#1. FLASHBACK, "Butterfly Girl" - Village outskirts, Street (day)

Park Sin-Moo drives his blue sports car, on a street at the bottom of a hill.

His car comes to a crossroads, crossing the sloping street leading to Ren-Bo's house.
Sin-Moo sees an inanimate biker and his wrecked motorcycle, further up this street.
WIIIIK! He parks his sports car.

#2. FLASHBACK - Steep street (day).

Park Sin-Moo crouches down near the biker, the high schooler injured by Ren-Bo.
Sin-Moo checks his breathing, opens his mouth and lifts his chin, skilful as a professional paramedic.
The high schooler regains consciousness. Park Sin-Moo shows him three fingers of his hand.

- Can you count my fingers?

The high schooler's vision is blurred, vaguely seeing the hand, but Sin-Moo is too hazy.

- Am I alive?
- You had a motorcycle accident.
- Did a vehicle hit you?
- An accident?
- No, they tried to kill me.
- (!!!) Did you see your attacker?
- The guy wearing a suit, and the girl with butterfly wings.
- How the hell...
- That guy... He made her a killer!
- ... !!! (seized by fright)
- Don't... don't tell anyone... please.
- (why this odd request?) I am not a snitch.

The high schooler's vision becomes clearer, he can see Sin-Moo's face.

- (raises eyebrows, recognizes him) Oh yeah... Psycho doc!
- The dangerous maniac, glued to this abominable girl, like a rabid dog.

woo-wOO-WOO! Sound of ambulance siren approaching.

Park Sin-Moo stands up, and slowly backs away, morally destroyed.

An ambulance arrives from the end of the street.

- If I were you, I'd take the opportunity to write off this horror.
- Hey hey. (sneers painfully, because of the pain)
- You're completely out of the game, poor thing...

#3. FLASHBACK - Steep path (afternoon).

Park Sin-Moo runs, climbing the steep path to Ren-Bo's house.

#4. FLASHBACK - Ren-Bo House, Street (late afternoon).

Park Sin-Moo looks at the garden from afar, and sees a scene to break his heart...

Ren-Bo and Soo-Bong are wet, smiling at each other.
Ren-Bo gently removes some debris from Soo-Bong's hair.
They talk shyly to each other, as if in a love confession.
A gust of wind whips Park Sin-Moo's face, bringing the echo of a word from Ren-Bo...

Sin-Moo, apoplectic!!! Face of a damned falling from heaven to hell, lit by a burning sun!

#5. Ren-Bo's house, Bedroom (late afternoon).

The room looks like one from a fairy tale, a flower girl, and a child.

Flowerpots, falling flowers with roots intact, baskets of flowers on the walls.

Stuffed bears and bunnies, wooden airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

Some modern elements, a high-end sound system, colored swivel spotlights.

- (looks at the sound system) Impressive.
- It is well known that plants love music.
- What kind of style do you listen to?
- Never mind.
- ... ?!

Ren-Bo rummages through a drawer in her wooden desk. Soo-Bong takes a look.
She takes out a bunch of pencils, black and colored.

- (hands the pencils to Soo-Bong) Mister is served.
- Give me that too. (points to something in the drawer)

Ren-Bo pulls out some kind of black deformed plate.

- (??) I don't feel like it's for drawing.
- (touching the rough edges of the plate) Plus, it's all dented.
- I don't even remember why I have this.
- It's graphite, it's great for shadow effects.
- What kind of paper do you have?
- (takes a sheet of letter paper) This.
- Don't you have anything bigger?
- It would be silly to buy sheets that don't fit in an envelope!

Soo-Bong notices a pad of thick, rough sheets on the desk.

- Wait... What about this? (points pad)
- These are herbarium leaflets.
- It's all rough, it's not made for drawing.
(picks up a sheet, feels the thickness, slides his finger over its surface)
(so, you poop on it?)
- They have texture, authentic nature, irregular off-white.
- I can fit in, the artistry should be outstanding.
- (finally! enthusiastic) What do I do now?
- (points to a stool) Sit on that and spread your wings.
- And above all... don't move!

Ren-Bo sits on the stool and spreads her green, pink and yellow wings.

- Like this?
- Yes. Just a second... (goes to examine the light spots)
- How do you turn on those spotlights?
- (impatient, annoyed) The switches are above the sound system.

Soo-Bong closes the curtain of the window, to create a bit of darkness.

He turns on and off different light spots. He looks at Ren-Bo to check the result.

- (reproach) Why do you bother with this?!
- (obvious) Let them run on automatic, they are made for that!

Soo-Bong turns a deaf ear, and finds the right combination.
Ren-Bo is illuminated in a sophisticated way by colors from different angles.

- (happily proud) VoilĂ !
- (sarcastic) Awesome...

Soo-Bong turns on a small light on the desk, to see what he is drawing.

- I'll draw the same picture twice.
- One for you, and one for me.
- Cool! Just like the photo booth.
(starts drawing...)

The view approaches the clock hanging on the wall.

#6. ANIMATION - Ren-Bo clock (day).

The clock has three needles, hours, minutes and seconds, and shows 17h12.

The seconds needle speeds up and makes a turn in a flash. The clock shows 17h13.

#7. Ren-Bo House, Bedroom (late afternoon).

The view moves away from the clock.

- (fed up) Will it take much longer?
- Be patient, you are in a comfortable position.
- In art school, models endure 10-minute poses.
- Some people come to art schools to stand still?
- Yes, during nude sketching sessions.
- (so funny) What? These people get all naked?
- (crazy funny) In front of everyone?!?
- Modesty doesn't matter.
- Students only think about anatomy, accuracy and outlines.
- This is the best exercise to learn to draw.
- Well! As long as you don't ask me to get naked...
- (naughty, teasing) Although you could make a funny face!
- (kinky laugh) Hi hi!

Soo-Bong stays serious and focuses on his drawing.

#8. Ren-Bo's House, Bedroom (late afternoon) + MONTAGE.

(The drawing is never fully seen during this scene.)

C#1. Soo-Bong raises his pencil vertically, closing one eye, to check the plumb.

C#2. Ren-Bo puffs out her cheeks and sighs heavily.

C#3. Soo-Bong uses graphite to create a shadow effect on Ren-Bo's dress.

C#4. Ren-Bo moves on the stool. She scratches her leg, then her neck.

C#5. Soo-Bong makes big eyes to Ren-Bo, and articulates "stop moving".

C#6. Soo-Bong changes sheet to start the second drawing.

C#7. Ren-Bo has her eyes closed, her head tilted, she falls asleep!

C#8. Soo-Bong screams, Ren-Bo wakes up jumping. Angry, she pouts sulkily.

C#9. Soo-Bong puts his hands upright, as if to say "don't move".

C#10. Ren-Bo sticks her tongue out at Soo-Bong, thumbing her nose.

C#11. Soo-Bong smiles, while continuing to draw.

C#12. Ren-Bo acts as a clown, a series of outrageous and stupid grimaces.

C#13. Soo-Bong laughs, Ren-Bo too.

C#14. Ren-Bo is motionless, with an intense expression, both happy and sad.

C#15. Surprised, Soo-Bong erases Ren-Bo's face, and draws this expression.

#9. Ren-Bo House, Bedroom (late afternoon).

Soo-Bong gauges his drawings, worried.

- Can't you do it?
- It's good, but something is missing...
(intrigued by a jar, placed on top of a shelf)

- What is it?
- Flower petals.
- I put them in this when the flowers die.
(opens the jar)
- Amazing!
- Their colours are as bright as if they were alive.
- Trade secret! (winks)
- Can I use them?
- Huh? If you want.
- Although it looks weird to me...

Soo-bong takes a tube of glue, and arranges petals on his two drawings.

#10. Ren-Bo's house, bedroom (late afternoon).

- I'm done!
- (sighs) Phew! I'll never become an art model.

Ren-Bo flaps her wings to relax, then opens the window curtains.

- Can I see?
- Here. (gives a drawing, keeps the second one in hand)
(looks at the drawing, takes a deep breath of air)
(tears welling up in eyes)
(he doesn't understand, he expected her to be happy and satisfied)

Ren-Bo's eyes are sunken, swollen, a little gray with blood.

Ren-Bo is prey to a deep feeling, a distress that takes her breath away.

She walks her finger over the drawing without daring to touch it.
On it, Ren-Bo's emotions come out intensely, a mixture of joy and great sadness.
And most of all...

... Ren-Bo's wings are represented with flower petals of all colors.

The drawing isn't just faithful, it has a soul, a hidden meaning beyond the magnificent.
Ren-Bo faces an unexpected mirror of herself, unveiling her heart.

(look at the drawing, cries)
(looks up to watch Soo-Bong)
(looks at her, moved)

FRT! Briefly, Soo-Bong flashes, blurred by colorful interference.

(tries to speak but can't)
(receptive to Ren-Bo's emotion and feels it)

FRRT! A new interference, Soo-Bong becomes detoured by drawn outlines.
"TO.............". The characters appear over reality, slowly tracing themselves.

(painful gaze, sincerity)
(unable to speak, starts to cry)

Soo-Bong becomes transparent, outlined.
"TO BE..........". The characters take ten times longer to write than usual.

- (broken voice) Soo-Bong...
(painful gaze, shares Ren-Bo's emotion)

Soo-Bong becomes more and more transparent, made of colored lines.
"TO BE CONT.....". The characters, slowly...

(in tears, looks at him as if talking telepathically)
(in tears, looks at her as if talking telepathically)


Soo-Bong fully vanishes...

- (alone, crying) ... stay with me.

#11. "Real World" - Oh Yeon-Joo's car + Kang Chul's car (day).

C#1. Outside view - Yeon-Joo's car, parked next to the avenue.

~ I'll take care of Soo-Bong.

C#2. In Oh Yeon-Joo's car - She is using her smartphone.
- Go home, I'll meet you there.

C#3. Outside view - Kang Chul's car, driving down an avenue.

A red sports car, identical to W's.

~ Okay, but I can't stay long.

C#4. In Kang Chul's car - He uses an earpiece.
- The circus scarecrow needs me tonight.
~ Boo hoo hoo...
- Soo-Bong?

C#5. In Oh Yeon-Joo's car.
- Boo hoo... (cries, sitting on the front passenger seat)
- (notices Soo-Bong) Yes, he's back...
(looking at Ren-Bo's drawing)
- See you later, kiss! (hangs up)

C#6. In Kang Chul's car.

Kang Chul, smiling and satisfied, problems solved!

#12. Parking, In Oh Yeon-Joo's car (day).

(puts hand on Soo-Bong's shoulder, to comfort him.)
- (cries) Boo hoo...
- Are you okay?
- Let it go, it will pass. Sniff.
- Tell me you won't disappear again, leaving me this sheet.
- No, I feel like I'm back for a while.
- Is it what makes you sad?
- Not only. (looks at the drawing)
(stretches her head to look at the drawing)
(hands the sheet to Yeon-Joo)
- (takes the drawing) So that's how she looks in the flesh?!
- Slightly less pretty...
- ... (gaping mouth of admiration)
- Goodness...
- She's so beautiful, I can't believe my eyes.
- I'm her Oppa now, hey hey.
- You're crazy, Soo-bong!
- I'm going crazy for love.
- Do you love her... sincerely?
- At first it was more like a dream.
- But now, it's real.
- She totally moves me.
- A cartoonist who falls in love with the girl he draws...
- It's still less twisted than a girl in love with the guy drawn by her father!
- Yah! (hits him on the shoulder)
- Only a too dreamy cartoonist could love such a whimsical girl!
- Yes...
- She's the ultimate dream girl you'd like to see in a drama.

They laugh, so Soo-Bong releases his excess nervous tension.

#13. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Street (afternoon).

Yeon-Joo parks her car near the house.

#14. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (afternoon).

Yeon-Joo enters, followed by Soo-Bong.

- Honey?

The room is deserted.

#15. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (afternoon).

Yeon-Joo opens the door and takes a look.

Kang Chul is relaxed, in the office chair.

He reads the paper version of "Butterfly Girl", so absorbed that he doesn't notice Yeon-Joo.
On the desk, a computer screen displays an image of the Webtoon version.

Soo-Bong in Ren-Bo's kitchen, with a big yellow wing on his face.

Yeon-Joo enters, followed by Soo-Bong.

- Ah! Here you are.
- Hyung!
(comes out of concentration)
(smiles at them)
(puts down her bag and kisses Kang Chul)

Yeon-Joo backs away, but sudden excitement! Kang Chul grabs her for a new kiss... longer one...

- um... (embarrassed, leaves the room, it's too hot here!)

#16. Oh Sung-Moo House, Kitchen (afternoon).

PSHIIIIT! On the stovetop, the tea kettle emits a jet of steam.

Soo-Bong turns off the cooker and removes the kettle.

#17. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (afternoon).

Soo-Bong enters the room holding a tea tray.
Yeon-Joo is sitting on Kang Chul's lap.
She shows Soo-Bong a seat. He puts the tray on the table and sits down.
Kang Chul scrolls the latest episode of the webtoon on the computer.

The screen shows a picture of Ren-Bo crying.

- I have read all your adventures, Soo-Bong.
(looks up at the ceiling, embarrassed)
- Professional work, readers should like it. (wink)
- Not too many mistakes in the script?
- Well... (takes a sip of tea)
- It's of a burlesque comedy genre, a bit ridiculous.
- But it fits well with your character.
(smiling, waving a finger at Kang Chul, to scold him)
- The only mistake was mine.
- What do you mean? You weren't even there.
- About Fairy Spark...

{FLASHBACK INSERT, Ep09 - In Yeon-Joo's car + Bathroom (day).}
Phone conversation between Kang Chul and Yeon-Joo.

- What will happen if she is separated from Ren-Bo?
- Normally none, they are two separate personalities.

- I had deduced that because Fairy Spark isn't an imaginary character.
- Ren-Bo's personality changed because she was separated from Spark?
- I think so. There is a mysterious link between them.
- By the way, what happened to Fairy Spark?

{FLASHBACK INSERT, Ep09 - In Yeon-Joo's car (day).}
- Noona, what are you talking about?
- Fairy Spark, you left her here earlier!
- (straightens up to Soo-Bong) She is--
- ... !!!

The white flower is on the front seat, instead of Soo-Bong.

~ I think she traveled back with you at that moment.

- She then disappeared in "Butterfly Girl", as she usually does.
- (joking) Unless she's haunting Soo-Bong now...
- ... (that doesn't make me laugh)
- And why was Soo-Bong going back and forth so much?
- I almost went crazy.
- If only it were an exact science... (takes a sip of tea)
- W' phenomena won't all repeat identically.
- Ren-Bo is very sensitive, it's easy to trigger chapter endings.
- Your first encounter had only one chapter.
There are other variables.
- I have a hypothesis... (takes a sip of tea)
- When Ren-Bo worries about others, there is promptly a new chapter.
- And when she experiences a shared emotion, the chapter ends for good.
- With 6 new chapters published, we don't mess with the readers!
- Although they are too short, the whole is far more than an ordinary release.
- And it's not over yet...
- How so?
(frowns, drinks the rest of his tea)
(looks at him apprehensively)
- (serious) The repercussions!
- What the--
- The manhwa is now autonomous.
We'll have difficulty to bend it.
- The consequences of your visit will soon appear.
- (it's ridiculous to worry so much)
Apart from sentimental plots, what could happen in a romantic manhwa?

#18. "Butterfly Girl" - Ren-Bo's house, Street (end of day).

Park Sin-Moo cries, on his knees, looking at Ren-Bo's house.
Eun-Ji approaches Sin-Moo, he does not notice her.

- Sin-Moo...
(wipes his tears, gets up quickly, hides his sadness)

(she offers him a piece of gum)
- It helps to keep an optimistic face.
(accepts gift, chews gum)
- Why are you here, Eun-Ji?

{FLASHBACK INSERT - Crossroads (late afternoon).}
An ambulance is parked at the bottom of the sloping street leading to Ren-Bo's house.
The high school biker is lying on a stretcher on the ground.
Two paramedics are about to transport him, when Eun-Ji arrives.

- Rae-Nam? What happened to you?
- Who would've guessed that a 2nd nutcase would fall in love with that bug girl.
- If I were you, I'd take the opportunity to retrieve your future surgeon.

- That big bully Rae-Nam told me that you were in a worse condition than him.
- I don't need pity from your gang of offenders.
- You know I have other plans than hanging out with them.
- In the meantime, you're one of the bastards persecuting Ren-Bo.
- That's fair enough, isn't it?
- Why should I let a monster like that steal what's dear to me?
- What an easy excuse...
- I just follow others.
With or without me, it would be the same.
- (nodding and sighing) Pfuuu...
- Is she still with that older guy?
- He's at her house.
- Ouch, I can just imagine what they might be busy with.
- If they drew the curtains, that means everything!

{RECALL INSERT - Ren-Bo House, Street (late afternoon).}
Park Sin-Moo looks at the house, worried.
He sees the curtains being closed at Ren-Bo's bedroom window.

(morally broken)

- I could very well cheer you up in the same way...
- (whispering in his ear) ... Oppa.
- So you're still clinging to me?
(turns around him, lets her index finger drag on his jacket)
- And you, why would you cling to this mistake of mother nature?
(looks at her spinning around)
- A girl who throws you away overnight, for the first guy who comes along.
- It's screwed up for you, Oppa.
(turns his head to watch her)
- Not only is she horrible, she's psycho.
You'll never get anywhere with her.
- You should think about a backup plan...
(stares ahead)
(shakes head slowly, signs of denial)
- You could have sincerely compassionate.
- But you just came to tear down what little I have left.
- (concerned) No, I just want you to accept reality.

- (crying) I tell you what my reality is going to be...
- (angrily) I will throw away all my self-esteem.
- ... !
- I'll swallow my jealousy.
- And because I love Ren-Bo, I'll wait for her.
- What?
- I'll overlook her temporary relationship with this guy.
- What if they get married?
- Doesn't matter, one day they will break up.
- Whatever happens, I'll always be there for her.
- This is insane!
- Is it so insane to care about someone so much?
- You're going to do this for the most hideous of creatures?
- And sacrifice your future?
- Always insulting her, belittling her, or worse.
- You disgust me.
(hurt in the heart)

- I never want to see you again.
- Oppa, no!

Desperate, Eun-ji rushes to Sin-Moo to grab his jacket.
With one hand he stops her, and with the other, SPAF!, he slaps her.

- Go away!!!!

Eun-Ji walks backwards down the street, looking tragically at Park Sin-Moo.
She is choked with sobs, denial, despair.

~ Park Sin-Moo is in love with Ren-Bo...

#19. Street (end of day).

Eun-Ji stops further down the street, out of sight, and vomits.

Her face is swollen, her makeup dripping with tears.

She wipes roughly, her mouth, nose and eyes, with a trembling hand.

- Maybe I had a little pity for this handicapped girl.
- But you shouldn't have pushed me over the edge, Oppa.
- I'm going to get rid of that bug girl forever.
- And you'll be the one to come back to me once she's gone.

Eun-ji drops to the ground and cries more, softer.

~ ... another girl is in love with Park Sin-Moo...

#20. Village, Adjacent Streets (end of day) + MONTAGE.

C#1. Further down the street.
A worried high school student looks at Eun-Ji with passion. He holds a trembling hand in front of his mouth.

~ ... another guy is in love with this girl...

C#2. From an adjacent street.
A girl looks at this worried high school student. With her hand over her heart, she is on the verge of tears.

C#3. Further down this street.
A young man is watching this girl. He is crying and holding a bouquet of flowers.

C#4. A grocery store.
Sad, worried, in love, the grocer looks at an old lady at her window.

~ ... and so on until the local grocery owner...

C#5. A house, opposite the grocery store.
A feverish old lady is at her window. She watches in the distance with a pair of binoculars.

~ ... and the little old lady of the neighborhood.

C#6. Village neighborhood.
The view recedes. As in a model of a miniature village, we see all these people from the sky.
There are many other people in the streets and at the windows, all spying on each other.

~ Ah ah ah! It is so that!

C#7. ANIMATION - Manhwa image.
The aerial view of the village dissolves from "real" to "image".

C#8. RECALL, Ep03 - Night bar, Lounge (night).
Drunk Park Soo-Bong watches Ji Byeong-Se talking.

- This manhwa is a sentimental centripetal extended to the whole population!
- There isn't one of them who isn't jealous and planning sneak attacks.

#21. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (late afternoon).

Soo-Bong is pensive, dull, uncomfortable.

- (speaks alone) What an idiot...

Kang Chul configures the computer's network settings.

- What are you doing?
- Network access, to see from here what appears in real time on the tablet.

#22. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (late afternoon).

A drawing showing Eun-Ji crying materializes on the graphics tablet.

~ Otherwise, this computer only shows the official, later release.

#23. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (late afternoon).

- Let's see... (click on the "validate" button)

The computer screen image changes to show Eun-Ji crying.

- This is Eun-ji, Park Sin-Moo's girl in love.
- She's about to pull a twist.
- She's just a plot device, her wickedness never goes very far.
- That kind of bitch could ruin your relationship with Ren-Bo.
- She's just good at getting slapped around without saying anything.
(looks at Soo-Bong with concern)
- Nonna, stop scaring me like that!
- It's twisting my gut.
(grim and serious)
(notices Kang Chul's serious face, becomes more insecure)
- Hyung, is something wrong?
- Is there a risk that she might try something dangerous?
- How would she do that?
She's not a gangster, she doesn't kill people!
- My intuition sounds the red alarm.
- You're not Spider-Man with his super-sense, though!
- Chul also has the intuition of a comic book character.
- (bursting) You make me die of anxiety, both of you!
- This scene shouldn't have happened.
- She is pushed back to the wall, because of Park Sin-Moo's reaction.
- Reaction caused by your meeting with Ren-Bo.
- Yes, it's typically the kind of case that can escalate unpredictably.
- (exasperated) I'm gonna draw her falling into a manhole.
- It's a bit harsh to cause her a fatal accident.
- She'll get away with a broken leg.
- Do it! Let's take advantage that the manhwa is editable while you're not in it.
(looks at his watch)
- I have to go to my shooting place.

#24. Avenue (sunset).

Kang Chul's red sports car drives through Seoul.

~ It's a two hour drive.

#25. Avenue, In Kang Chul's car (sunset).

Kang Chul drives while being thoughtful.

~ Hopefully you won't be invoked in the manhwa while I'm gone.

#26. RECALL - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (late afternoon).

- Hyung, she just has to think of me, it could be right away!
- It's not systematic.
- She can think of you several times without effect, until the right time.
- Are you sure?

{RECALL INSERT, W Ep12 - Apartment building, Corridor (night).}
Kang Chul calls out "TO BE CONTINUED", then teleports to the real world.

~ In "W", I controlled my emotions to force my chapter endings.

- I learned the difference between desired and hazardous travel.

#27. Avenue + Seoul, Buildings (sunset).

Aerial view of Kang Chul's car.

~ So yes, I am sure.

The view becomes global, showing the buildings and Seoul, and...

#28. "Butterfly Girl" - Capital, Buildings (sunset).

... the colors become more diverse, more saturated, unrealistic.
Some details change, replaced by others, like smaller, more fanciful buildings.

Global view of the unnamed capital of "Butterfly Girl", same viewpoint as Seoul.

The buildings are in shadow, except one, whose top catches the last rays of the sun.

The light reflects on the walls of this titanic building, looking like a bunker.

RING... RING... Sound of a telephone ringing.
On the top floor facade, a logo displays the company name: "Jin".
The bay window next to it is twice as high as the windows on the lower floors.

#29. Jin In-Jin's office (sunset).

(During this scene, we don't see Jin In-Jin's face, nor the rest of the room.)
RING... RING... On the desk, a smartphone ringing and...
... a glass bar with the inscription: "President Jin In-Jin".
The furniture is made of old carved wood, which contradicts the modern aspect of the building.
Seen from behind, a man sits in an armchair, facing the window and the glowing red sunset.

President Jin In-Jin, 64, powerful, crimson hair.

President Jin takes the smartphone and answers. A woman on the phone.

~ President Jin?
- (dry) What!
~ A high school girl is at the reception.
~ She says she has something unique...
... regarding your private activities.
- You bother me for a child. Pack up your stuff, you're fired.
~ Sorry President. She also has evidence.
- Send her up.
- If it's a trifle, I'll bury you both.

#30. Jin In-Jin's office (sunset).

(We don't see Jin In-Jin's face, or the rest of the room, until it's mentioned.)
The huge double carved wooden door of the office opens.

Secretary Min, woman, 33, leads Eun-Ji into the room.

Eun-ji is about to enter, but she stops all movement, breathless, scared.

Her frantic eyes scan the inside in all directions, sometimes looking high.

Eun-ji is terrified of what she sees.

- Approach.

Eun-ji's feet grope forward, hesitantly.

After about twenty meters, she finds herself in front of the desk.

- Show.

With trembling hands, Eun-Ji puts down her smartphone on the desk.
Jin In-Jin grabs the smartphone and looks at it.
He stands up abruptly, turns around, face visible, and stares at the smartphone.

Jin In-Jin's face expresses an obsessive fascination, a cruel wonderment.

The image on the smartphone is a snapshot taken on the spot.
Three high school girls are harassing Ren-Bo, in a garden.
The blue butterfly wings of Ren-Bo are perfectly visible.

- A piece of such splendor...

Jin In-Jin wanders around the room, whose ceiling is 4 meters high.
Now visible, on all the walls of the room, from floor to ceiling...
... there is the most fantastic collection of entomology imaginable!

- Where could I hang it?

Huge capricorns are pinned, giant scolopendras, big hornets, etc.
An astounding variety of the rarest and most monstrous insects. A multitude, all pinned up!

There are also butterflies of all kinds.
Even giant species, such as the cobra butterfly, reaching 30cm wingspan.

- No, I will build it a dedicated showroom...

FLASH, End image : Ren-Bo terrified + Pinned butterflies + Jin In-Jin exalted.

Starring :

- Lee Deok Hwa is Jin In-Jin aka the Entomologist. Excerpts from the drama "Hotel king".
- Kim Yoo Jung is Eun-ji. Excerpts from the drama "Angry mom".