#1. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Street (morning).

Three people get into Oh Yeon-Joo's car.

Oh Yeon-Joo (driver), Park Soo-Bong (front passenger), Jang Soo-Bin (back passenger).
The car starts and drives away.

#2. Oh Sung-Moo's neighborhood, Adjacent street (morning).

The back door of Lee Sang-Deuk's van opens, and Baek Young-Sik gets out.
Lee Sang-Deuk is in the back and is about to close the door.

He sees that Baek Young-Sik remains motionless, with puppy dog eyes.

- (whispering) Don't stand here, you idiot, we'll get noticed.
- (whining) Why me again... Please, boss...
- Now, you have the time and the tools you need.
- No excuses! Ksss, ksss! (waves his hand, meaning "piss off")

- Shoo! Pay back your debt! (closes the door)
- ... (downcast, sighs)

#3. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Street (morning).

The street is deserted, until the moment when...

... Baek Young-Sik appears, hidden behind the back wall of the fence.

He glances at the street, then hides again.

- (plaintive) I'm already on file, he can't ask me that...
(decides hesitantly)
- (looks at the street) Nobody...

Baek Young-Sik comes out of his hideout and walks down the street, looking innocent.

- (sentenced to death face, sings) Pom~pom~pom...
(arrives at a tin can next to the fence)
(scans the area with panicked rabbit eyes, no-one here)

Awkwardly, he climbs on top of the trash can, then climbs the fence.
He arrives flat on top of the fence, his foot about to leave the trash can.

- (gets stuck, runs out of breath, loses balance) Arrrgh...

He unintentionally kicks the trash can lid, knocking it off.
CRASH-KLANG! BLING-BLING-BLING... Huge racket echoes down the street.

- ... !!! (panic!)

BARK! BARK! In the distance, a dog barks. BOW-WOW... Elsewhere, another dog answers.
Baek Young-Sik lets himself be swept away on other side of the fence.

- ... (silent howling)

#4. Oh Sung-Moo House, Garden (morning).

Baek Young-Sik crashes like a bag of messy arms and legs in the garden.

- Gniii... (groans in pain)

He has neither the courage nor the strength to get up.
He crawls on all fours to the house's back, staring at the ground for fear of looking elsewhere.

#5. RECALL - In Lee Sang Deuk's van (dawn).

- We monitor the area, and wait for them all to leave.
- (dangles a key with an electronic device)
What you brought from my home is a master key.
- Not sophisticated enough to open the main door, but there is another door in the back.

#6. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Backyard (morning).

Standing up, Baek Young-Sik looks at the back door, worried.

: What a joke, maybe their back door is made of the same wood.
: I should leave, and pretend it wouldn't open.
: No! He's so stubborn, he'd be able to check it himself.
: And I'd take a shitload in my face...
- After all, the hard part is done.

Baek Young-Sik pushes in the master key, and turns it in the lock.

SLATCH. Immediately, the door unlocks with a latch sound.

- Oh! (isn't that too easy?)

#7. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Corridor (morning).

Baek Young-Sik enters the house.
He walks a few steps down a corridor lined with shelves of books.

: One second!
: What if this shack isn't empty?

{RECALL INSERT - In Lee Sang Deuk's van (dawn).}
- Boss, are you sure you saw Kang Ta leave?
(distracted, busy fiddling with the master key)
(insistent gaze, answer me!)
- (mumbles, evasive) Mmmyeah...

: He didn't seem sure of himself.
: (slowly turning his head) What if I came face to face with...
- AAAAAAAAH!!!!! (terror!)

Two inquisitive and threatening eyes stare at Young-Sik.

Kang Chul's angry eyes!

Baek Young-Sik jumps up and crashes into the opposite wall of the hallway.
Kang Chul's eyes go from "real" to "image".
This is an extension of "W" volume 4 cover.

The cover is hung horizontally on the wall.

- (sweating) Oh, my poor heart...

- Oh Sung-Moo was really disturbed to draw such scary covers.
- Hurry, I want to leave this nightmare house as soon as possible.

#8. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (morning).

Baek Young-Sik arrives in the open space combining graphic studio, kitchen, library and sofa.

: This is probably where there is the most traffic, the ideal place.

He approaches the tables where the graphic tablets are placed.

He pulls a crude, old-fashioned radio transmitter from his pocket, about ten centimetres long.

: It looks like a military surplus from the Korean War.
: Where to hide such a junk?

He approaches the device from a table.
The device slips out of his hands and jumps to land on it, without bouncing.

: It's a stroke of luck that this table is metallic.

Baek Young-Sik retrieves the transmitter.
Then he sits on the floor, and moves under the table.

: Here, it should be fine.
He said that this gadget has a wide hearing range.

He fixes the transmitter on a trestle beam, well wedged and well hidden.

- Ah ! And this time...

With a grinning smile, Baek Young-Sik turns on the device's activation switch.

#9. Avenue (morning).

Oh Yeon-Joo's car drives down an avenue in Seoul.

#10. Avenue, In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (morning) + MONTAGE.

C#1. In the car.
The occupants are pensive.

Jang Soo-Bin is overwhelmed, emotions running high.

C#2. RECALL - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Kitchen (morning).
This morning... Everyone is sitting at the table, having breakfast.

- Soo-Bin, you have an overflowing imagination.
- I assure you Seonsaingnim, I went to shower to sober up.
- I was so drunk I went there fully dressed!
- You saw it, I was soaked from head to toe.
- I know what I saw, there was some kind of interference in the air.
- Soo-Bong was not here, and suddenly he was here.
- Soo-Bin, you know I'm a doctor.
- I examined you, and you had a nasty bruise on your head.

Jang Soo-Bin puts her fingers on the bandage Oh Yeon-Joo made to her head.

- This type of injury is accompanied by dizziness, visual disturbance...
- ... or even memory problems in some cases, yes.
- You don't have to worry, it's very common!
- yeh... (forced smile)
- But why does Soo-Bong look like this?
I've never seen him so skinny...
- I spent the whole night sweating, worse than if I were in a sauna.
- Ah ah ! I won't be caught again!
- Next time, I'll drink beer instead.

C#3. BACK in the car.
Park Soo-Bong, wearing his chic new suit, has a blissful and thoughtful smile.

C#4. RECALL, "W" - Penthouse (morning).

- (to Soo-Bong) We'll live here, I'll bring some clothes for you.

Yoon Soo-Hee is about to leave and notices Soo-Bong.

- Who is it, Oppa?

- A student.

Soo-Bong smiles admiringly to the point of idiocy.

Soo-Hee doesn't bother with Soo-Bong, and leaves.

(watchs her leave)
- Do you know her?

C#5. RECALL, W Ep08 - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (day).
3 years ago, Soo-Bong is holding the cardboard effigy of Yoon Soo-Hee.

C#6. RECALL, "W" - Penthouse (morning).
- In a way, she's my first love...

Appalled, Do-Yoon looks at Soo-Bong with his eyes wide open.

C#7. RECALL, "W" - Han River, Running track (morning).

Seo Do-Yoon and Park Soo-Bong are jogging by the river.
Soo-Bong shows signs of fatigue and loses speed.

- Do you want to stop?
- (breathless, speeding up) No, I'll hold on.
- It's not good to force it.
- If you come to training already exhausted, it will be counterproductive.

He waves at Soo-Bong to stop running, then hands him a bottle of water.

- Drink in small sips.
- Thank you, Hyung. (take a few sips)
- I feel like I'm below everything.
- I'll never get back in Ren-Bo's esteem.
- You should have more confidence.
- Look at Kang Chul, the author had made him inexperienced with women.
- While you, you have already lived a love story.

C#8. RECALL - Police Station, Cells (day).
Soo-Bong visits Moon Mi-Ra, who is locked behind the bars of a cell.
She is bleeding from her nose and mouth, with a black eye and her hair undone.
She looks at Soo-Bong with hatred and disgust, while he is confused and depressed.

~ My romance with Moon Mi-Ra was a disaster.

C#9. RECALL, "W" - Han River, Running track (morning).
- Don't worry and focus on training.
- To please women, just have your hair done with gel, and wear a shirt.
- Ah ah ! It's decided this time!
- I'll stop wearing kid's T-shirts and fake glasses.

C#10. BACK in the car.
Yeon-Joo drives with one hand, with her index finger on her lips, thoughtful.

C#11. RECALL - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).
Last night... Kang Chul is sitting on the bed, next to Yeon-Joo lying down.
He checks something on his smartphone.

- Still no episodes published. "W" stayed on its end.
- That's a pretty good sign.

C#12. RECALL, Ep06 - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).
- An important thing for tomorrow.
- You'll have to convince Soo-Bin and your publisher to continue the Manhwa.

#11. Avenue, In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (morning).

- Seonsaingnim, "Butterfly Girl" is successful.
- Couldn't we continue the manhwa?
- So you had that in mind from the beginning.
- You were also in on it, Yeon-Joo...

- No Seonsaingnim. But afterwards, it would allow us to catch up.
- (bitter) Catch up on that... Catch up with Soo-Bong's crap.
- A scenario as structured as a drunkard's puke.
- Seonsaingnim, are you still stuck on this?
- Since time immemorial, I thought it was ancient history...
(contained anger, takes a breath of air)
(turns her head towards Soo-Bong, teeth clenched, murderous gaze)
- (whines) How to fix the plot, now that Ren-Bo regrets her marriage?
- How to reconcile her with Park Sin-Moo, and conclude this quickly?
- That's why it's better to bounce back on the new story, Seonsaingnim!
- Why are you eating your blood?
- There must be a loophole...

Jang Soo-Bin releases her smartphone to reread the episode.
On the screen, all the chapters up to 121 have an "Read" marker.
But the top of the list shows a marker "New" for a chapter 122!

- What? There's another episode after that?!
(same face as if there were a train accident in front of her)
(same face as sitting on a big nail)
- Omo!

{MANHWA INSERT - Pictures on smartphone + Jang Soo-Bin reactions.}
Manhwa version of moments from the meeting between Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong.
¤ Ep04 - Soo-Bong on the ground, head above the gutter.

~ Soo-Bong drawn in the story?!

¤ Ep04 - Ren-Bo saying her age in a text bubble "20 years old".

~ 6 years before ?!

¤ Ep04 - Ren-Bo flying over the purple thuyas hedge, towing Soo-Bong.

~ Ren-Bo flies?!

¤ Ep05 - Soo-Bong kisses Ren-Bo in the river.

~ She... She kisses Soo-Bong?!

¤ Ep05 - Park Sin-Moo drops his flower bouquet.

~ Park's flower bouquet spread on the ground?!

- (screams) It's a nightmare!!!!!
- So I was right!
- Both of you have made a baby in my back.
- Such a long episode out so fast, you had everything ready beforehand!
- (crying) Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

Soo-Bong pitifully tries to stammer something...

- Seon... Seonsain...

... but without success.
Jang Soo-Bin then awakens all her anger, despite the crying.

- There will never be a sequel to "Butterfly Girl", do you hear me?
- Whether I can catch up with this fiasco or not!
- If necessary, I'll cancel the series without notice!
Just an errata pointing out a publishing error!
: She'll never want to continue this manhwa.

: What are we going to do? Otoke?

#12. "Butterfly Girl" - Han River Park (day).

The weather is overcast, grey.

- I'm so tired of being unhappy...

{RECALL INSERT, Ep06 - In Park Sin-Moo's car (day).
- No, you have to explain yourself!
- Besides, you may be involved in a case with a man's death!

- ... (big tears fit)

PLUFF! There is a small light puff, and Fairy Spark appears.

- Ren-Bo, don't despair!
- Spark... I missed you.
- I'm so afraid that Soo-Bong has drowned.
- How could he have?
- Remember, the water wasn't deep enough.
- Even in a shallow river, you can drown.
- You fell from very high in the water.
- Don't you think if he had to drown, it would have been then?

{RECALL INSERT, Ep05 - Han River (day).
Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong come out of the river, spit out some water and splash around.

- Soo-Bong, are you all right?
- Yah! It worked! Wow!

- He seemed to know how to swim, and that amused him.
- So, you see?
- What can I do now? Otoke?
- Get some height!
- Height?
(stops walking, looks at the trees above)

FLAP-FLIP-FLAP! She flaps her wings, and flies off to land on a huge branch, high above.

Fairy Spark, at first surprised, becomes dismayed.
FLUFF! The fairy disappears into a brief cloud of light.

#13. Han River Park, Tree (day) + MONTAGE.

C#1. On the tree.

In the foreground, on a small branch, hangs a chrysalis.

Ren-Bo is sitting on the tree branch, at altitude.

(sad and thoughtful, holding her knees)

C#2. RECALL - Elementary school yard (day).
(recluse and afraid, holding her knees)

Ren-Bo, a small child, is curled up on the ground in a corner of the yard.

A mean child invective her.

- Yuck! You're gonna ruin our appetite all year long, you cockroach.

Another child holds earthworms in his hand.

He throws the handful of worms at Ren-Bo's face.

- Eat this, instead of making us throw up in the canteen!

C#3. BACK to the tree.
- ... (starts to cry again)

C#4. RECALL - Ren-Bo's parents' house, Entrance (day).

Ren-Bo, in tears, is held at the collar by a school official.

- She spread her wings in the toilets.
- The other schoolgirls came out screaming.
I have complaints from the parents!
- Ren-Bo, you know you shouldn't do that!
- (small, fearful voice) They had hung something on my back.
- (desperate and disgusted) Lord, our daughter is a monster.
- Don't worry, darling, I made an appointment at the best hospital.
- Surely they can do something to help her...

C#5. BACK to the tree.
- ... (deep distress, tears and moans)

The weather is getting darker, with heavy grey clouds.
In the foreground, on the small branch, the butterfly stirs in the chrysalis and pierces it with a leg.

C#6. RECALL - College, Outing (day).
Ren-Bo and Sin-Moo as teenagers.

Park Sin-Moo is with a group of boys, and sees Ren-Bo going out.

Ren-Bo notices him, with her sad eyes.

He wants to go to her, but he glances worriedly at the other boys, and wisely refrains.
Finally, the group of boys disperses, and Park runs to catch up with Ren-Bo.

C#7. RECALL - Path (day).
Later, they walk alone, talking.

- The others see only one thing, your awful wings.
- I'm so ashamed.
- But despite that, you are very pretty.
- You have the most beautiful face, among the girls in the school.
- That's nice of you to say that, Sin-Moo.
- I don't often hear people say nice things to me...

C#8. BACK to the tree.
- ... (tears)

C#9. RECALL - High school, Garden (day).
Ren-Bo and Sin-Moo as teenagers, alone in a secluded garden.

- Promise me to forget those horrible wings that ruin your life.
- How could I promise that?
- They will hang on my back and my life forever.
- As useless as I am...
- Because on my side, I will also make you a promise.
- I will study so hard, that I will be the greatest surgeon in this world.
- And for sure, I'll get rid of those wings safely.
(vague hope)

C#10. RECALL, Ep04 - Village, Street (day).
- You look so wonderful... Wow!
- Uh, I mean.... Your wings... your wings are beautiful, it's amazing.
- (unbelievable) My wings... beautiful?

C#11. BACK to the tree.
(doubt and sorrow)

In the foreground, the butterfly struggles to get out of the chrysalis and pops its head out.

C#12. RECALL - Library room (day).

Teenage Ren-Bo is sitting with her elbows on the table, whispering in front of her.
Next to her, Park Sin-Moo raises his head from his book.

- Is it your... imaginary friend?
- She really exists, you know...
- You have suffered too long in your life.
- To avoid turning mad, those who suffer must believe in something.
- This symptom will disappear, when you get better.

C#13. RECALL, Ep04 - Village, Street (day).
- I can appear and disappear, like Fairy Spark!
- You know Fairy Spark?!
- But... how?

C#14. RECALL, Ep04 - Village, Street (day).
PLUFF! There is a little light puff in front of Ren-Bo.

- Oh !

The light fades and Fairy Spark appears.

With a fun vengeful look, Ren-Bo notices that Soo-Bong is looking at the little fairy.

- There's no more doubt you can see her, now!

C#15. BACK to the tree.
(bleak hope)

C#16. RECALL - Park, Pond Bank (day).
Ren-Bo and Park Sin-Moo, young adults, are sitting on a bench, relaxed.
Some butterflies fly away, towards the pond.

(pensive and dreamy gaze)
- If only I could do as they do...
- Do you know why they can fly?
- Because they have wings?
- Then you would too.
- (stupid question) Oh yes, that's right.
- It's because they're small. Morphology is everything!
- It's a question of adaptation to the size and weight.
- That's why, even with wings, a human being will never be able to do it.
(vain hope)

C#17. RECALL, Ep04 - Villa, Back garden (day).
- Ren-Bo, you can do it!
- I assure you that you can fly!
- Soo-Bong, I would have loved it so much, but it's impossible.
- That's what people always wanted you to believe, but it's wrong.

C#18. RECALL, Ep05 - Sky (day).
Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong fall from the sky while shouting.

Instinctively, Ren-Bo flaps her wings and grabs Soo-Bong by the jacket.
He clutches at her, both hands around her leg.

C#19. BACK to the tree.
In the foreground, on the small branch, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.

The butterfly spreads its wings for the first time in its life.

- ... (sobs interspersed with jolts and gasps)
(she looks up to the sky, tears in her eyes, but this time, tears of gratitude and nervous release)
- Soo-Bong... He believed in me enough to let me fly.
- Flying on my own wings...

A rainbow appears in the tormented sky...

... and haloes of bright white radiate from Ren-Bo's wings.

#14. "Real World" - Comic Studio Editions, Building view (morning).

#15. Comic Studio Editions, Meeting room (morning).

Oh Yeon-Joo, Park Soo-Bong and Jang Soo-Bin are sitting in an office.
Publisher Park is in front of them, with a laptop and a sheet of paper on the table.

- I see that the team is complete.

- I guess you're interested in my proposal to continue "Butterfly Girl"?
- Sorry, Publisher Park, the manhwa will end as planned.
- I can only propose to conclude it as briefly as possible.
- Soo-Bin, please...
- You, shut up!
- And I will do it alone.
- These two people don't work for me anymore.
- I see.
- Is there any way you could change your mind?
- Unfortunately not.
- I am even willing to give it up if necessary.
- I can officially cancel the last two episodes.
- That's unfortunate.
- Yes, very unfortunate...

- Couldn't we just--
- Shhh-Tttt!
- I don't know what's going on between you, and it's none of my business.
- I am only interested in the facts.
- Author Jang, it's no longer just about them or you.
- Look.

Publisher Park rotates his computer screen, with the page open on the last chapter.
He scrolls a few comments down the page.

{ANIMATION INSERT - Readers comments.}
Voice-over of different readers, reciting their comment.
¤ Reader 1: So, Fairy Spark really exists?
¤ Reader 2: It was sad that she lost her wings, well done!
¤ Reader 3: Who is this mysterious magician? Did he cast a spell so that she can fly?
¤ Reader 4: It looks like a new love triangle is coming!

- I could go on for pages and pages. (closes the page)

As desktop wallpaper, Publisher Park's computer has the drawing where Soo-Bong kisses Ren-Bo.

- This is what manhwa fans want, and they are always right.
- Our opinion does not matter.
- Publisher Park, the story has nothing to do with the original one.
- The script went anywhere, anyhow!
- So what?
- I published "W", and the last 2 volumes were more eccentric!
A realistic story tipping over into the fantastic, can you imagine?
- People took the bait!
This paradigm shift has become a case study.
- Because of this, "W" went from commercial success to cult manhwa.
- How could it be justified?
What about the romance with Park Sin-Moo?
- Precisely! That ending frustrated the readers.
- At this point, the story is rebooted in an alternative way.
- "What if?"
(bad feeling)
- It's a very bold idea.
- Readers love your world and want to explore it further.
- What if Ren-Bo had a different fate? Or what else?
- Readers are fond of her, and wish to keep her in their hearts.
- No need for logic to make their wish come true.
A magic powder, and PFFFT, they accept the situation!
- So?
- (tears in her eyes, broken voice) I can't let such horror happen.
- Please...
- That's out of question!
- ... (affected, sighs deeply)
(he resigns himself to be resolved, embarrassed but determined)
- In my turn, should I force your hand?
- ... (starts to sob)

Publisher Park rotates the contract sheet that's on the table.

- We have signed for a short series, and the 6 volumes are completed.

- (points to the lines)
On the one hand, you are entitled to royalties for this period.
- (PAF! hits the contract) But on the other hand, this contract states that "Butterfly Girl" will be a trademark of mine, after that.
- The law allows me to publish a sequel, with or without your consent.
Whether you are the author, or whether Donald Trump draws it...
- Whatever you decide, I hope it won't affect your other series.
- (in tears) I won't do it, it's beyond my strength.
(heavy heart)

Shaking, Jang Soo-Bin picks up her bag and stands up.
She points a vengeful finger at Oh Yeon-Joo and Park Soo-Bong.

- You traitors!
- You never intended to create your own manhwa.
- You're just dirty thieves!

She comes out of the office, but stays for a second on the landing.

- (shouting) Rubbish!

VLAM! She slams the door.
A feeling of guilt falls on the people in the office.

(lost and wet look, she sniffs while wiping her eyelid)
(distraught to the point of being fully contracted)
- Author Jang is a very sensitive artist.
- I know her well, don't worry.
- I'll comfort her.
I know she will get through this difficult time.

Publisher Park takes out some contracts from his drawer.

- Can I rely on you?

Oh Yeon-Joo and Soo-Bong nod agree immediately, several times.

#16. "Butterfly Girl" - Han River Park (day).

Ren-Bo exits the park, and walks towards the street.

#17. Coastal road (day).

Park Sin-Moo is still waiting for Ren-Bo, outside his car.

(surprised to see him still here)
(waves to her, desperate)
- Ren-Bo, I'm sorry.
(coming closer)
- Forgive me, Ren-Bo.
- You are the last person I would want to hurt.
(watches him sadly, with a hint of pity)
- I have concerns, there's a nasty gang roaming the neighborhood.
- Just let me take you home safely.
- I promise I won't tell you anything else.
(opens the back door of the car)
(moved by Park Sin-Moo's overwhelm, she nods agreement)

#18. Road, Park Sin-Moo car (day).

Exterior view of the car, moving fast.

#19. Road, In Park Sin-Moo's car (day) + MONTAGE.

C#1. In the car.
Silence reigns, and Ren-Bo gets lost in her thoughts.

: If Soo-Bong didn't drown, where could he be?
: Is he just absent, like Fairy Spark?
: By the way, I never asked myself that question.
: Where is she, when she's not with me?
: Maybe he knows the answer...
- ... (sigh)
: I keep worrying about him...
: ... but I also feel like I miss him.
: I feel a void.
: It's like we've met before, and he knows me well.

C#2. RECALL, Ep04 - Village, Street (day).
Park Soo-Bong opens his eyes wide, and looks at his feet.

- ... !!!

Soo-Bong wears big, ridiculous slippers.

- I'm just distracted...
I probably forgot to put my shoes on, when I got out.

C#3. BACK in the car.
: What a stunned face he made!
(starts to smile)

C#4. RECALL, Ep04 - Villa, Back garden (day).
- Ren-Bo, you have to force yourself to shake.
Like when you play video games on the arcade.

Soo-Bong demonstrates the gesture on a garden table.

- Tac-tac-tac-tac-tac. Like this, see?

C#5. BACK in the car.
(tender and complete smile)

C#6. RECALL, Ep04 - Villa, Back garden (day).
- Then slams your teeth, thanks to a voluntary jaw cramp.
- Clac-clac-clac-clac-clac. Like a laughing skeleton.

C#7. BACK in the car.
: Right now, I was too scared to laugh.
: But looking back, he's so funny when he does that.
: (about to laugh) He looks like a comic book character.

Park Sin-Moo sees Ren-Bo smiling in the rearview mirror.
Reassured, he sketches a smile too.

Ren-Bo stops smiling, she feels pain somewhere.
BO-BOOM... BO-BOOM... She carries her hands to her heart.

: Why does that squeeze me?
: It beats harder than usual.

By regular pulsations, pink slicks born at the root of Ren-Bo's wings.
They spread out and run aground on the edge of her wings, like waves.

#20. "Real World" - Avenue (day).

Oh Yeon-Joo's car moves forward in the city traffic.

#21. Avenue, In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

Yeon-Joo is the driver, Soo-Bong is the front passenger.

- I feel bad for Soo-Bin.
- But it was better this way.
- Her scenario would conflict with the autonomy of the manhwa.
- Nonna, the good news is that we are on vacation!
- What do you mean?
- The manhwa will write itself.
- It's gonna be relaxing for us!
- (sarcastic) Well, it will be relaxing to run around like crazy, to solve inter-dimensional puzzles...
- Speaking of running, I should go for a jog.
- Don't lose your fitness.
- Do you have a bottle of water?
- Under the glove box...

Soo-Bong bends over and pokes around in the compartment.

- (mumbling) Where did she see a bottle of water here?

Soo-Bong straightens up, and turns to Yeon-Joo, ready to ask her.
His mouth is wide open, but no sound comes out. Jaw stuck!
His eyes widen disproportionately.

- ... !!! (shock!)

#22. "Butterfly Girl" - Road, In Park Sin-Moo's car (day).

Next to Soo-Bong, Park Sin-Moo drives the car, unaware of his presence.
Soo-Bong looks at the rear view mirror, Ren-Bo is here too, sitting in the back.

#23. Road, Exterior view (day).

Park Sin-Moo's bright blue sports car is moving fast.
Around the road, an unrealistic multicolored vegetation, with saturated tones.
Soo-Bong is in the front passenger seat...

... back in the world of "Butterfly Girl".

FLASH, End image: Park Soo-Bong stunned + Ren-Bo hesitant + Park Sin-Moo beseeching.


- Joo Jin Mo is Ren-Bo's father. Excerpts from drama "Manhole".
- Kim Hye Ok is Ren-Bo's mother. Excerpts from drama "Manhole".