# 1

Seoul Avenue, by day.
Kang Chul is driving a red sports car.

His phone starts to vibrate, displaying "Yeon-Joo".
A certain anxiety appears on his face.
He connects his headset to his phone and answers.

- Hello?
- You asked me to avoid disturbing you, but it's urgent.
- What's going on?
- Honey, Soo-Bong just disappeared in the car!
- What are you doing now?
- I go back home, to see what's going on with the tablet.
- How much further are you?
- At least 20 minutes, but it's not driving well.
- Turn around.
- What?
- You won't be home in time, so it doesn't matter.

- Go back to where you were instead.
- Do you think he should reappear in the same place?
- Yes, stay in the area.
- It doesn't have to be accurate to the nearest meter.
- Logically, he should come back directly into the car.
- Sorry, sweetheart, I'll call you later.

# 2

Large cinema studio, daytime.

Kang Chul's vehicle is actually stationary, in front of a giant green screen.

In the foreground, a technician checks images on a computer screen.
This shows Kang Chul's car in Seoul, once the footage is completed.
Director Jung Dae-Yoon approaches Kang Chul's car.

- What was this ratty improvisation?!
- blah blah blah, "go back where you were"....
- blah blah blah, "no need to be accurate to the nearest meter"...
- You're supposed to tell So-Hee to pick up the video at the store.
- It's not that complicated, for Christ's sake!
- Sorry, director Jung, it was actually about.....
- Ah ! And this time, don't say it was...
- (grumbling) "To better respect the original text" !
- That, it's a lot of bullshit!!!!

Meanwhile, actress Han Hyo-Joo came in the studio.

Hyo-Joo is very elegantly dressed and wears jewelry.

- What did that fool again do?
(sigh of annoyance)
- He is not bloody able to learn his lines, and there is a whole slice of bread in the rest of the scene!
- Director Jung, you're not going to keep me waiting, while he stutters his lines all day?
- No, no, we're going to shoot your common scenes.
- Yah! Kang Chul, get out of that mud pile. (He refers to the car.)
(slightly outraged)
- (talking to the props man) You, the useless man of service, go put on his black shirt and blue jacket.
- I guess I have to dress in a bathrobe....

# 3

Han Hyo-Joo's Lodge, a few moments later.

Hyo-Joo stands in front of a mirror, readjusting her white bathrobe.
A makeup artist comes to take care of her.

- Get your filthy hands off me!
- You can see that I am already made up for the scene.
- Sorry.
(She grabs a piece of the bathrobe to sniff it.)

Disgusted, Hyo-Joo loosens the robe.

- What is this horror?
- I asked for this to be cleaned with my usual brand of laundry detergent!
- This kind of rag is going to give me itching.
- Sorry.
(In an excess of irritation, she hits the small mirror held in the make-up artist's hand.)

The poor innocent object escapes from her hands and falls to the ground.

- You exasperate me!
- ... (sorry)
(Then she comes out of the dressing room, showing her exasperation by a haughty movement of the head, shaking her hair.)

# 4

The other part of the film set reproduces Kang Chul's apartment.

In particular, the bathroom, in which the film crew is now located.

- In this scene, Kang Chul shoots into this mirror with a gun, to scare Oh Yeon-Joo.
- She faints and he picks her up in his arms.

Kang Chul is pensive and unconvinced.

Flashback, Kang Chul shoots Yeon-Joo in the bathroom, W ep3.

- Shouldn't I shoot her instead?
- No, but what's wrong? Are you stupid or what?
- If you're dirty enough to shoot her, how do you expect the audience to adhere to the main romance?
- Everything is fine, Kang Chul knows in advance that she will not be hurt.
- What does he know about it first?
- He just vaguely saw a guy avoid a stabbing on a roof.

Flashback, Kang Chul stabs Oh Sung-Moo on the roof, W ep5.

- A guy who has no connection.
At night and being half comatose, in addition...
- No, I'm sorry, I was lucid enough to understand everything.
- Huh?
- Not to mention the small dimensional portal in which Kang Chul puts his hand!
Both to catch Oh Sung-Moo and Oh Yeon-Joo.

Flashback, Kang Chul puts his hand in the mini interdimensional portal, W ep12.

- You may have noticed that this scene was never shot.
- And you know why?
- Tell me...
- Because first of all, it would be too expensive in terms of special effects.
- And second of all, it doesn't make any sense!
- Why would such a thing start appearing?!
- Maybe it's just a basic fact. If the hero is in danger without any other way to be saved, this kind of portal appears?
- Oh, whatever!
- From the heroine's point of view, being shot at would be an unforgivable assault.

Flashback, Kang Chul apologizes to Yeon-Joo, W ep3.

- But if Kang Chul apologizes sincerely afterwards...
- Gna gna gna, "apologize sincerely".
- (imitates a kind of gallant gogo) "Excuse me for deliberately shooting you in the chest, miss."
- (imitates a sighing girl in love) "It was nothing, I love you."
- Where did you see that, a delirium like that?

Flashback, Yeon-Joo declares "I love you.", W ep3.

- Well, I have... I mean, in the manhwa.
- Oh, shit, stop arguing.
- Writer Song Jae-Jung still took the trouble to correct the other alcoholic's mistakes.

Director Jung leaves Kang Chul, leaving the conversation without notice.

(happy to see him give up.)
- (shouting) Places everyone!
- (speaking alone) How painful he is, but how painful he is....
That way all the time, talking about everything.
- If only he had talent...

# 5

World of "Butterfly Girl", Park Sin-Moo's car, in broad daylight.

Soo-bong's mouth is wide open, stunned by the surprise.
Park Sin-Moo, driving, starts turning his head towards Soo-Bong.

At this moment there is a kind of general crackling sound.
And Park Sin-Moo's head takes an incredibly slow time to turn.
The car is also moving in slow motion, like the rest of the world.
On the front hood of the car, Mr. Ladybug has just appeared.
He looks at a hypothetical spectator, who would be placed on the side of the car.

Soo-Bong is fascinated by this surprise appearance.

- Park Sin-Moo was so worried that he didn't see Soo-Bong get in his car.
- It was really cheeky of Soo-Bong, to think he is looking for trouble...
- I have an idea that we're going to have a great laugh in this new chapter!

Mr. Ladybug disappears, and time resumes.

- AAAH! (He jumps when he sees Soo-Bong.)

This results in a temporary loss of the vehicle.
But Park Sin-Moo manages to steal, and the car stops in a controlled skid.

# 6

- What are you doing here, you bastard?!
- Soo-Bong.

Park Sin-Moo gets out of the vehicle quickly.
He goes around it, and opens the front passenger door.
He grabs Soo-Bong by the pass, to pull him out of the vehicle.

- Oh oh oh...
- Get out of there, you scoundrel!
(She comes out in turn.)
- Sin-Moo, no!
(He is standing, tripping a little backwards, against the vehicle.)
- Let's try... Let's try to take it easy.

Park Sin-Moo is almost stuck to him.
He presses each of his lines with an index finger on Soo-Bong's chest.

- How did you get here?
- Why are you stalking Ren-Bo?
(He's getting the index finger blows.)
- Who allowed you to get in my car?
- What's the point of pretending to drown?
- I am your elder !
- So please start with....
(He grabs Soo-Bong by the collar, with both hands.)
- Since when do we respect thugs?!
(weary sigh)
(She approaches and grabs Park Sin-Moo's arm.)
- Sin-Moo, get away from each other, and let's talk.
(He raises his arm, breaking Ren-Bo's fragile embrace.)
- Leave Ren-Bo, this guy will stop annoying you.
- ... !
- How that, I'm annoying her?
(He starts shaking Soo-Bong.)
- You're part of the gang that's persecuting her, right?
(He's being shaken.)
- What kind of blackmail are you subjecting her to, you bastard?
- ...To force her to submit to obscenities?!!!
- You're not going to be mad at yourself for an accidental little kiss?!
(He seems to have a stick of dynamite exploding in his skull.)

One of his arms drops Soo-Bong, arms back, closing his fist, and...

... And Mr. Ladybug appears on the roof of the car, looking at the opposite side.

Stunned, Soo-Bong notes that time is almost at a standstill again.

- Soo-Bong really doesn't have a sense of repartee.
- I think if I had to take 3 hours to write such an irritating line, I wouldn't have succeeded.
(As Mr. Ladybug talks, Soo-Bong realizes that time is not slow for him.)
(He has time to step away from the car one step before Mr. Ladybug disappears.)

Time restarts at normal speed.
Park Sin-Moo's fist goes like a rocket, to go kick against the top of the wide open door.

- Aaaaah, Raaah. (he holds his sore hand)
- All it pays to get angry like that is to get hurt.
- Calm down, please.

Against all odds, Park Sin-Moo turns to Soo-Bong.
He arms his wounded fist again, to try to strike.
Soo-Bong raises both hands, to make an improvised guard.
But it was a fake!
With his other fist, Park Sin-Moo sends a formidable hook into Soo-Bong's abdomen.

- Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

# 7

Real world, Seoul Street, by day.

Oh Yeon-Joo is waiting alone, in her parked car.

She looks at the clock on her smartphone.

- He's been missing for 5 minutes, so I have 25 minutes left to....
- Nonna!!!!!
- Brlp bep lebe burp!!!!!

Yeon-Joo is so surprised that she only articulates a series of disjointed sounds.
She is the toy of a series of involuntary jolts, making her drop her smartphone from her hands.

Soo-Bong is sitting next to her in the front passenger seat.

- Idiot! You scared me. (She hits him on the shoulder.)
- Announce yourself gently next time!
- I was also surprised too!
- You are back already?!
- I'm in the middle of a fight with Park!
- Once real, it's the spitting image of your former teacher, as a younger one.
- But just as angry!

Oh Yeon-Joo puts her thumb and index finger on her eyelids, to concentrate.

- Park Sin-Moo, Park Min-Soo, and both surgeons.
- Yes, it's obvious, I already had serious doubts about that.
- I couldn't get used to the idea that Jang Soo-Bin knew...

Yeon-Joo takes her fingers out of her eyelids.

- Soo-Bong!

Yeon-Joo has just noticed that the passenger seat is empty again.

# 8

Mungsey Hospital, by day.

Professor Park Min-Soo arrives through the lobby, and heads for the elevator.

{FLASHBACK - Professor Park's house this morning. }
Park Da-Ye is reading on her smartphone.

- Oh, the story ends there, finally she doesn't like Park Sin-Moo anymore.
- Ah! You see I had nothing to do with it!
- It's very weird, the story goes back.
- It's time for me to go, honey.
- Wish me luck.
- I'm going to deal with the other moron during my class....

Professor Park gets on the hospital elevator, which is already full.

- I'm glad I'm no longer appearing in "Butterfly Girl".

- Do you also like romantic manhwas, Seonsaingnim?
(He turns to the intruder.)
- (surprised) Ah!!

This is Won Yun-Suk, 27, a cardiothoracic surgery intern.

(sarcastic smile)
- (disgusted) Won Yun-Suk, what are you already doing here at this time?!
- Professor Lee has agreed to give me some advice.
- And him, he does it with enthusiasm!
(He takes a deep breath.)
(It's like he's blowing himself up, with the aim of exploding afterwards.)
(He tilts his head towards Professor Park, mockingly.)
- A little extra coaching before your course is not too much.

The elevator stops on the right floor.
Finally, Professor Park finds a way to release his rage.
He presses the door-opening button frantically.

# 9

Professor Park gets out of the elevator and walks a quick step into the hallway.

However, Won Yun-Suk clumsily trots behind him.

- Seonsaingnim, have you read the latest episode of "Queen of darkness"?
(He stops suddenly, and makes big eyes.)
- (articulating each syllable) YES - AND - THEN?!
- I just wanted to give you moral support...
- ...for the loooooong three days separating us from the next episode.

- It doesn't spin very well for Wang Shin.
(With a smile, he simulates a cut of the hand against his neck.)
- Couic.
- Get out of here, you leech!

Professor Park shakes his briefcase, risking hitting Won Yun-Suk, who is moving away.

- See you later, Seonsaingnim.

# 10

Park Min-Soo's office, by day.

Professor Park enters his office.

- After that, I'm going to need 5 minutes of relaxation, with people of good company.

Professor Park sits down and turns on his computer.

- Let's see what they say on the Wang Shin fan forum, of which I am the modest co-administrator.

He opens a web page of a slightly retro site, without any real presentation.
In the forum topics, he sees the title "Spoilers".

- Well, that intrigues me....

He opens the page.

- What?!

The whole page is covered with these few words, "Wang Shin is dead".

- The little assholes!
(He hurries to open other topics.)

All topics display exactly the same text, "Wang Shin is dead".

- The punks! They messed up everything!
(He then notices a smaller written text at the end of the page.)

"Hacked by the Darkness Guild."

- A raid by fans of the Queen of Darkness!

(He's catching his breath.)
- I'm gonna fire all this shit right now!

He goes to the administrator's login page.
The page displays a short introductory sentence, "In 3 days...".
It is followed by a ridiculous drawing of Wang Shin, in a caricatured way.
Wang Shin has such a huge hole in his chest that you can see through it.
The text of his bubble is "I have the impression that there are air draughts, around here".
And the drawing is signed by "The King of darkness".

- (drunk with rage) Raaaaah !!

# 11

Corridor outside Professor Park's office.
From the outside, we can hear noise from inside the office.
Park Min-Soo screams and shouts insults.
Then, we can hear the crash of a massive object thrown to the ground.
And listening at the office door, stands Won Yun-Suk, with a big smile.
He's gloating, rubbing his hands.

# 12

Moon Mi-Ra apartment, midday.

One of the walls is decorated with damaged posters of horror films and death-metal bands.

A home-theater HD screen screams loudly in the messy luxury living room.

Moon Mi-Ra is slumped on the sofa, watching a horror movie.

This is a scene from the movie "Cube", where a character's face is disintegrated by acid.

Kim Yoon-Hee arrives timidly, and stands for a moment in front of the sofa.

(She waits and watches Mi-Ra.)
(She pretends not to notice her.)
(She keeps watching her movie.)
(She sits down and decides to talk.)
- Seonsaingnim.... The sound is a little loud....
(Annoyed, she pauses the film, with the remote control.)
- And you know why the sound is loud?
(She doesn't dare to answer.)
- Because it keeps me from hearing your whining!

(She's postponing the reading of the movie.)
- (raising her voice) Seonsaingnim, there are only 3 days left!
- If you're going to let me finish alone again, please tell me!

Exasperated, Mi-Ra cuts the film again.

In the process, she throws the remote control at Yoon-Hee, and the object bounces off her big belly.

- What don't you understand, in the principle of relaxing?
- You're still here trying to give me your stress! You're driving me crazy!

- (With a fearful voice) It is you, Seonsaingnim, who drive me crazy.
- (Looking at her knotted fingers) Why do you always do that?
- You don't understand the soul of authentic artists!
- Do you know what true will is?
(She nods no.)

- The real will is not to persist in working laboriously, as you do.
- The true will is the moment of grace possessing the artist, allowing them to work effortlessly!
- How do you think I became the greatest drawer in Korea?
- I'm not asking for much, just a lead to work on.
- I really feel like I'm talking in a vacuum...
- If we kill Wang Shin, what do we do next?
- (by making a vocalization) I ~ don't ~ know.
- There you go, are you happy?

- And if we don't have anything ready, we let him live?
- Yeah, if it can help with the next episode.
- No, the project is for him to die quickly and without burr.
- (Thrilling) But you say everything and its opposite!
- Wait, I found a way to fix the situation.

Moon Mi-Ra calls someone on her smartphone.

- Hello, Oppa?
~ ...
- Are you available to have a good time?
~ ...
- The sooner the better.
- That kind of desire doesn't wait.
- I really need a man who can relax me...
~ ...
- See you soon, Smack! (she hangs up)

On that note, Moon Mi-Ra gets up and goes to the kitchen.
She is followed by Yoon-Hee, who takes small steps.

# 13

The kitchen is large, luxurious, but messy.
Some objects don't belong there, such as a toothbrush on the sink.
Moon Mi-Ra takes a dark red lipstick, which hangs over the fridge.
Then she uses it, looking at herself in a small mirror that hangs unexpectedly from a shelf.
She sees that she has a part of her forehead that's bald.
We can notice a scar in this area, and Mi-Ra is redoing her hair to hide it.

(She then sees Yoon-Hee, in the reflection of the mirror.)
(motionless and miserable)
- Your prostrate servant look just gave me an idea.

# 14

Moon Mi-Ra goes to the entrance of the apartment.

A collector's sword in its sheath is hung on the wall.

(She continues to follow Mi-Ra like a doggie.)
(She puts on a black coat and her shoes, chic and expensive.)
- We're going to raise the level of cannon fodder, it'll raise the tension.
- Prepares sets and characters for the royal family.
- A princess could do the trick, as the next opponent of the Queen of Darkness.
- A woman will change a little bit, and will certainly please my male audience.
- Seeing two women scarfing should excite them.
- Tsss, men are so pathetic.
- But above all, it will make you a bone to gnaw at, and you will avoid bothering me.
- I get it, Seonsaingnim.
- When will you be back?
- When the fire is extinguished.
(She crosses the threshold, and turns towards Yoon-hee.)
(She looks up and down at Yoon-Hee with a sardonic smile.)
- I guess you don't know much about this kind of thing....

Then the door closes, and Yoon-Hee is alone.

- Who does she think I am?
- Girls like me are a rare commodity, reserved for true connoisseurs!
- No remote-controlled Oppas for depressants.

# 15

World of "Butterfly Girl", road along the Han River Park, by day.
Ren-Bo and Park Sin-Moo are next to the car, in the same position as before.
Soo-Bong reappears just behind Park Sin-Moo.
Park Sin-Moo looks all over the place, and turns back to Soo-Bong.
At that moment, two arms are lodged under Soo-Bong's armpits, from the back.
And he's ripped off the ground!
Ren-Bo pulls Soo-Bong, during a very low altitude flight, along the street.
From time to time, Soo-Bong's feet make contact with the ground again, forcing him to take a running step.

- Ren-Bo!!!!!

Park Sin-Moo sees the couple moving away across the street.

In rage, he sends a huge blow to the roof of the car....

- Aaahraah! (screaming in pain)

...unfortunately, with his wounded hand.
Painfully, he staggers back up in his car.

(His eyes are bloodshot and he's in a rage.)

He frantically hits his handlebars with his valid hand, sometimes triggering the horn.

# 16

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are now out of sight, on the promenade along the park.

The colors are not realistic, and the sky turns pink.

Ren-Bo stops flying and releases Soo-Bong.
They are both out of breath, bent over, facing each other.

- Soo-Bong....
(She throws herself at him to take him in her arms.)
- You're alive!!!!!

(She quickly releases her embrace.)
- I... I... about.
- And you came back!
- Ah, I didn't really have a choice.
- What do you mean?
- Weren't you happy to see me?
- But what am I saying... ?
- Of course, I wanted to see you again!
- You're crazy for diving into the water like that!
And to disappear at that moment.
- I was panicked that you were dead drowned!
- On second thought, maybe I should have disappeared in front of you...
- After all, this is not surprising to a magician.
- Yah, by the way, maybe you should reconsider your manners!
- Huh?

Ren-Bo points to her lips.

- Might as well tell you the truth.
- My spell of disappearance does not work on its own, like Fairy Spark.
- I need to provoke a surprising and unexpected event to activate it.
- That's it, hey hey.
- It's a bit weird, but you don't seem to be lying.
- I have a gift for detecting people who lie.
: That's what she says....
: In real, she's often willing to buy anything.
: Or it's impossible to make her understand for obvious reasons.
- Say, aren't you going to start playing the absentee subscriber again?!
- Sorry, it's going to be okay, I think I caught my breath.
- But you're not in too much pain, are you?
- Sin-Moo seems to have hit you really hard in the stomach.
- I managed to absorb the blow.
- Oh, yes. You disappeared right at that moment!
- You must have avoided it.
- (a bit offended) Not at all! I disappeared only after that.
- My eye....
- That's crazy, you're willing to believe that I'm a magician who disappears, but you don't want to accept that!
- I saw that you weren't very good at fighting.
- Imagine that a great master of martial arts taught me to absorb blows in the stomach!
- It's not a very credible story...
- You can clearly see I've lost weight!
- It just looks like that because you changed your suit...
: When she's like that, it's best not to insist...
- Okay, I don't know any great masters.
(sly smile)
- (Intrigued) Okay, so tell me.
- I'll see if there's anything wrong.
- All right, but let's get in the shade.

# 17

They enter the park.

- That's how I learned that...

{FLASHBACK - Training room in "W", daytime.}

- We will do the typical warm-up of Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate.
- It is inspired by Taichi, and it is one of the best to stimulate energy.
- Do you know abdominal breathing?
- Yes, I did, during relaxation sessions.
- Without it, "W" would have made me cardiac.
- Perfect, here you breathe in through your nose, and once you push the air into your stomach, you keep it.
- Also contracts all lower body muscles, as well as the lower abdominal muscles. You'll feel a ball of energy in your abdomen.

- Then your muscles chase the air out through your mouth, and the energy floods your whole body as you go up.
- (executes the movement) Fffffffffffffff.
- I felt like a hot rope in my throat.
- That's a good sign.
- I'll also show you how to cushion a blow with this.
- Have you ever seen martial arts movies?
- Yes, a package.
- How do they cushion a blow to the stomach?
- It's simple, they contract their abs, and they have a lot of platelets.
- Besides that, I'm a pile of soft flesh.
- Perfect, that's exactly the bad example I wanted to hear.
- What? How?
- What happens when you hit a wooden board with a hammer?
- If I hit hard enough, I break the board.
- What if you hit a tire with this hammer?
- It... it bounces back?!
- You have understood the principle. The abdominal wall is the wooden board.
- To cushion a blow, don't let its energy focus on a specific point.
- The energy of the impact must be dispersed over a large area to dissipate the direct impact.
(memorizes the technique)
- Now do the breathing technique.
- In addition, you stretch your abs, but outwards, to keep your stomach inflated like a tire.
- Mmmmpff. (He executes the movement)
- We'll test it.
(He hits Soo-Bong in the stomach with a heavy punch.)
- Fffp, Ouch!

(He tries to hide his pain as best he can.)
- I felt it past, I must have done it wrong.
- Ouch? Just Ouch?
- A blow like that should have knocked you down completely.
- Without your good cushioning, you'd be whining on the ground.


# 18

- Wow!
- You tell it so well that I felt like I saw it!
(stamp of approval)
(proud and satisfied)
- But there's something wrong...
- How could you have had time to learn that since last time?
: She's totally stupid, but not to that extent....
: What do I do now? Shall I try it?
- I trained in a place where time goes faster.
- Really?
: It was a bit too much, I shouldn't have said such an enormity.
- Gosh!
- I knew that such things could exist....
: Unbelievable! I hope she doesn't ask me for details....
- Can I try?
- That is to say?
- To check if it works. (she shows his belly)

- Of course, hit me in the stomach.
- Mmmmpff. (He inflates his stomach)
(She kicks, which looks more like a flicker.)
- Ah ah ! You're trying to tickle me.
- Really put all your strength into it, otherwise you won't see the rebound effect!
- I'm almost at my peak right now!
- I don't know how to punch.
- Well, I'll do my best
- Mmmmpff. (He inflates his stomach)
(She is preparing a movement that doesn't look any more glorious than the previous one.)

But by forcing herself to do the right thing, Ren-Bo triggers an involuntary reflex on her left wing.
Due to a very strong wing flapping, the rotation of her chest is incredibly accelerated.
In spite of herself, she throws her little fist into Soo-Bong's belly at a terrifying speed.

- ... ?!! (Her forearm disappears completely at the bottom of his rounded belly.)
- OuuaaaaarGLLLL !!!!
- Aaaaaayayaayaya!!!!

Soo-Bong collapses to the ground in a foetal position, holding his stomach, and pushing a prolonged rail.
Ren-Bo falls on her knees crying in pain, and curves over holding her wrist.

# 19

Later, Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong recover from this dismal interlude.

- Are you still in pain?
- Yes, I would need a bandage.
- Is there a hospital near here?
- Let's go to my house!
- I don't live far away, and I have a first aid kit.

# 20

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong have returned to the village.

- Is it by this steep street?
- Yes, at the very top.

It is a sloping alleyway with old cobblestones, surrounded by picturesque old houses.

# 21

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are halfway, and there are fewer houses.
They are on a small sloping road, surrounded by low walls, with high gardens.
There is a small bright cloud and Fairy Spark appears in front of Ren-Bo.

- Ren-Bo, any danger has not yet been ruled out.
- What's going on?
- A bad guy from the gang earlier is lurking around.
- What? Which one?
(She flies and stands in front of Soo-Bong.)
- The fat bully who beat you up!

Ren-Bo carries both her hands against her mouth, frightened.


At that moment, Soo-Bong and Fairy Spark sizzle in colorful strokes.
As soon as, they disappear in front of Ren-Bo!

- ... !!!

# 22

FLASH, End image: Fairy Spark + anxious Soo-Bong + frightened Ren-Bo.