Images are shown, one box after another.
The characters' voices are heard in voice-over, as well as street noises.

C#1. Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are on a sidewalk.

C#2. Across the street, a pedestrian alley with stores.

C#3. Soo-Bong smiles and points to the shopping alley.
~ This way, Ren-Bo.

C#4. Ren-Bo looks at him with a dreamy smile. Pink wings!
~ ...

C#5. Ren-Bo takes Soo-Bong's hand.

C#6. Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong walk down the shopping street, and...

#2. "Butterfly Girl" - Shopping pedestrian alley (day).

... the shopping street and the characters dissolve from "image" to "real".

- (very cheerful) I often come here to buy things.
- Hey hey, I thought so...
- (pointing to various stores)
Here, clothes. There, they make good ice cream. Here, toys.
- (pointing to a hi-fi store)
And there, they have great stuff that kicks butt.
- ... ?
- I thought you'd be more interested in that.
(pointing to a florist store)
- ... !!! (suddenly upset, wings turning red)
- Abominable!
Only sadistic scum would run such a museum of horrors.
- ... ?!

Behind the store window, a young and pretty salesgirl sees Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo passing by.
She has a ribbon in her hair, a dress with hearts drawn on it, and her smile is sweet and innocent.

- (shouting at the salesgirl) Assassins!!!!!
- ... !!!

Ren-Bo quickens her pace, leaving Soo-Bong standing there.
He looks at the salesgirl, puzzled.
The salesgirl takes a flower, puts it next to her hair, and starts squinting.
A way to say "Hey, this girl is totally crazy"!
Soo-Bong hurries to catch up with Ren-Bo.

#3. Roundabout (day).

In the center of the roundabout, a huge lamp post, surrounded by a flower garden.

Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo come out of the pedestrian alley and cross the street when...
VROOM! VROAAR! VROAM! Motorcyclists come from all three streets leading to the place.
Motorcycles come to block the sidewalk of the pedestrian alley.
Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo are surrounded!

- ... !!! (frightened, wings turning blue)
: What an idiot!
: It makes sense for the characters to go to a familiar place of the manhwa.
(looks at Soo-Bong, desperate, tear)
: I should have chosen the other street.
: I screwed up.
- Soo-Bong! (she holds onto Soo-Bong's jacket)

Soo-Bong hugs Ren-Bo. She collapses and cry on his shoulder.

: Being scared won't solve anything.
: No matter how many they are, they won't touch a single Ren-Bo' hair.
: I'll go all-in to stop them.
- I'm ready to kill the first one who comes near!
- Don't worry, Ren-Bo.
- ... (crying, trying to hope)

Some of the chasers get off the bikes.

- So, he wants to be a knight, the runt?
- Bring the equipment, we'll patch her up, his girlfriend...

The group's bitches are pulling out indelible markers and paint cans.
They also take out razors, a hammer, nails and cutters.

- (to Ren-Bo) Dirty little fly, you thought you were beautiful?
- (to Soo-Bong) And you, woodlouse, we will crush you definitively.
(anxious but resolute, adrenaline)

A little away, one of the high school girls attends the show.
She looks at Ren-Bo with contempt, a can of paint in her hand.

Eun-Ji, 19, Ren-Bo's rival, purple hair.

(his gaze is drawn to the lamp post)

: This lamp post...
: A lamp post that is much too thick.
: No, thick, exactly as I drew it.
: For a specific reason...
- What's wrong with him? Do we scare him?
- He no longer dares to make a move.
He must be pissing his pants.
(don't hope anymore)
: A line of force!
: Just a connection to the tree in the foreground!
: It's too crazy to succeed, but this frame already exists.
- Ren-Bo!
(pulls herself)
- Hold my hand firmly, and get ready to run.
- ... (attentive, she takes his hand)
- Now!

They run towards the lamp post.
It's the only way not blocked by the students.

- Yah!
- It's not the way they'll escape us!

#4. Roundabout, Lamp post (day).

Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo arrive at a stone's throw of the lamp post.
A supernatural phenomenon is taking place here, reality is torn apart.

A crumpled glittering slit crosses the ground around the foot of the lamp post.

Beyond the glittering slit, the light energy of a sun bursts out.

Soo-Bong is the only one who sees it, Ren-Bo doesn't notice anything.

: I can't believe it.
- Jump with me!

Without understanding, Ren-Bo jumps with Soo-Bong into the glittering slit.

#5. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

On the sofa, Jang Soo-Bin wakes up.

- (stands up) Where am I?

Oh Yeon-Joo notices her and touches Kang Chul's forearm, signaling him.
The couple go to Soo-Bin's bedside.

- Seonsaingnim, do you feel better?

Soo-Bin is suddenly frightened by a memory.

{RECALL INSERT, Ep 04 - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Living Room (night).}
Jang Soo-Bin looks at the graphic tablet with fear.
On it, lines are drawn by themselves, building the image of the manhwa.

- ... !?!! (terrified)

- The tablet! The tablet draws by itself!

Kang Chul puts his hand on Soo-Bin's shoulder to reassure her.

- Soo-Bin, you scared yourself for nothing.
- But I assure you, the tablet--
- A wallpaper. You have seen an animated wallpaper.
- Soo-Bong uses a screensaver, programmed with images of the manhwa.
- Oh, what a jug!
- I feel so stupid. I caused you some trouble for that.
- It's all right, Seonsaingnim.
- For a moment, I imagined that--

Soo-Bin looks with terror behind Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo.

- Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

She faints again, and falls into the sofa.
Kang Chul and Oh Yeon-Joo turn around.

Soo-Bong is kneeling on the ground, entirely soaked.

- (intense stare in the void, realizes he's back)
- (doesn't look around, remembers)
- Why did I do that?
- Why?
- (he lowers his head, and looks at the ground sadly, lost in thought)
- Soo-Bong, what is it?
- Soo-Bong, get over it!

Kang Chul tries to shake him a little, in vain.

- (fed up) I'll read the manhwa, it'll be easier.

On the tablet, picture of Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong next to the lamp post, jumping.

The image switches to frontal view and...

#6. FLASHBACK, "Butterfly Girl" - Roundabout, Lamp post (day).

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong dissolve from "image" to "real".

They jump and KLOFZ!, they disappear into the glittering rift, which bursts like water.

The strange substance of the rift clouds and breaks down into primary colours.

#7. FLASHBACK - Sky (day).

Inexplicably, Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong find themselves in the middle of the sky.

They scream loudly, as they fall.

Instinctively, Ren-Bo flaps her wings and grabs Soo-Bong by the jacket.
He clings to her, both hands around her leg.
Ren-Bo's wings flap with an irregular rhythm, but enough to slow their fall.

#8. FLASHBACK - Han River (day).

It is a place located next to the shore, where the water is shallow.

They fall at moderate speed from 20 meters high.

- Aaaaaaaah!
- Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!

SPLASH! They dive into the river!
They come out of the river, spit out some water and splash around.

- Soo-Bong, are you all right?
- Yah! It worked! Wow!

They stand up again, with water up to their waist.
Soo-Bong looks at Ren-Bo with a big smile, making a sign of Ok.

Ren-Bo is dazed. She shakes her head. Without effect, she remains sceptical.

- But... what are we doing here?
- Why were we up there?

Soo-Bong becomes serious, worried.

: I just created a monster mess in this manhwa.
: Everything will be published?
: Before I worry about that, can I at least go home?

Soo-Bong's endemic cowardice starts to take over.

(is he freaking out again?)
: With this 6 year gap, I have no idea what's going on.
: Unknown phenomena until now... I can no longer trust anything.
- Soo-Bong, are you hurt?
: What about her? She is safe now, but she has ten times more reason to be suspicious than Kang Chul had.
: I have no choice.
: I have to go home!

{MANHWA INSERT - Soo-Bong thinks of a picture of W.}

Oh Yeon-Joo slaps Kang Chul in the clothing store.

Soo-Bong raises his hand, preparing to give a slap.
Ren-Bo thinks they're gonna clap their hands over a high-5-one.

Ren-Bo smiles and also raises her hand.

: No, it's rotten, I can't do that to her.
: Even if it might work with her...

CLAP! Finally, Ren-Bo claps his hand.

- Yah! You scared me!
- Ren-Bo, I can't stay here.
- You're not gonna leave me here, at least?
- Whatever happens, don't worry about me.
- My life is elsewhere. You have to forget about me.
- But...
- Before I leave, I will do something surprising.
- This should not be misinterpreted.
- I hope you won't be too angry...

Soo-Bong approaches Ren-Bo, grabs both her arms and... kisses her!

Transfixed, Ren-Bo opens her eyes wide! Fish kiss!

Her wings turn bright pink, with hints of orange and red.
Soo-Bong moves away from Ren-Bo. The red blurs the other colors.

Ren-Bo remains amazed, as if she saw Santa Claus in the sky.

Soo-Bong looks anxiously around. Where is the end of the chapter?!

: What? It doesn't work?

{RECALL INSERT - Clothing Store (day).}
Oh Yeon-Joo kisses Kang Chul, the inscription "TO BE CONTINUED" appears in the store.

~ Yet, it's the ultimate resort!

(wings entirely red, she goes from stunned to coldly furious)
(looks everywhere, nothing in the background, anguish)
: (dismayed) This is a joke!!! Not after having--
(SPAF! she slaps Soo-Bong hard)
- ... !!! (ouch!)

Above the water, luminous letters, printed on top of the reality, start to appear.
They are visible only to those who are from another world, like Soo-Bong, not Ren-Bo.

(sees the letters, relief, joy, takes a deep breath)
- ... ?!! (he finds it funny, this idiot?).

The inscription "TO BE CONTINUED" is now displayed in full.
PLOOF! Soo-Bong dives completely underwater, and doesn't resurface.
Ren-Bo scans the place where he dived...

- ... ?! (wouldn't it be easier to apologize?)
- ... ??? (but... what is he waiting for to return?)

#9. FLASHBACK - Han River, Bank (day).

A young man with glasses looks coldly at the river and witnessed this kissing scene.
He is next to a blue sports car, parked on the road above the shore.

Park Sin-Moo, 20, Ren-Bo's future husband.

He is holding a bouquet of flowers, the roots intact, their earth delicately coated.
His hand loses all strength to hold this bouquet, which falls on the ground.

#10. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

The bouquet of flowers dissolves from "real" to "image" on the graphic tablet.

Offended, Oh Yeon-Joo goes to Soo-Bong.

- Soo-Bong, what is this plagiarism?
- Can't you find your own twists and turns?
- A girl like Ren-Bo, it's not complicated to move otherwise!
- Hey hey hey. (nervous and tragic giggling)
- ... ?!
- There's really no way to make that kind of kiss without a slap.
- Whether before, or after...
- (his face distorts, like a victim of intestinal colic)

Suddenly, he burst into tears.

- Well, then, Soo-Bong, what's the matter with you?

Soo-Bong clings to Oh Yeon-Joo's dress, like a beggar.

- Noona, I have to face the facts...
- I'm a coward! Meuh-euh-euh.

Moved, Oh Yeon-Joo turns to Kang Chul.

- This is the first time I see him worried about that...
- ... !

{RECALL INSERT, Ep 04 - Villa, Backyard (day).}
BONK! The high schooler sends a huge headbutt into Soo-Bong's face, and blows his nose.

- What did I look like, in front of her?...
- Ren-Bo? Is it that much of a problem?

{RECALL INSERT, Ep 04 - Village, Street (day).}
(looking at her tenderly)
- Tell me... "Oppa" Soo-Bong! (familiar language)

- I've never seen a girl as beautiful as her!
- As alive, as sensitive, as funny.

{RECALL INSERT, Ep 05 - Han River (day).}
(SPAF! she slaps Soo-Bong's face hard)
- ... !!! (ouch!)

- And I ruined it! Boo-hoo-hoo...
- Is that what makes you so upset?
- You're not gonna fall in love with her that quickly?!
- I will do everything to see her again!
- You've done everything to get away, and you already want to go back?
- Aaah... I know how pathetic I am... Snif.
- You barely know each other.

{RECALL INSERT - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (day).}
A year ago, Soo-Bong draws Ren-Bo's birth on his graphic tablet.

- I've known her by heart, since one year!
- With butterfly wings, she is condemned to stay in a manhwa...
- Why are you harassing me?
- You two didn't embarrass yourselves to do it...
- Bouah ah ah aaaaah.
- It must be love at first sight...

- The kind of whimsical exaltation leading to a disturbed mind, but no more real feelings.
- You exaggerate, everything is blurred in these cases... He is sincere.
- Soo-Bong, there is no need to ruminate.
Anyway, it doesn't depend on you.
- Only she can invoke you there.
If she forgets you, you won't go anymore.

{RECALL INSERT, Ep 05 - Han River (day).}
- My life is elsewhere. You have to forget about me.
- But...

- I just told her to forget about me! Raaah ah ah.
- Soo-Bong, don't be so worried, come on.
- Would she forget you, after what you've been through?
- Of course, her thoughts are like butterflies.
- No matter what we say, he gets anxious. I'm gonna go crazy...

Kang Chul kneels down and puts his hands on Soo-Bong's shoulders.

He speaks firmly and quickly, so that Soo-Bong cannot reply.

- You should be worried about going back instead, because that's most likely.
- Your destiny is at stake. You have neither the age nor the time to react like a teenager experiencing his first heartache.
- ...
- The impossible has happened again.
We must understand the reason, the nature and the consequences.
- So listen to your Hyung!
Right now, you need to make your head work, not your heart work!
- It's... it's okay, Hyung... snif.
- Pfuuuu!
- (look at Soo-Bong's wet hair)
A quick blow of the dryer would refresh your thoughts.
- Soo-Bong, first, help me put Soo-Bin in the guest room.
- Ok, Hyung.
- Look like she's gone to make her night.
- That's good! Let's move her gently, then lock the door.

Soo-Bong and Kang Chul carry Soo-Bin, taking care not to wake her up.

#11. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

- Now let's make a debrief.
Let's rank our questions in order of importance.
- The most important is how a new manhwa came to life.
- We never knew how "W" could already come to life.
It's just absurd.
- "W" should have an explanation, but it involves the perfect conjunction of many variables, an isolated case, not reproducible.
- Like an alchemical reaction, a unique coincidence, or the Big Bang.
- An alchemical reaction...

{RECALL INSERT, Ep03 - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Living Room (night).}
Soo-Bong is drunk, in front of his graphic tablet.

- I would eat her, if she eats me too!

- I think I said the magic formula that triggered all this.
- Ultimately, it is a paranormal phenomenon.
It doesn't make much difference with magic.
- No, there is no formula or magic.
An unexplainable phenomenon is not necessarily magical.
- The human soul is a universal mystery... without magic.
- ... ?! (what's the point ?)
- Exceptionally, the mind could directly influence reality.
- It's vague, I couldn't make a pink rabbit appear in front of me.
- ... (what to answer to such a biased logic)
- We could make a list of all the variables we know.

{RECALL INSERT, W - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Living Room (day).}
Oh Sung-Moo, holding his electronic stylus, thinking about his next drawing.

~ A genius author with a strong personality, totally devoted to his work.

{RECALL INSERT, W Ep 07 - Penthouse, Bedroom (day).}
Kang Chul hugging Yeon-Joo on the bed. Loving glances.

~ A hero with an unfair fate, wanting to be free and find love.

{RECALL INSERT, W - General view of Seoul (day).}

~ A parallel world configured as a copy of the manhwa world.

- But... with an infinity of parallel worlds...
There is inevitably one that adapts to each manhwa!
- So... all manhwas can become alive?
- Maybe, but hundreds of manhwas would already be alive.
- And... what if this were happening today?
- Omo!

- It promises...
- My intuition is to need an extraordinary context.
- If it were that simple, it would have happened already.
- And why "Butterfly Girl"?
It's crazy that such a fanciful universe exists!
- Cities without proper names, a changing sky of any color!
- Yes, I would have preferred a proximity between the universes.
This would solve part of the problem.
- Two universes so close that the phenomenon would be almost impossible.
- Maybe the classification of parallel universes is messy?
- Or rather, classified according to a logic different from common sense.
- Although this is still speculation, I will note this variable.
- Affection! Soo-Bong has always been attached to Ren-Bo.
- My father was also attached to you. At least, he was obsessed with you.
- He projected his desires onto me.
There is indeed a variable relating to the emotional bond.
- All authors do that!
- With the same intensity? I don't think so.
- A feedback loop!
- What is it?
- A new variable that comes to mind.
- ... (jaded)
- Oh Sung-Moo's manhwa had an unprecedented success.
- The readers' collective consciousness could have helped it become real.
- (ironic) With these 3 new variables, "W" is no longer a mystery!
- But that doesn't explain the mystery of "Butterfly Girl".
- Ah, it all looks like drunken theories!
- ... !! (slightly offended)
- Hey hey... I declaim this kind of philosophy, when I'm drunk.
- That, and the scientific order of power, between superheroes...
- My head is going to explode.
- It's not a coincidence this happens to a manhwa drawn by you two.
We are connected to the phenomenon in an unknown way.
- (to himself) Oh Sung-Moo's house is haunted.
(uncomfortable, worst calamities will fall on us)
- At this point, we won't know more.
- Let's focus on more concrete puzzles.
- Come and see, Soo-Bong.

Kang Chul goes to the graphic tablets.

#12. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

Kang Chul scrolls through some drawings on the tablet.

He finds the image where Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo jump at the foot of the lamp post.

- Soo-Bong, how did you do that?
- I stopped thinking normally, and thought like a cartoonist.
- What difference does it make?
- Ah ! People think that a comic strip is a series of frames.
- But truly, it's a composition.
- Like a classic painting?
Rembrandt or Goya, for example?
- Yes, but extended to the entire page.
- ... ?! (intrigued)
- In a comic strip page, no frame is independent.
- I've read a guide on this, but it's hard to apply.
- Soo-Bong has years of experience.
How does it work?
- The structure uses lines of force.
- Elements of different boxes connected by the same darkness or lightness.
- This reinforces the tension, and facilitates the transitions.
- Comic book designers are very good at this.

Soo-Bong grabs an American comic book on the shelf.

- It's a collector's item, designed by Gene Colan.

He chooses a page at random.

- See? That character who goes up the stairs?

- ... (attentive)
- His movement is amplified, in the same diagonal as the next box.

Soo-Bong traces the movements on the page with his finger.

- The arch serves as a movement curve when he is crushed by stupor.
The rifle in the diagonal blocks him, reinforcing the threat feeling.
- This suggests stronger effects than the content of the isolated boxes.
- Thanks to the general composition.
- So... You moved on to the next box? Directly?
- Yes, this box has a tree in the foreground, in the lamp post's line of force.
- To guide the reader's gaze to the next box.
- That's the only reason I designed these two set elements.

Oh Yeon-Joo displays the two boxes on the tablet.

- That's right, look.

The top frame shows the lamp post, and Park's car driving away, with Ren-Bo in the back seat.

- (points to the top box) There, the lamp post!

The bottom box shows the Han River bank. Park Sin-Moo and Ren-Bo get out of the car.
In the foreground, a tree in the extension of the lamp post, same density of ink.

- (points to the bottom box) And there, the tree!
As if the lamp post was the continuation of the trunk.
- Unbelievable.

Kang Chul scrolls the next image on the tablet.
At the riverside, Park Sin-Moo moved and Ren-Bo shy, holding hands, flowers and hearts around.

- Next, the scene where they confess their love.
- Yes, it was the end of the last chapter of volume 2.
- I copied and pasted this scene to draw the end of the Manhwa.
- So you arrived in the manhwa at the beginning of this chapter.

Yeon-Joo clicks on the tablet's menu to select an image.
This shows Ren-Bo walking on the village street, with the title "Chapter 20".

- Manhwa began to rewrite itself from there.

#13. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

Soo-Bong jumps, with an alarmed look.

- The published version!
- If it's identical to the live one, it should be fine.

Kang Chul takes out his smartphone to scroll through the pages.

He shows the picture of the kiss.

(snide smile)
(painful to see this again)
- Mr. Ladybug!
Time was slowed down when he appeared.
- A new phenomenon?

Kang Chul scrolls the pages and shows the boxes with Mr. Ladybug.
Soo-Bong is absent from the scene. The previous box shows him lying in the grass.

- (confused) Yet I was looking at him and moving while he was there.
- The other characters never see him, he is out of the story.
- The manhwa preserve its context naturally.
- Nonsense data is deleted if possible.
- Nonsense data? (awful! that's what I am)
- Your thoughts don't appear, it limits the damage.
- I am still too secondary...
- If you become a main character, your nose will really explode!
Plus, you've replaced the hero on the main stage.
- Hyung Kang, I can't let this happen again.
- What do you mean?

Soo-Bong suddenly knelt down.

Soo-Bong implores Kang Chul.

- ... !!
- Hyung, I know I'm a nobody.
- A coward, a wipe, a quitter who runs away before thinking.
- A poor guy you should be ashamed of.
- Come on, Soo-Bong, I've never misjudged you.
- I never demand more of ordinary people than they can afford.
- No, you don't say it, but I know what you're thinking!
- For you, anyone must surpass themselves.
- And I have never made an effort.
- ... (admits with a smile)
- Why do you depreciate yourself like that?
- Soo-Bong, I don't recognize you anymore.
- Neither do I.
- Hyung, you said I would go back there?
- There is a high probability, yes.
- I don't want to be as useless as I was earlier.
- I don't want to look weak in Ren-Bo's eyes.
- Hyung, I have a favor to ask you...
Teach me how to fight!
- ... ! (pleasantly surprised)
- But you weren't useless, you saved Ren-Bo!
- You even found a new feature of manhwa!
- Yeon-Joo, that's true, but it's about something else.
- Do you understand me, Hyung?

- Of course, Soo-Bong. And I'm ready to help you.
- When... when do we start?
How long will it take?
- Learning to defend yourself effectively takes years.
- If you are involved full time, it will take 3 months to learn some basics.
- 3 months?
But I could be back there in less than 3 days!
- Or even in less than one hour!
- There is no miracle.
- Martial arts are a matter of time and practice.
- Whether you go back or not, you will have to be persistent.

Soo-Bong looks down, desperate.

Suddenly, Soo-Bong gets up, and looks up to the sky. He's sucking in a breath of air.

Soo-Bong's gaze becomes that of an illuminated one.

- I know!
- Huh?
- Spending 3 months to train is not interesting, right?
- I wouldn't say that...
- It took you only 2 pages in "W"!
- You can't imagine--
- Hyung! You could train me in "W"!
- The 3 months there would be less than half an hour here.
- Ah ah ah !
It's like the time room, where San Goku trains in DragonballZ!
- Soo-Bong, "W" is finished.
Now, time there flows at the same speed as here.
- As soon as I came to the real world, after the end of "W", the two worlds synchronized permanently.

- Then, every time I traveled in "W", I spent the same time there as here.
- Oh, damn it, that's right...

Soo-Bong collapses on a seat, and loses the desire to talk, depressed.

- Honey, come and see for two minutes.

Yeon-Joo goes to the kitchen, followed by Kang Chul.

#14. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Kitchen (night).

(The kitchen is in the same open space as the living room.)
They speak in low voices.

- Maybe there is a way...
- ... (recalls)
- Do you think it's too risky?
- Everything will be risky from now on.
- I don't think he's motivated just to show off.
- Soo-Bong really needs to know how to fight.
- He wasn't even able to defend himself against students.
- "Butterfly Girl" is less scary than "W", but there is also danger.
- And impossible to know when and how this manhwa will end.
- Our last attempt was without consequences.
- Except we didn't fully understand how it worked.

- Even one year later...

FLASH, End image: Sad and thoughtful Soo Bong + Caring Yeon Joo + Concerned Kang Chul