my nose does not bleed.

# 13

Soo-Bong is getting up.
And at that moment, a supernatural phenomenon occurs.
Time seems to have stopped!

- What... what else?
: Time has stopped?
Like when Kang Chul faced the truck?
: Why?
: Not really, time hasn't stopped.... It's moving.
: It is moving in slow motion. Everything is only very slow...
: It's something else....

Soo-Bong's eyes are drawn down.
What he sees is appalling.

At his feet, a strange character has just appeared, looking towards the wall.
A huge 20 cm ladybug stands on two legs, with two arms.

This humanized ladybug is looking at YOU.

- Soo-Bong is still getting scared unnecessarily!
- As you can see, this guy can't even defend himself.
- Soo-Bong is really not a manly hero!
- It doesn't look like he did his military service.
He had to be hidden in an office of switchboard operators....
- Mr... Mister Ladybug!
: Did my first visit here really have to turn ridiculous?

# 14

Real world, Oh Sung-Moo's workshop, at night.

- I am not too worried about Soo-Bong, but Ren-Bo's situation seems badly engaged.
- It weighs me so much, if only we could do something...
- This small character, the talking Ladybug....
- Why do it feels like he' s talking to us?

- Oh, that! It's Mr. Ladybug, one of the comic characters in the manhwa.

(Montage: some pictures of the manhwa with Mr. Ladybug).

- He appears to punctuate specific actions, making ironic remarks.
He also makes some comments at the beginning or end of the chapter.
- And sometimes he walks around in the backgrounds, performing offbeat gags.
- Can other characters see him, or talk to him?
- No, it's more like a character who breaks the 4th wall, and speaks directly to the reader.
- I see, a humorous and current version of the ancient choir.
- Huh?
- It's an original idea, but a little contradictory for a melodramatic story.
- Jang Soo-Bin was absolutely determined that the manhwa contain a touch of humour, to achieve a tension-relaxation effect.
- But since she's not good at writing jokes, she entrusted the writing of the gags to Ji Byeong-Se, the funny guy you saw at the party.

- I will study this in more detail soon.
- I intend to read carefully the complete "Butterfly Girl", in order to be able to face the situation.
- And not just look at my drawings....
- ...
- Hey, neither did Madam know the scriptwriter of my drama!

Kang Chul smiles and winks at Oh Yeon-Joo.

# 15

World of "Butterfly Girl", resort garden, midday.
As mister Ladybug disappears, time starts to flow normally again.

- Hiiiiiiiiii !

Ren-Bo screams, as one of the bitches approaches with a marker.
Her wings change color, and become icy blue.

Soo-Bong rushes to rescue her, but his movement is anticipated by the strong high school student.
This brute kicks him in the chest with a front kick, typical of taekwondo.

- Argh!

Soo-Bong immediately falls back, his breath cut off, paralyzed by the pain.
A trio of girls now surround Ren-Bo, so close that they shade her.

Ren-Bo is completely terrified, in tears.

- We're going to make you gather your own poop, the bug girl....

Ren-Bo starts shaking in fear, and slamming her teeth in panic.
She is traumatized, and the spasms of horror are transmitted throughout her body.
She shakes her head with a refusal movement.
Unbeknownst to her, an intense vibration appears behind her.
Surprised by herself, Ren-Bo is torn from the ground by her wings!
Her wings flap at a speed that the human eye cannot perceive.

High school students are blinded by a powerful blast, as if they were under a helicopter taking off.

- Soo-Bong!

Ren-Bo reaches out to Soo-Bong.
He grabs Ren-Bo's hand, and is in turn ripped off the ground.
With a somewhat anarchic trajectory, Ren-Bo flies over the hedge of thuyas.
Soo-Bong is hardly towed.
He rubs the top of the fence, and the leaves whip his face.

# 16

Out of strength, Ren-Bo drops Soo-Bong, once they reach the other side of the fence.

Soo-Bong falls into the grass, lying on his back.
Ren-Bo, no longer able to flap her wings, also fell.
And she lands lying in front, right on Soo-Bong!

Lying on top of each other, Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong have their faces a few centimetres apart.

They look at each other with round eyes, for an endless moment.

- Sorry!

She blushes, and her wings turn pink.

- I'm sorry, I couldn't do it anymore...
- It's nothing.
- It's a bit like a muscle that hasn't been exercised since a long time.
- Hum....
- Oh !

Ren-Bo gets up quickly, sucked up by a short instinctive flapping of her wings.

Soo-Bong is also getting up.

- We shouldn't stay here, they could go around the house.
- You're right.
: Which way to go?

Soo-Bong quickly looks at the two paths open to them.
An ordinary road, and a small shopping street.

: I don't know that way.
This must be an intrinsic part of the "Butterfly Girl" world.

: I know this way.
It's a place I've already drawn.

: We'll have a better chance in a place I know.
- This way, Ren-Bo.

Soo-Bong takes Ren-Bo's hand.
They smile at each other, going towards the small shopping street.

# 17

Real world, Oh Sung-Moo's workshop, at night.

The shopping street becomes an image on the graphic tablet.

- They're pretty aggressive for high school kids.
I arrested crooks who were less violent.
- Arf, yeah..... The good ones are very good and the bad ones are very bad.
It is a simplistic and Manichean universe....

Another drawing is then formed on the tablet.
This represents the group of high school students on motorcycles, touring the block.

- High school students go around the shops.
Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo will be surprised at the end of the street.
- There! They've been seen!
They're going to get caught on this roundabout!
- They're surrounded now.
I don't think Ren-Bo can fly that far.
- What is Soo-Bong doing?
- Why is he looking in this direction, completely motionless?
- He seems to be obsessed with this lamp post.

The tablet shows Soo-Bong in front of a big lamp post.

- What does he do? It doesn't make any sense!
- But... but... How?!!!

Oh Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul look at the tablet, without believing their eyes.

- It's totally unthinkable!!!!!

# 18

FLASH, End image: Amazed Kang Chul + Smiling Ren-Bo to Soo-Bong + Smiling Soo-Bong to Ren-Bo.

# 19


- Kim Woo-Bin is Rae-Nam. Excerpts from the drama "The Heirs".