#1. FLASHBACK, Ep05 - Oh Sung-Moo's house (night) + MONTAGE.

Quick summary of the previous episode's ending.

C#1. FLASHBACK - Living room.
- Soo-Bong, "W" is finished.
Now, time there flows at the same speed as here.

C#2. FLASHBACK - Kitchen.
- Maybe there is a way...

C#3. FLASHBACK - Kitchen.
- Except we still don't understand how it worked.
- Even one year later...

#2. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Exterior view (morning).

Title Card: Over one year ago...

#3. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (morning).

(The bedroom is also Oh Sung-Moo's former office.)
Kang Chul, is working on the computer. Accounting spreadsheets.
Yeon-Joo embraces her tenderly from behind. Bouncy belly, she is pregnant.

- My beloved Kang Chul, very competent in mathematics...
Are you in charge of household accounting?
- Yes, and we're going through a rough period.
- Does my husband spend like a Cheabol, without affording it?

- No, I know how to be economical when I have to.
But our budget is far too meager.
- It's my fault.
I did not want to remain subject to the fate imposed by "W".
- Instead of founding a computer company, I chose acting as a career.
Except that my drama won't start until next year.
- I'm at fault too...
I've given up on the hospital, now that our number 4 will deliver a Chul-Moo.
- But I really want to draw!

{RECALL INSERT - Coffeeshop (day).}
At a table, Soo-Bong shows Yeon-Joo a storyboard with sketches of Butterfly Girl.

~ Soo-Bong is going to take me as his assistant on his next project...

- And then, we'll get Dad's inheritance in 4 months!
- It's not immediate. We are in the bottom of the wave.

- It's up to the man to feed his home, I was inconsistent.
- So, you will be able to assume your role.
- What do you mean?

{FLASHBACK INSERT, W Ep13 - Coffeeshop (day).}
At a table, Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo are joking around.

- Maybe you liked my money more than me.
Should I bring you some gold bars?

- Do me a favor. Bring me back a gold ingot!
- Ah! I've thought about it.
- But in "W" as here, gold bars are engraved and referenced.
- I can import an ingot, but it will be unusable.
Or I would have to fraudulently manufacture a falsified certificate.
- This kind of document is more controlled and accurate than a bank bill.
A counterfeit would be detected, and I don't want to defraud.
- I have an idea that avoids fraud, and provides a compliant certificate.
- ... (dubious)

- You will always surprise me. How?
- You must have observed...
What we drew on the tablet was always imprecise.
- It's normal, a drawing is not a picture. It's sketchy and artistic.
- But yet, the object materialized in "W" was always realistic.
Even when the killer asked to draw the fake tablet.
- In "W", it could have been any tablet of the same model.
But no, it was exactly the wanted object.
- My father's tablet, with the same powers!
- ... (nods)
- So if I draw a certificate, even a rough one, it will become authentic.
- I'll draw it for you when you get the ingot in "W".
- You made some interesting observations.
- But "W" is over. We can't draw anything on it anymore.
- It's not certain.
- ... (appalled)
- Okay, it didn't work in the past...

#4. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (morning) + MONTAGE.

C#1. RECALL, W Ep16 - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Bedroom (morning).
Oh Yeon-Joo, sad, grieving, draws Oh Sung-Moo's portrait on a graphic tablet.

~ I tried to draw my dad on a different tablet than his.

C#2. FLASHBACK, W Ep16 - Road, In Oh Sung-Moo's car (night).
Oh Sung-Moo looks at Yeon-Joo fondly, then he vanishes into supernatural dust, annihilated.

~ But he couldn't come back, "W" ended because his disappearance.

C#3. BACK to bedroom.
- And all of Oh Sung-Moo's tablets are gone.

C#4. FLASHBACK, W Ep16 - Hotel room (night).
Oh Sung-Moo, in pajamas, facing his tablet. Kang Chul's bodyguard is unconscious on the floor.

~ He had left a copy in his hotel room at the end of "W".

C#5. FLASHBACK - Hospital room (day).
Kang Chul in a hospital bed. His bodyguard enters, carrying the tablet under his arm.

- (presents the tablet) President, what should we do with this?
- Burn it. Be sure it remains only ashes.

C#6. BACK to bedroom.
- It couldn't work after the end, but I wanted to eliminate any potential risk.
- I never understood why that copy didn't vanish.

C#7. FLASHBACK, W Ep16 - Oh Sung-Moo's House, Bedroom (daytime).
Soo-Bong sees the graphic tablet vanish.

~ The other copy here disappeared at the end of "W".

C#8. FLASHBACK - MONTAGE, disappearing objects.
¤ W Ep06 - Alley (night). On a garbage bag, Kang Chul's gun vanishes.
¤ W Ep06 - Surgical operating room. The bullet that was extracted vanishes.

~ It makes sense, only items outside the manhwa disappear at its end. Otherwise, other creations in "W" would have disappeared too, including me.

C#9. BACK to bedroom.
- I could have even brought this copy of the tablet here. It wouldn't have disappeared after the trip because it was in "W" before the end.
- That's a pity, it could have been useful today.
- It wouldn't have worked because the manhwa is over.
- The world of "W" is back to what it was originally, independent.

C#10. RECALL, W Ep06 - Oh Sung-Moo's house (night).
¤ Living room: Soo-Bong draws a boat with divers.
¤ Guest room: Yeon-Joo draws a portrait of Kang Chul.

~ Yet I was able to save you from drowning, while the manhwa was over.

C#11. FLASHBACK, W Ep06 - Han River Bridge (night).
The faceless killer is standing on the bridge guardrail.

~ Because the faceless killer had prevented the end.

C#12. FLASHBACK, W Ep06 - Restaurant Room (day).
On Yeon-Joo's smartphone, image of Kang Chul drowned. The word "END" becomes "TO BE CONTINUED".

~ Before it could be modified, the manhwa had displayed "TO BE CONTINUED".

C#13. FLASHBACK, W Ep14 - Seoul Prime hotel entrance (night).
Facing the entrance, "FINAL CHAPTER" is displayed in the air in front of Yeon-Joo.

~ The real end is definitive, with "FINAL CHAPTER" shown, and resolution of the main plot.

#5. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (morning).

- See, that's impossible.
(sorry smile)
- You said the tablet was not magic...
- It did not create the phenomenon. It became a tool for altering the laws of physics, a bridge between worlds.
- Probably because Oh Sung-Moo worked on it for years.
- A conjunction between his psychic imprint, the other world, and my will.
- So any other tablet would have worked, after a while?
- Yes, as long as it was sufficiently impregnated with the manhwa.

Oh Yeon-Joo opens a closet, and takes out a tablet stored inside.

{FLASHBACK INSERT, W Ep09 - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (day).
Soo-Bong takes out his tablet, and shows the talisman stuck on the back.

Yeon-Joo shows the tablet, the front, and the back with the talisman stuck on it.

- This is Soo-Bong's former tablet. He worked on it for years on "W".
- ... (slightly surprised)
- On my father's tablet, his drawings didn't work. But I, the manhwa recognized me as one of its true authors.
- Soo-Bong's tablet is already impregnated with manhwa and works.
Bravo genius, your theory is validated!
- ... ! (mouth open, falls from the sky)


C#1. FLASHBACK, W Ep08 - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (day).
Yeon-Joo, in a panic, drags Soo-Bong who is sleeping in the sofa.
In a hurry, she takes Soo-Bong's small tablet, which is lying on the desk.

C#2. FLASHBACK, W Ep08 - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Street (day).
Yeon-Joo runs past Soo-Bong's car with the tablet in her hand.
Then she puts the tablet in the back of the car. Close-up of the tablet.

C#3. FLASHBACK, W Ep08 - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (day).
The faceless killer appears in the living room.
Close up of Oh Sung-Moo's big tablet, which is well in the room.

C#4. FLASHBACK, W Ep08 - In Yeon-Joo's car (day).
Yeon-Joo draws on Soo-Bong's tablet.
On the tablet, image where Kang Chul wakes up in the hospital two months earlier.

~ The proof, I drew on it the dream that sent "W" back two months.

#7. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (morning).

- Wait Yeon-Joo, we won't create a sequel, just to fix our money issues!

- I don't want to be dependent on a manhwa again.
- Certainly not!
- And then... We can't create a sequel.
- ... (intrigued)
- As you explained, the manhwa definitely ended, showing "FINAL CHAPTER".
- So what's your idea?

- Occasionally, authors publish inserts of already finished works.
To please the fans, without creating a sequel.
- They tell, in a page or two, a undercovered situation.
An amusing event, often from the hero's past.
- That's what we are gonna do!
- All right!
- I'll get the ingot in "W".

#8. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (morning).

Kang Chul does a quick search on the computer, and shows the screen to Yeon-Joo.

- This is the type of document we need.

- Draw this certificate without delay.
We'll see if it appears in my hand.
- ... (nods)
- See you soon, sweetheart...
(smiles tenderly at him)

FZZT! Kang Chul disappears, blurred briefly by an inter-dimensional interference.
Oh Yeon-Joo turns on Soo-Bong's tablet and grabs her electronic stylus.

#9. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (morning).

A few moments later... Yeon-Joo raises her stylus. Happy with her work.

- That's it.

On the tablet, the drawing of the certificate is finished.
Suddenly, Soo-Bong brokes at the front door (the partition is open to the living room).

- Noona!

Yeon-Joo gasps in surprise.

Immediately, Yeon-Joo turns off the tablet.

- Noona, what are you doing on my old tablet?
- Nothing, I was just cleaning it...

Yeon-Joo takes a very dirty cloth, and polishes the tablet, leaving dirty traces on it.

- C'mon Noona, you're trying too hard.
- A pregnant woman should not exhaust herself with this.
It's my job to clean it!
- But no! You're nice enough to lend Chul some money.

KZZT! Kang Chul reappears, materializing two steps away from Soo-Bong.

- (don't notice Soo-Bong) Yeon-joo, this has--
- Oh Oh, Ah! (surprised)
- ... ! (surprised)

BING! Kang Chul accidentally drops a heavy object behind him.

- I was scared! Did you go for a ride in "W", Hyung?

Kang Chul picks up the object, hiding it from Soo-Bong as best he can.

- What's that, Hyung Kang?
- It's nothing.

Kang Chul immediately put the object in his pocket, before it is seen.

Then, Kang Chul makes a long, tight smile, in front of Soo-Bong amazed.

Suddenly, Kang Chul comes forward boldly, and grabs Yeon-Joo by the wrist.

- We leave you, we have something to talk about.

Then the couple slips away in their room, closing the door.

- What are those two cooking up?

#10. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (morning)

Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo whisper.

- So how's it going?

With one hand, he takes out the certificate, as successful as a real one.
And in the other hand, the gold ingot.

Yeon-Joo is thrilled by the joy with Kang Chul.
Suddenly, she becomes serious again.

- Wait...

Yeon-Joo takes out her smartphone and scrolls through the pages.

- "END"! It always says "END"!

Yeon-Joo shows the final image of "W" on her smartphone.

- Nothing has changed.
- The interlude has not been published.
- Don't you think it's weird?
- It happened as we had planned, it didn't create a sequel.
- ... (concerned)

- Is something wrong?
- We explained the process well.
But I have the feeling that I'm missing something.
- Your intuition, maybe?

#11. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Exterior view (night).

Back to present...

#12. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

On the wall clock: 00:30 am.
Yeon-Joo and Kang Chul come back from the kitchen to talk to Soo-Bong.

- Soo-Bong, we'll still try your idea.

- (enthusiastic) Really? I'll go in "W"?
- We don't know if it will works, we'll have to do a test.
- So what should I do?
You take my hand and we teleport there?
- Come to our bedroom.

#13. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).

The trio enters.

Oh Yeon-Joo opens a closet, and takes out Soo-Bong's old tablet.

- You stored it here, Noona?
- But why take this old tablet?
- You use yours to draw "Butterfly Girl".
- Let's not mix it up.
- Two living manhwas drawn on the same tablet is a problem?
- I hadn't thought of that.
- This indeed involves unpredictable risks.

Yeon-Joo puts the tablet on the desk and turns it on.

- So, are you gonna influence the world of "W" and create a time difference?
- But how? I thought there was no way to draw "W" anymore.
- As soon as Hyung Kang came to the real world, after the end of "W", the time of the two worlds became the same.
- I'll just draw a short, hidden scene.
- An alternative scene unconnected to the main plot.
Nothing that changes the manhwa's story and its conclusion.

The equipment is installed, Oh Yeon-Joo raises her electronic stylus.

- I'm ready.
- Okay, let's go.

Kang Chul grabs Soo-Bong's arm, a bit surprised that things are moving so fast.
KFFR! They blink, brief colored and inter-dimensional interferences, then...
FZZT! They disappear!

#14. Oh Sung-Moo's Neighborhood, adjacent street (night).

An old van is parked on the street.

KRZKSHHHH. Radio interference noise.

#15. In Lee Sang-Deuk's van (night).

Lee Sang-Deuk and Baek Young-Sik are sitting in the rear, facing a radio receiver.
TR-KR-ZTFFFF. Lee Sang-Deuk tries to adjust the device, turns buttons.

- It's the right frequency, I don't understand...

- Boss, don't tell me I did all this for nothing!
- Nothing to do, I've tried everything for one hour.
- Why doesn't it work?
(he's fed up and relaxes a bit)
(he then frowns, and stares at Baek Young-Sik)
- Did you turn on the transmitter before you placed it?
- What do you mean?
- The switch, the one I showed you, for heaven's sake!
- Ah, the small button on the side... Was it that important?

Lee Sang-Deuk grabs Baek Young-Sik and shakes him around.

- Poor spot, dumb asshole, fat cunt of shit!

- ... (he starts whining)
- Sorry boss, I was running, I was shaking, I was afraid not to hide this mess in time, I completely forgot.
- You're the king of morons!
What's the point of a transmitter if it transmit nothing?
- I'm sorry, boss, I'll be more careful next time.
- What next time? We're burned now!
- Boss, it would have worked better if you had placed the transmitter yourself.
- And couldn't we have slipped it in discreetly instead?
- Are you a pickpocket ace? No? Neither do I!
- All this has been nothing but trouble for us.
- Admit it, boss, your plan was flawed from the beginning...
- ... (he relaxes with a sigh)
- What are we going to do now?

#16. "W" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).

Replica of the house in "W", less furniture, empty office.

KZZT! Kang Chul and Soo-Bong appear here by teleportation.

- Wow!
- What are we going to do now?
- Me? Nothing!
- I leave, and I'll come back in a few hours.
- And me then?
- You don't do anything either. You stay right here.
- Huh? But--

Without listening to Soo-Bong, Kang Chul goes to the main room.

#17. "W" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living Room (night).

Kang Chul opens the drawer of a piece of furniture, and takes out a smartphone.
Soo-Bong enters, and looks at Kang Chul without the spring to speak.
Kang Chul quickly types a message and sends it.
He puts the phone in the drawer.
He winks at Soo-Bong, then FZZT!, he disappears.
Soo-Bong, disappointed, looks at the clock, which displays 01:30 am.

#18. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).

KZZT! Kang Chul reappears alongside Oh Yeon-Joo.
Yeon-Joo finishes a drawing showing Soo-Bong in the replica's living room
At the top of the drawing, a text box indicates "6 hours later".

- If the test succeeds, it will pass 6 hours for Soo-Bong.
- Half an hour for us.
- Let's plan this, so it's less chaotic than our adventures in "W".
- Yes. Our life is about to go totally crazy again.
- Already, no need to wait half an hour, it was just a maximum time.
- Your first trip in "W" was shorter.
So were the trips where I forced the chapter ends.
- I just need to make sure that the time spent matches your drawing.
- See you soon...

FZZT! Kang Chul disappears from the real world.

#19. "W" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (morning).

KZZT! Kang Chul reappears in "W".
The clock displays 07:30 am.

Soo-Bong is snoring on the sofa.
Kang Chul grabs a half-filled bottle of water from the coffee table.
He smiles, opens the bottle, and empties the contents on Soo-Bong's face.

- Blurp... What?
- Hey, but oh!
(joking smile)
- Hyung? Are you back?
(notice it's daytime)
- Did it work?

DING DONG! They hear the doorbell ringing.
Without saying a word, Kang Chul goes to open the door.

- ... ?!

He returns to the living room with Seo Do-Yoon.

- Soo-Bong, meet my Hyung. Now it's yours too!

Do-Yoon is shocked and looks at Kang Chul, who is smiling.
Then he looks at Soo-Bong, who is speechless.

#20. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).

KZZT! Kang Chul reappears next to Oh Yeon-Joo.

- So?
- It worked! And Do-Yoon will take care of Soo-Bong.
- I don't want spend 3 months away from You and our child.
- It won't be easy for him...
- Well, Soo-Bong is resolute to make efforts, he'll take on himself.
- No, I meant Do-Yoon...
- ... (amused and surprised)
- Let's end this quickly and get some sleep.
I have a hard day of shooting tomorrow.
- All right, I'll draw Soo-Bong and Do-Yoon after a training session, with the text "3 months later".
- Draw them in the replica instead.
I asked them to be there 3 months later.
- This saves me unnecessary travels...
- Ah, my beloved husband has no longer his action hero youth.
- Hey, I might give you proof to the contrary later.

The two spouses throw a well-heard smile at each other...

Yeon-Joo starts drawing.

- An important thing for tomorrow.
- You'll have to convince Soo-Bin and your publisher to continue the Manhwa.
- Yes, I understand. New scenes will appear.
- Even if the publisher stops the publication, it will continue by itself.
- Right, the situation would be out of control.
- By any means, "Butterfly Girl" must be published officially.

#21. "W" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (day).

The clock displays 10:30 am.

Do-Yoon and Soo-Bong are dressed impeccably, in costume.
Yet they are heckling amicably.
Do-Yoon makes a fighting key around Soo-Bong's neck.

- Hey, stop, Hyung, that's not fair!
- I don't know this grip!
(maintains the grip without forcing, casual)
- Yah ! (Soo-Bong twists Do-Yoon's belly with a fist)
- Ah ah ! Stop getting away with tickling!
- I'll tell you the next time you--

They realize that Kang Chul was already here and interrupt their heckling.

(tired and surprised)
- hum... (embarrassed)
(fears a serious atmosphere)
- Thank you for everything, Hyung.
- And sorry I can't stay longer.
- That's fine, President.
- Soo-Bong had time to explain everything to me.
- Soo-Bong, let's go.

Without politeness, Kang Chul grabs Soo-Bong and separates him from Do-Yoon.

(warm and friendly smile)
- See you soon, Hyung! Take care of--

His sentence is not finished, FZZT!, they're already teleporting.

#22. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).

KZZT! Kang Chul and Soo-Bong reappear by teleportation.

- I feel like I've become an inter-dimensional taxi.
- Oh! (sees Soo-Bong)

Soo-Bong has gained color, and lost weight. His body shape is more athletic.

(contemplates his expensive branded suit)

- A gift from Hyung, at "W"'s expense.
- Did it go well?

Agitated by an overflowing energy, Soo-Bong tells with enthusiasm.

- Noona! It was great!

¤ Image of the penthouse plan on a storyboard.
¤ Real view on the inside of the penthouse.

~ We lived in the penthouse, the one I created!

- Hyung Seo is fantastic!
- With such a good teacher, I would have started martial arts earlier!
- Every day, we went to the--

Soo-Bong is interrupted because Kang Chul grabs him by the sleeve.

- Follow me. (forces Soo-Bong out of the room)
- But... where are we going?

#23. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Entrance (night).

Kang Chul drags Soo-Bong out of the house, towards the garden.

#24. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Garden (night).

Kang Chul and Soo-Bong arrive near a garden shed

- Huh?

Kang Chul opens the shed.
He clicks on a switch inside, and turns on the light in the garden.
He takes out a shovel and a spade and hands it to Soo-Bong.

- Yeon-Joo would like to make a vegetable garden there.
(shows a garden section.)

- Just spend your energy turning the soil.
- What? In the middle of the night?

Without waiting for an answer, Kang Chul leaves Soo-Bong there, pounding and questioning.
Before he is out of sight at the corner of the house, he turns slightly.

- Ah! And don't leave this place. We'll need you tomorrow morning.

Then Kang Chul leaves.

- What's wrong with him? Why is he mad at me?
- We haven't seen each other in 3 months, and all he wants is for--
(he notices a wooden board placed against the fence)
(he plants the shovel and spade and gets closer to the board)
- Direct from left, right hook...

Laughing, he performs some boxing movements against the board.

#25. Oh Sung-Moo's house, adjacent street (night).

Baek Young-Sik looks up.

- (whispering) Boss! Get down, you'll get spotted!

Subjective view of Soo-Bong boxing, in a pair of binoculars.
Lee Sang-Deuk removes the binoculars from under his eyes.
He is standing on a large trash can.

- This guy is crazy! Is he gonna stay out all night?
- It makes him laugh, moreover...
- Boss, nothing more will happen. Let's go to sleep!

Lee Sang-Deuk comes down from the trash can.

- Well, the rest of the house is off.
- There is only this oddball who digs holes, or boxes against a board.
- Dressed as if he was going to a gala!
- Is that their watchdog or what?
- He's probably an accomplice. We'll see about that later!
- I'm sleepy. Stay here if you want.
Me, I'm going to have a rest.
- No way.
- Huh?
- But... ?!
- You take the moped and go to my home.
- (hands a sheet of notepads) Bring me back what I wrote on this.
- Oh no, please boss!
I can't take it anymore. I can't stand up anymore.
- You're not gonna quibble.
If we're stuck here, it's your fault!
- Pfff... (lowers his head, reluctantly accepts)

#26. "Butterfly Girl" - Han River (day) + Bank (day).

Ren-Bo is still in the water, dipping her hands in all directions.

She cries and screams.

- Soo-Bong! Where are you?

Park Sin-Moo is next to the shore guardrail.

- Ren-Bo, stop it!

- I can't, he's drowning!
- It's been ten minutes! If he drowned, it's too late.
- No, no, no!
- Soo-Booooooong!
- Pity, make sure he didn't drown!
- That's enough, join me!
- In any case, he would have been swept away by the stream.
- What you're doing is useless.

Ren-Bo calms down, and stays still for a while.

She looks tragically into the water.

- Come now.

Ren-Bo moves to the shore, purple wings.

#27. Han River, Bank (day).

Ren-Bo comes out of the water and arrives on the river side of the guardrail.
Park Sin-Moo reaches out to her, to help her overcome the obstacle.
Instead of grabs his hand, FLIP-FLAP!, she jumps over the railing thanks to a short wings flap.

- What?
- Ren-Bo, how could you--

But Ren-Bo walks straight ahead, without any will to discuss.
Her eyes are drowned in grief.

- Ren-Bo, where are you going?
- Let me walk you home.
I met some suspicious guys when I arrived.

Arriving near the sports car, Ren-Bo looks sadly at Park Sin-Moo.

- Thank you, Oppa.
- ... (worried smile)

Park helps her board the car's rear seat.

Park Sin-Moo's flower bouquet is on the ground, right next to the car.
Climbing into the car, Ren-Bo tramples it, without noticing it.

#28. Shoreline road (day).

Park Sin-Moo car moves fast.

#29. In Park Sin-Moo's car (day).

By sitting in the two back seats, Ren-Bo has enough room for her wings.

Ren-Bo folds her purple wings, to hold them in the cockpit.

She cries, shaken by little hiccups, her breath intersected.

- Ren-Bo, please stop crying like that.
(calms down)
: Did he really drown?

#30. In Park Sin-Moo's car (day) + MONTAGE.

C#1. RECALL, Ep05 - Fleuve Han (jour).
Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are in the river.

- Ren-Bo, I can't stay here.
- You're not gonna leave me here, at least?
- Whatever happens, don't worry about me.

C#2. BACK in the car.
: Maybe he just disappeared, like a magician?
: Yes, he told me not to worry.
: He must have disappeared, as he had appeared, as Fairy Spark...

C#3. RECALL - Village, Street (day).
Ren-Bo is walking alone in the street.
A colorful interference with lines sizzles in the air.
Suddenly, a young man in a suit appears lying down.
He wears funny slippers and his head in the gutter.

C#4. BACK in the car.
Green spots appear in the purple wings of Ren-Bo.

: Soo-Bong, I hope you're safe...
: Without you, I would have been in big trouble.

C#5. RECALL, Ep04 - Villa, Backyard (day).
Soo-Bong rushes to help Ren-Bo, but the strong high school student anticipates his move.
SBAM! This brute kicks him in the chest with a typical taekwondo front kick.

- Argh!

C#6. BACK in the car.
: You didn't hesitate to get hurt, to defend me.
: ... (annoying thought)
: It wasn't very polite to kiss me like that...

C#7. RECALL, Ep05 - Han River (day).
Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are in the river.

- I hope you won't be too angry...

Soo-Bong approaches Ren-Bo, grabs both her arms and... kisses her!

C#8. BACK in the car.
Ren-Bo's wings are green.

: ... but I don't blame you.
: I'm only asking you for one thing...
: Be alive!

#31. In Park Sin-Moo's car (day).

- Ren-Bo, who was that guy?
- I don't know...
- You don't know, and you're making a whole scene?
- You can't understand.
- He's after you, isn't he?

Ren-Bo sighs with annoyance.

- No...
- But you still kiss each other?
- I had nothing to do with it!

Reddish streaks dot Ren-Bo's wings.

- So he threatened you? Huh?
- No more!
- It doesn't make any sense. What you're saying is absurd.
- You find yourself in the river for no reason, kissing a stranger.

- Stop it!
- I've been by your side for years, helping you as best I can.
- And overnight, you do anything.
- Shut up! But shut up!

Ren-Bo's wings are scarlet red.

- No, you have to explain yourself!
- Besides, you may be involved in a case with a man's death!

Bright purple streaks shear through Ren-Bo's red wings.

- Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

- (shouting) Stop the car!
- What? But--

KRAAACK! A thunderbolt strikes outside the car and lit up all.

- (screaming like a hysteric) STOP THE DAMN CAR RIGHT NOW!!!!!
- ... !! (shocked, scared, he brakes immediately)

Park parks his car near a park. ^^

#32. Han River Park (day).

Ren-Bo gets out of the car and VLAM!, she slams the door violently, then walks away.
RRMMBL! Storm rumble.
Park Sin-Moo also comes out, but stays by his open door.
He limply slams his arm on the roof of the car, sighing heavily.

Ren-Bo walks towards the park adjacent to the river bank.

Her gaze is a mixture of anger and despair, and her wings are red and purple.

FLASH, End image: Ren-Bo's last look + Park Sin-Moo distraught.