#1. "Real World" - Parking (day).

Oh Yeon-Joo's car, parked next to the avenue.

#2. Parking, In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

(checks "Butterfly Girl" on her smartphone)

{MANHWA INSERT - Images on the smartphone + Yeon-Joo's reactions.}
Previous events already published, so without the reunion of Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo.
¤ Ren-Bo with pink waves on her wings. Below, "TO BE CONTINUED".

- (ironic) Insane! As if Soo-Bong were attractive...

¤ Title: Chapter 124. Soo-Bong in Park Sin-Moo's car.

¤ Mr. Ladybug introduces the chapter.

- So annoying...

¤ Park Sin-Moo insults and bullies Soo-Bong, who doesn't fight back.

- Yes, yes, it's better to avoid a conflict...

¤ Soo-Bong's irritating reply: "an accidental little kiss".

- What?!

¤ Mr. Ladybug steps in to comment on Soo-Bong's line.

- Is he looking for trouble or is he just stupid?!

¤ Park Sin-Moo blows his fist onto his car door.

- Why is it so short?

¤ Park Sin-Moo tries to hit Soo-Bong. Ren-Bo screams. Below, "TO BE CONTINUED".

- It's only 8 pages.


- Noona...
(not surprised by Soo-Bong's return, still for a second)
(turns her head halfway to the front passenger seat)
- (startled) Omo!!!
- Why am I here?

Fairy Spark flies into the passenger compartment, and comes to stand in front of Yeon-Joo.

- Who is this Ajumma?
(speechless, looks at the fairy)
- Soo... Soo-Bong, how did you bring her here?
- (turns to Soo-Bong) Soo-Bong!!!

Soo-Bong is no longer here.

#3. "Butterfly Girl" - Steep path (day).

KZZT! Soo-Bong materializes.
He looks around. Ren-Bo is not here. The sky is green.

: She hid somewhere?
: In a tree? (looks at the trees up the street)
(sees a motorcyclist parked, further up the street)

The biker raises the visor of his helmet and gets off his motorcycle.
He is the tall, strong, mean high school kid.

- No way to have peace for 5 minutes here.
- It's not an action manhwa though!

Still wearing a helmet, the high school student walks down the street towards Soo-Bong.

(warm-up movements of the shoulders)
: The moment of truth.

{RECALL INSERT, "W" - Training room (day).}
Seo Do-Yoon teaches Soo-Bong to punch. He describes and performs the movements.

- You close your fist starting with the little finger.
- The top of the fist extending the forearm, otherwise you will twist your wrist.
- Direct hit! No Western-style arc.

The high school student is 10 feet away from Soo-Bong.

: No, that's silly.
: I'm gonna bust my hand on his helmet.

{RECALL INSERT, "W" - Training room (day).}

Seo Do-Yoon teaches Soo-Bong to kick. He describes and performs the movements.

- Kicks from Taekkyeon.
- No Taekwondo?
- In 3 months, you won't be able to perform high kicks.
- I am not as flexible as Kang Chul, that's true.
- You have to use simple and fast strikes.
- Front kick. You raise your knee and then you kick out.
- Low kick, to destabilize or break a knee.

: Yes, I'll surprise him with this!

#4. "Real World" - Film studio, Bathroom (day).

Kang Chul in blue jacket, holding a gun, and Han Hyo-Joo, in bathrobe.

He embraces her, brings his lips close to hers and...

... BRRZ!, his smartphone vibrates! He takes it out with his free hand, looks discreetly.
Yeon-Joo on the screen! Kang Chul pushes Han Hyo-Joo away like a bag of bulky garbage.

- What a cad!

#5. Bathroom + In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

(answers call)
- (very agitated) It's crazy here!

Around Yeon-Joo, there are flashes of light, trails of sparks.

- Soo-Bong spends his time going back and forth.
- ...
- He came with Fairy Spark, but he left without her!
- What?! The fairy stayed here?!
- (freaked out) Yeeeees!
- She's completely freaked out, she's flying around!
- Tell her you're Ren-Bo's friend.
- What will happen if she is separated from Ren-Bo?
- Normally none, they are two separate personalities.
- Sorry, see you later. (hangs up)
- ... !

#6. Film Studio, Bathroom (daytime).

Technicians are confused. Boom operator moves his mic aside, cameraman turns off his camera.

- Now is no time to comfort your mentally handicapped friends!
- (smiles) Hey. (pats comfortingly Director Jung's shoulder)
- This kissing scene isn't going anywhere.
- I'm cold, me.

- Will you finally put your damn lips on hers or fuck a donkey?!
(consider the question)

(nods agree) I'll think about it.
- Always looking for an excuse...
- You'd think supermodels disgust him.

#7. "Butterfly Girl" - Steep path (day).

The sky turns orange.

- Yah! (approaches, intimidating gaze)
: (losing courage) I'm crazy to do this.
: This guy is stronger. Years of Taekwondo!
(in front of Soo-Bong, cracking his fingers)
: Never mind. I am invulnerable.
I might as well be slaughtered.

YARAAH! A raucous female scream comes from the sky.

(surprised, looks up to the sky)

The high school punk sees nothing but a large brick falling on his head.

BRONK! The brick shatters his helmet, which falls cut in half. His helmet saves his life!

(stunned, bleeding from the head)
- ... ??! (looks up to the sky and sees Ren-Bo)

Ren-Bo flies about ten meters high, scarlet wings streaked with black.
She holds two more bricks tucked under one arm.

- Die, you scum! (throws a brick, accelerated by a wingbeat)

The height added, the brick has a cannonball's velocity.
The high schooler dodges just enough to get the brick on the shoulder, rather than the head.

- Aaaaaah! (broken shoulder)
- (sadistic, vengeful, mad) How does it feel to suffer, you piece of shit?!
: How can she throw a brick so hard?
What about her wrist injury?

Groaning, the high schooler rushes back to his bike.

- (hateful) Where else could you go?
You die here and now, son of a bitch!
(scared, worried, is it Ren-Bo?)

PRR-PRR-PRR! The high schooler hardly turns on his motorcycle with one hand.

- (hysterical) I want you to die! (throws the last brick)

VROARR!!! The bike starts up in-extremis.
BRASH! The brick destroys the luggage rack instead of the high schooler's head.

: Why did she become hateful?

#8. "Real World" - Parking (day).

~ She no longer fits her character!!!

Seen from outside, flashes of light burst in Oh Yeon-Joo's car.

#9. Parking, In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

Fairy Spark, in a panic, flies around, emitting powder and flashes of light.
She leaves in her wake bright sparks stylized like manhwa stars.

Yeon-Joo, distraught, is blinded.

- (shouting) Spark, stop fussing! Spark!!!

Fairy Spark lands on the front deck, shining with pulsating light.

- Do you know my name? Can you see me?
- Yes, you're Ren-Bo's friend.
- Ren-Bo, I have to go to her!
- I can't stay here, I have to disappear.

FLUFF! A brief cloud of light surrounds Fairy Spark, but...

... she doesn't disappear!

- Why can't I do it?
- ... ?!

FLUFF! She produces the light puff again, but without success.

- I can't go out for long. Otoke?
- Calm down, and just wait a bit.
- Ren-Bo! I can't feel her anywhere!
- She ceased to exist!
- She's fine, she's somewhere else.
- No! She vanished from the universe. (flies away)

Fairy Spark becomes half-transparent, outlined with black edges.

The fairy flies like drunk, her sparks of light dimmed.

- ... !!! (wasn't that crazy enough?)
- Help!!!!

#10. "Butterfly Girl" - Steep path (day).

VROOM! The high schooler rides his motorcycle down the slope.

(flies to him like a bird of prey)
- I told you to die, you bastard!

Ren-Bo kicks the high schooler in the back and destabilizes him.
CRASH! He falls, thrown with his motorcycle.
SHRIIIIII! He and his motorcycle slide down a 10 meters slope.
The high schooler is unconscious, bloody, with shredded clothes.

Ren-Bo lands, and walks to a work area, next to a house front.
There is a pile of bricks, sand, a bag of cement, a wheelbarrow, and... a shovel.

(grabs the shovel, and walks to the lying biker)
- Ren-Bo, what do you intend to do?
- Stop, you'll end up killing him!
(turns to Soo-Bong)
- So what?
- He deserves it, they all deserve it!
- That gang, my parents, and even Park Sin-Moo!
(turns to the lying biker)
(walks, stares hatefully)

The sky turns red.
From behind, Soo-Bong sees Ren-Bo blinking. Her silhouette loses its real consistency.

- ... !!! (horrified)

Ren-Bo becomes a translucent shape bounded by black outlines.

#11. "Real World" - Film studio, Bathroom (day).

- Cut! It's perfect.
- It took a while, but you did well, Kang Chul.
- As natural as if you'd ever done it in real life.
- Good job, everyone.

The technicians clear the set, two assistants go to Han Hyo-Joo.

- Sure, he's talented at that kind of thing.
- And really cute on top! Too bad he's fixed.
- Too bad mostly that he's mediocre the rest of the time.

Kang Chul's smartphone rings. It reads "Yeon-Joo", he picks up.

#12. In Yeon-Joo's car + Bathroom (day).

- (distraught) Honey! The fairy is disappearing!
- The fairy disappears? What's the problem?
- ... ?!
- She spends her life doing that.
- Noooooo! She's really disappearing, with dashes!

{RECALL INSERT, W Ep12 - Restaurant (day).}
Kang Chul shows his blinking, transparent and outlined arm to Yeon-Joo.

- What? Like my arm?
- (voice shaking) Yeeeees!
- Looks like she's scratched from the manhwa!
- Talk to her, prove to her that she exists!

The assistants look and listen to Kang Chul in disbelief.
Then, they look at each other smiling, knocking their heads with a finger.

- I can't talk to her!
- She has entirely disappeared?
- I don't know, she went to hide!
- Look under the seats, that's the only hideout.

#13. Film Studio, Bathroom (day).

Kang Chul continues his conversation. Han Hyo-Joo and the assistants walk away.

- Is he drinking or what?
- No, his breath didn't smell like alcohol.
- He must be a little nuts.
- Especially the person he's talking to.
Sounds like a severe case.
- No wonder it's his wife.
- I'm well qualified to know that Oh Yeon-Joo is a serious nutcase.

Kang Chul, concerned, hangs up his smartphone.

- Yah! Kang Chul!
- Yes, Director Jung?
- Sorry, but we have to move up a scene for tonight.
- It's the only time we can rent the shooting location.
- Then don't spend your night in the asylum!
- (to himself) Damn it, this pile of shit had to drop during the busiest time.
- ... ?!? (since when does he talk like me?)

#14. "Butterfly Girl" - Steep path (day).

Soo-Bong watches Ren-Bo gradually cease to exist.

: Not that! Why?
: Because she doesn't behave like the heroine anymore?
: I have to help her to come to her senses.
(sees flowers, behind a low wall)
: She loves flowers.
(picks a big white flower, with thorns)

- Ren-Bo!
(doesn't turn around, walks to the high schooler, holding the shovel)
- Ren-Bo! Me too, I deserve to be killed?!
(hooked by the question, turns around)
- Who knows?
- I don't even know you...
(approaches and offers her the flower)
(horrified, eyes exorbited)

KLANG! Ren-Bo drops the shovel. She holds her head with both hands.

#15. "Real World" - In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

Yeon-Joo searches for Fairy Spark, she bends down to see under Soo-Bong's seat.
KZZT! Soo-Bong appears. He holds a big white flower, right under Yeon-Joo's nose!

- Huh?
- No, it's not for you, it's--
- Soo-Bong! The fairy!
- Look for the fairy!!!!
- The Fairy?
(bends down to look under her seat)
- Noona, what are you talking about?
- Fairy Spark, you left her here earlier!
- (straightens up to Soo-Bong) She is--
- ... !!!

The white flower is on the front seat, instead of Soo-Bong.

- Raaah! (angrily strikes the flower to crush it)
- Ouch Ouch Ouch! (raises and shakes her hand)
(tears of pain, removes the thorns planted in her palm)
- He drives me crazy doing this!
- When I was in "W", it was hell to get back here.
- And he jumps back and forth non-stop!
(suddenly stops reacting, the urgency flashes back in her mind)
- Spark!
(searches again)
- Is she still here or has she disappeared?
- Disappeared? But in what way?

#16. "Butterfly Girl" - Steep path (day).

KZZT! Soo-Bong reappears in front of Ren-Bo, who is still holding her head.

Ren-Bo has her normal substance, her wings are green and purple, the sky orange.

- (worried) Ren-Bo, do you--


- ... !!! (sees a bird in full flight, not moving anymore)
(sees Ren-Bo almost motionless)

On a raised wall, Mr. Ladybug presents the beginning of the chapter.

- Soo-Bong wanted to play the gallant.
- But seriously, ransacking flowers...
... to seduce a girl who considers flowers as living beings!
- Even his dull rival doesn't have such crappy ideas.
- Will Butterfly Girl be interested in such a loser?

ZEERFF! Mr. Ladybug disappears, time resumes.

- Soo-Bong?
- Didn't you have a dead flower in your hands?
(about to answer)


- ... ! (again, time slows down)

Mr. Ladybug has just reappeared on the wall.

- Pfff, he gets off too easily, with a trick!

ZEERFF! Mister Ladybug disappears, time resumes.

- A flower?
- No, you see.
- I could have sworn.
- Omo! (wings turning purple)
(sees the unconscious biker, further down the slope)
- Did I do that?
- Don't you remember?
- I... I... Yes, a little bit...
- But that's impossible, how could I?
(he takes her in his arms, and pats her back gently)

Ren-Bo empties her tears on his shoulder.

- I don't know what came over me.
- It wasn't me, it wasn't me!
- Although I would wish they pay for the harm they do to me.
- I know Ren-Bo.
- You don't have to feel guilty.
- Something happened that wasn't up to you.
- But what? How?
- I don't know, but I know you had nothing to do with it.
- Stay here, I'm going to check on him.

Soo-Bong walks down the street, and kneels down by the high schooler.
He checks his pulse, his breathing, his wounds, then returns to Ren-Bo.

- I think he's injured, but not in danger.
- Are you okay?
- My wrist hurts.
- Let's go to your house and call an ambulance for this kid on the way.

#17. Ren-Bo's house, Garden (afternoon).

Soo-Bong and Ren-Bo arrive in a large garden, no fence around.

Beneath the pink sky, Ren-Bo's cosy house looks like a fairy tale.

In the garden around, hundreds of different flowers.

- Tadam! (proud smile, presents with her hand)

- This is my home! (slaps her hair to make it fly)
: She is already cheered up...
- Don't you like it?
- It wouldn't be as beautiful, even if I drew this all night long.
- You know drawing?
- A little...
- Could you draw me?
- I could with my eyes closed!
- But pretty, right? Not something ridiculous.
- Do you have a digital tablet at home?
- (reproach) Can't you do without it?
- (dizzy) Ah, of course...
- All we need is a sheet of paper and a pencil.
- I have that!
- ... ??! (notices big white flowers)

(understands what Soo-Bong is looking at)
- (suspicious) Do you know it?
- (beware of goof) Uh... No.
- That's weird, I thought I saw one in your hands earlier.
- Aaah... there were similar ones over there.
- Yes, they swarmed, but they came from here.
- You want to know the most amazing?
- Go ahead.
- That's an Allamanda cathartica!
- ... ?
- Oh that's right, you probably don't know anything about it.
- I'm not a horticulture student like you!
- Huh? How do you know that?
- (goof!) It's just... It's obvious, with a garden like this.
- (diversion) Then, what's so amazing about this flower?
- It's yellow with spines and it only grows in tropical countries.
- Apart from the spines, is it really the same flower?
- Yes, I crossbred it with a species of thistle.
- Is it possible something like that?
- I didn't really ask myself that question.
- I did, and it worked, that's all!
- As a result, it's turned all white, and not afraid of the cold anymore.
- Incredible, only in a manhwa could this exist.
- And now, look at this flower. (points an orange rose)

- This one?
- Yes, try to smell it. (wings changing from green to yellow)
(bends down to smell the flower)
- Ouch! (startles by putting a hand on his buttock)
- pFwah ah ah!
- ... !
(holds a thorny branch)

: I have kind of a feeling...
- Ow, my wrist. (lets go of the branch and holds her wrist)
- Let's put the bandage.

#18. Ren-Bo's house, Entrance (afternoon).

Ren-Bo brings Soo-Bong inside the house.

The interior is rustic, with wicker baskets and wooden furniture.

A fairy tale decor, like the house of a dwarf lost in the woods.

#19. Ren-Bo's house, Kitchen (afternoon).

They arrive in the kitchen, and Ren-Bo shows Soo-Bong a closet.

- It's in there.

Soo-Bong opens the closet, and pulls out a first aid kit.
They sit down at the kitchen table, Soo-Bong puts the kit on it.
The table is covered with tiles of pastoral art.
Soo-Bong opens the kit and takes out cream and bandage.

Soo-Bong puts some cream on Ren-Bo's wrist, then blows on it.

- Hi hi, that tickles!
(gently wraps the bandage around her wrist)
- You're really skilled with your hands.
- I have a Noona doctor who taught me this kind of thing.
- (wings turning orange) A Noona?
- Yes, she's married to my Hyung, and they have a baby.
- (wings turning green) Aaaaah. Yes. That's good.
- I'm glad you told me a little bit about yourself.
- You're so mysterious...
- And that's it. (bandage done)

- I feel better already. (moves her bandaged hand)
- Thanks Soo-Bong.
- If I knew you better, I could call you Oppa.
- Even without that, by the way.
- Don't you already have an Oppa?
- Sin-Moo?
- Yes, he seems nice to you.
- I'm not sure what's happening to me right now...
- When I think about him, I find him so depressing.
- Then I blame myself, because he helped me so often.
(holds up his palm)
- All right, so high five!
- ... ??
- To be your Oppa...
(smiles and raises her valid hand, ready to type)
(lowers her hand and frowns, looking away)
- Mmmh...
- We'll see that later.
- Just in case...
- Huh?
- ... (pouting, won't answer)
- How would you like to have an ice cream on the veranda?
- I think I'd like everything with you.
- Hi hi! I'll get this from the fridge. (stands up)
- You, get the cups out of the cupboard next door.

#20. Ren-Bo's house, Kitchen (afternoon).

Ren-Bo rummages through the refrigerator and Soo-Bong through the cupboard next to it.
Ren-Bo steps back and turns his back to Soo-Bong, who is embarrassed because...

... a large yellow wing flaps regularly on his face.

The contact is soft and looks like a caress, only more annoying.
Ren-Bo stands back, as if nothing happens, with her head in the fridge.

- pFwooh ooh ooh!
- Aaah, I well know you do it on purpose!
- But if summer is too hot, I'll hire you as a fan.

#21. Ren-Bo's house, Veranda (afternoon).

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are sitting face to face around a marble table.
Pots of drooping plants are hanging from the upper beams.

Ren-Bo sprays whipped cream on the ice cream cups with a pressurized can.
She sticks cigar cakes in the cream.

- "Dame blanche", a foreign ice cream "à la Chantilly", my favorite.
- I noticed something.
- You fly easier now.
- I didn't pay attention. I do it naturally.
- But I tire quickly. (hides her hand holding the cream can under the table)
(extends other hand horizontally, wings turning yellow)
- ... ?
- (looks up) Oh! Looks like it's starting to rain.
(by reflex, he extends his hand to feel a drop, and looks up)
- (sees the roof of the porch) Huh? But we are safe here.
- Yah! (throws herself forward, like a devil on springs)
(takes out her hidden hand, sprays all the whipped cream in Soo-Bong's face)
- pfWAh Ah Ah!

Soo-Bong's face is totally covered with whipped cream.

- Koff, Koff. (chokes on cream swallowed by accident)
- (gets scared) Oh no! Soo-Bong...

#22. "Real World" - In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

{MANHWA INSERT - Images on Yeon-Joo's smartphone.}
¤ Soo-Bong offers a white flower to Ren-Bo.
¤ Ren-Bo, half transparent, screams, holding her head. Below, "TO BE CONTINUED".

Yeon-joo is worried. She thinks, counts on her fingers. Her mind lost in the sky.
She opens her mouth wide, relieved, waving her finger. She has understood something...

- Koff, Koff.
- (looks at Soo-Bong, surprise!) WAAaaAah!
- Why do you look like that?
- Koff, Koff, let me breathe.
(takes out a tissue and wipes Soo-Bong's face)
- At least make sure you stay either there or here.
- Try not to rush her, damn it!
- But Noona...
That girl can get emotional just by seeing a butterfly land on a flower!
(takes out another tissue, loses sight of Soo-Bong for a second)
(reaches out to wipe his face, only empty space instead)

- (fed up) It can't be true, we'll be stuck here all day.

#23. Butterfly Girl" - Ren-Bo's house, Veranda (late afternoon).

KZZT! Soo-Bong reappears in front of Ren-Bo.
She's leaning on the table, her head resting on her hands, waiting for him.

- When I saw you disappear, I guessed that you would be fine.
(takes a towel to clean his face)
- Where do you go when you do that?
- Well... I actually teleport.
- So you're not just absent, like Fairy Spark?
- No, I was with Noona.
- As you can see, she cleaned my face.
- Oh yes, I see...
(pensive, pondering these mysteries)
(shakes her head, it's too complicated)
- Since you're here, you could give me a hand.
- Time to water the plants.
- Sure, okay.

#24. Ren-Bo's house, Garden (late afternoon).

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are under an outside stoop, containing gardening tools.
RO-BLO-BLO! Ren-Bo finishes filling a watering can, and turns off the tap.

- With this, you won't damage the plants.
(hands the watering can to Soo-Bong, her wings turn yellow)
- Take care of this square. (points to a flowerbed)

Soo-Bong nods, and goes near the plants with the watering can.

- Fweet phwee whee (whistles while watering)
(feels raindrops landing on his face)
- Ren-Bo, I think it really starts to rain.
- We're watering for nothing.
- pFwooh ooh ooh! (laughter coming from above)
(looks up, sees Ren-Bo flying a few meters above him)

FRWIIIIIIF! Ren-Bo opens a garden hose she's holding.

(SFLAF! gets showered from head to toe!)
- You still had whipped cream on you!
- pfWAh Ah ah ah!

SPROOT-GLOG! The garden hose has air bubbles stuck in it and wiggles like a snake.
Ren-Bo insists on controlling the hose. In vain! She gets unsteady, unable to fly.

- WHAAAaaah!!! (falls!)

She crashes into Soo-Bong, knocking him into a decorative flowerbed.
BROK! Soo-Bong gets his head stuck in a big garden gnome. Ren-Bo is slumped over him.

- (looks at the garden gnome) Oh no! Mr. Green Hand!
(feels something lower and looks at her chest)
- ... !!! (her eyes widen bigger and bigger)

Soo-Bong's hand is accidentally resting on her breast!

#25. "Real World" - In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

(reads the manhwa on her smartphone)
- It sucks, the chapters are too short.
(drops of water land on her smartphone)
- Tsss... (jaded, looks at the passenger seat)
- OMg-gOgle-brlL-loGLOo!!! (startles, stammers, scared)

Yeon-Joo expected to see Soo-Bong, not a huge garden gnome instead of his head.

- (can't see) Noona? Is that you? Am I back?
- What happened to you?
- Ren-Bo has an acute teasing fit. It's her time, just like cats.
- Dammit, all that is published!
- Try to hold at least 5 pages.
- Could you help me to...


#26. "Butterfly Girl" - Ren-Bo's house, Garden (late afternoon).


- ... remove this? (the garden gnome is removed)

Ren-Bo holds the garden gnome and smiles stupidly, like "Oops, I almost caused a disaster".

- Are you well ? Not much of a boo-boo?
- I'm fine, I've had worse today.
- Are you cool enough to put up with me?
- It's your character, I like it when you're cheerful.
(conniving glance)
(conniving glance)
- I'm sad about Mr. Green Hands...
(looks at the damaged garden gnome in her hands)
(laughing and hiding)
- When you wake up tomorrow morning, he might be back...
- Do you intend to bring me another one during the night?
- But it won't be him, he was unique.
- I might surprise you.
- You got it!
- But now...
- Would you draw me?
- (blushes) Oppa...
(shy and emotional)
(soft and shy, pink wings)
- All right, let's go.

Soo-Bong dusts his clothes, removing the grass and dirt.
Ren-Bo removes some twigs stuck in his hair.
He casually pushes away a small thorn pinned to his hand.

Soo-Bong don't notice the microscopic drop of blood caused by the thorn.

FLASH, End image: Soft and shy Ren-Bo + moved and shy Soo-Bong.