#1. FLASHBACK - Lee Sang-Deuk's apartment, Living room (late afternoon).

FSHHH. Amplified radio blast sound.

Sofa, armchairs, flat screen. Luxurious and modern old-fashioned style.

In a corner, a radio receiver placed on a large table.

FSHHH. Sitting at this table, Lee Sang-Deuk and Baek Young-Sik can only hear breathing.

- That's pretty handy, your junk, boss.
(listen to the radio)
- We can listen from here, without having to hunch over in a van.
- Because you can hear something, maybe?
- You couldn't hide the transmitter in their bedroom?
- It's not my fault they spend their lives in the bedroom!
- I wonder what the hell those three do in there.

SLATCH! Sound from the radio receiver.

- (finger over mouth, whispering) Sounds like a door opening.
~ I'm gonna get rid of that bitch, damn it!
~ Take her out of the game for good.
- Boss... are they planning to kill someone?!
- Shh!
~ I'm leaving for Iksan.
~ Let me know if there's any news, even during the job.
~ It's alright, good luck with the further operations.
~ Avoid to shoot the circus scarecrow, hey hey!

FSHHH. The radio only emits breath.

- Is that... is that what I think it is?
- Definitely!
- It wasn't enough to wipe out Oh Sung-Moo.
- These gangsters only live for crime.
It's in their blood!
- Worse, it makes them laugh to shoot people.
- Boss, it's much too dangerous, we have to drop it.
- On the contrary, this is an opportunity to catch them red-handed.
- The city of Iksan...
They certainly have an operation in progress there.
- With a mobster nicknamed "the circus scarecrow"?
- Look where it is on a map.
- But... but... boss... you won't send me there?!
- No, you are compromised. Kang Ta might recognize you.
- (sigh of relief) Phewww...

Baek Young-Sik looks for a map website, on a laptop.
He finds the city of Iksan and shows the screen to Lee Sang-Deuk.

- (points) It's here boss, there's a disused prison over there.
- The perfect place for an illegal deal.
- Or to confine and torture someone.
- I go there! (puts his coat on)
- Be careful boss.
- And if anything happens to you, don't reveal that I exist!
- Meanwhile, keep monitoring their conversations.
(takes a camera)
- Sure, boss.

Lee Sang-Deuk comes out of the apartment.
Baek Young-Sik takes a travel bag and sits on the sofa.
He takes a manhwa out of the bag, yawns, then reads.

#2. Country Road (evening).

The sun is down, but the sky is still bright.

Kang Chul's sports car moves along the road.

~ This girl turned his brain upside down.

#3. In Kang Chul's car (evening).

Kang Chul is using his smartphone earpiece.

- He forgot the unknown variables and risks of this type of situation.
~ When I think how scared he was during "W"...
- Even for us, there could be danger.
~ We have to make a decision, painful for our family life.
~ But it's necessary, until everything is resolved.
- ... !

#4. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Street (night).

Exterior view of the house, dark night.

~ Is Chul-Moo okay?

#5. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom + Gil Soo-Sun's apartment (night).

Gil Soo-Sun is in Chul-Moo's bedroom, using her smartphone.
She tenderly watches the baby sleeping in his crib.

- He is as wise as a picture.

Oh Yeon-Joo sits behind the desk, using her smartphone.
Meanwhile, she absentmindedly scans the pages of "Butterfly Girl" on the computer.

- I need you to babysit him for a few days.
- What's going on? Nothing dangerous I hope?
- Soo-Bong... Soo-Bong has problems with his manhwa.

Yeon-Joo clicks on the link back to the list of "Butterfly Girl" episodes.
At the top of the list, a marker "New", "Chapter 130"!

~ He needs you to mother him instead of your son!
(annoyed) What nonsense...
(astonished, clicks on the chapter link)
- What has that shrieking monkey gotten himself into?
- (reads chapter) It's too complicated to explain for the--
... !!! (speechless, widens her eyes in concern as she looks at the screen)
- Mom! I'll call you back later! (hangs up)
- ... !!

Yeon-Joo rushes out of the room.

- (shouting) Soo-Bong!

On the computer screen, a manhwa image of Jin In-Jin's cruel face.

#6. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

Casually dressed in a gray sweater, Soo-Bong draws on his tablet, focused.

- (as if Yeon-Joo is in the other room) Yes... Yes...
- (shouting, rushing at him) Soo-Bong!
- Whaa!!! (startled, Yeon-Joo is under his nose!)
- (grabs Soo-Bong by the collar, forcing him to stand up)
Hurry! Come and see.

Pulling him by his clothes, she drags Soo-Bong to the bedroom.
He tries to put his electronic stylus on the table, but doesn't have time.

- Wait until I--
- Don't argue!!!

#7. Oh Sung-Moo's House, Bedroom (night).

Yeon-Joo pushes Soo-Bong to the desk and forces him to sit down.

- Noona, Noona, is your stress strokes back?!
- Look! (CLAC! slams the mouse on the desk)

Soo-Bong puts his stylus in his sweatshirt pocket, and picks up the computer mouse.
He scrolls through the episode about Eun-Ji's visit to Jin In-Jin.

{MANHWA INSERT - Images of "Butterfly Girl" last episode on the computer screen.}
¤ Eun-Ji enters the office of Jin In-Jin. Terrified!

¤ She puts her smartphone on the table, showing Ren-Bo's picture.
¤ Jin In-Jin walking through his insects collection.

¤ Jin In-Jin, smiling cruelly, announces the construction of a showroom to hang Ren-Bo in.

- ... !!! (surprised and worried)
- But... my drawing?!
- Have you finished it?
- Just now.

Yeon-Joo takes the mouse and scrolls the webtoon.
There is a last page, after the picture showing Jin In-Jin.

{MANHWA INSERT - Images of the last page on the computer screen.}
¤ Eun-Ji walks out of Jin In-Jin's building.
¤ Without caring where she walks, she passes between two building blocks.
¤ She falls into a wide open manhole.
¤ Mr. Ladybug comments on the chapter's end, we hear his text bubbles in voice-over.

- To conclude with such a ridiculous gag is appalling.
- When there was an excellent cliffhanger just before!
- This stupid writer ruined the dramatic effect.
- Feel free to insult him or shoot him with rotten eggs.


- (broken down) Jin In-Jin... The entomologist...
- (absurd, unfair) But... He's two volumes ahead!!!
- (overexcited) I knooooow!

#8. Iksan, Street (night).

~ I call Chul!

Kang Chul's car arrives in the vicinity of Iksan prison, visible in the distance.
BRRZ! His smartphone rings.

#9. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room + In Kang Chul's car (night).

Kang Chul uses his earpiece and answers.

- What is it, sweetheart?
- Honey, something terrible has happened!
- Ren-Bo already has Jin In-Jin on her tail!!!
- The villain of volumes 5 and 6?
- (worried) The entomologist?

~ Yes!!!
- I didn't have time to read this far.
- I'll call you back in 5 minutes... (hangs up)

#10. Iksan prison, Parking lot (night).

Kang Chul's car arrives at the prison gate.

Other vehicles of the drama team are parked, cars, van, truck.
The headlights of Kang Chul's car illuminate a policeman guarding the area.
Kang Chul waves to him with a smile, and the policeman answers him in the same way.
Kang Chul parks his sports car as close as possible to the gate of the prison.

#11. In Kang Chul's car (night).

Kang Chul takes a medium-sized tablet from the front passenger seat.
He turns it on. In the menu, he chooses "Butterfly Girl, volume 5".

The manhwa cover shows up. The view becomes frontal and...

#12. Real live action of manhwa + MANHWA + MONTAGE.

... we don't see neither car, nor Kang Chul's hands, nor the tablet. Only the manhwa.
(During this scene, we hear text bubbles of the manhwa as voice-over and its onomatopoeia.)

¤ Cover of "Butterfly Girl" volume 5.

¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide quickly. It stops on...
¤ LAST: In daylight, Ren-Bo walks down an avenue, a drawing roller strapped to her shoulder.

C#2. LIVE - Avenue (day) + LAST dissolve from "image" to "real".
Ren-Bo notices a corporate building with a green design.

She reads the company sign. Close-up on "Arborea, creating green spaces".
LAST: Ren-Bo looks at the sign, smiling and optimistic.

C#3. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image".

C#4. LIVE - Arborea, Recruitment Room (day).
Three anxious recruiters behind a table.
Smiling, Ren-Bo walks to the table, from the back of the room.
A frightened recruiter spills his coffee, the others step back.
She pulls out a sketch from her scroll, showing a building surrounded by a flower garden.

- A Dahlia-based concept, to show the generosity of the owner.

The recruiters don't look at it. They stare at Ren-Bo's wings, about to vomit.

C#5. LIVE - Arborea, Outer Esplanade (day).
Purple Wings, Ren-Bo walks out of the building crying, carrying her scroll over her shoulder.
LAST: Resting on the scroll, Fairy Spark looks sadly at Ren-Bo.

C#6. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image".

C#7. LIVE - Botanical garden, Veranda (day).
Filled with different plants and flowers. At the back, an desk, with a door behind.

Behind the desk, an old man dressed as a gardener.
He looks at Ren-Bo, staring at her wings with fear.
Ren-Bo, very smiling, holds a transparent jar filled with soil.
Coming out of the jar, a huge flower of an unknown species, yellow and blue.
Trembling, in panic, the old man turns to the door.
He goes out and slams the door behind him.

C#8. LIVE - Botanical Garden, Exit (day).
Purple Wings, Ren-Bo walks away from the veranda crying, the jar in her hands.
LAST: Standing on the edge of the jar, Fairy Spark looks sadly at Ren-Bo.

C#9. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image".

C#10. LIVE - Farm (day).
A shed, a barn full of cows, greenhouses, a field of cabbage.
An angry farmer points his pitchfork at Ren-Bo, whose wings are blue.
Next to him, a crying child, his frightened mother consoles him.

C#11. LIVE - Stable (day).
With purple wings, Ren-Bo walks away crying, and approaches a stable.

PLUFF! A bright cloud of light, Fairy Spark appears, resting on Ren-Bo's shoulder.
Sadly, the Fairy whispers words of comfort in her ear.
LAST: MOO! MOO! In the barn, the panicked cows moo towards Ren-Bo.

C#12. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image".
¤ VIZ! This slides to the next frame.
¤ MOOOO! Close-up, a cow moos on Ren-Bo. Its breath makes wind, Ren-Bo grimaces.
Fairy Spark is blown in the air. Mr. Ladybug, standing on the cow, covers his ears while grimacing.

¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide quickly. It stops on...
¤ WHOP-WHOP-WHOP. By day, a helicopter lands on the roof of Jin In-Jin's building.

C#13. LIVE - Jin In-Jin building, Roof (day).
WHOP-WHOP-WHOP. Sound of helicopter. Close-up on a photo of Ren-Bo in the city.
Jin In-Jin is under the spinning propellers of his helicopter, having just landed.
He holds the picture of Ren-Bo. He stares at it, cruelly euphoric, ignoring the noise and the wind.
Next to him, Secretary Min. She holds documents and more photos, ready to give them to him.

- She... (changes her mind)
THAT was seen in several places in the capital.
- Here are my orders...

LAST: Jin In-Jin talking to Secretary Min.

C#14. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Text Bubble.

- A plan to legally add this artwork to my collection.

C#15. LIVE - Jin In-Jin building, Esplanade (day).
Ren-Bo walks towards the building entrance, and stops before entering.

LAST: Ren-Bo looks at the top of the building. Doubt, apprehension.

C#16. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Thought bubble.

: Am I really invited here?

C#17. LIVE - Jin In-Jin building, Secretariat (day).
A large and luxurious room. In the center, an indoor patio with plants and a fountain.

Facing Secretary Min, Ren-Bo looks at the room with wonder.

- I'm sorry miss, I can't receive you here.

LAST: Ren-Bo is sad and disappointed.

C#18. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Thought bubble.
: What did I expect?

C#19. LIVE - Jin In-Jin building, Secretariat (day).
- President Jin wishes to receive you personally in his villa.
- What?
- He asked me to escort you.
- (unbelievable) ... !

C#20. LIVE - Road in a park, In Secretary Min's car (day).
A chauffeur is driving. Passenger in front, the secretary smiles mischievously. Ren-Bo is in the back.
LAST: Ren-Bo looks out of the window, dreamy, with tears of joy in her eyes.

C#21. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Thought bubble.

: I was wrong to lose hope, all will get better from now on.

C#22. LIVE - Jin In-Jin Villa, Garden Terrace (day).
Large luxury villa, miles of gardens, terrace with tables and sunshades.

Ren-Bo and Secretary Min are sitting at the table.
Standing further away, Jin In-Jin looks towards the gardens.

Confused, Ren-Bo looks at him, kind of "He invites me, so why he stays away?"

- Everyone is only talking about your talent.
- (unbelievable) Really?
- President Jin wants to be the one who benefits from it.
(looks at Jin In-Jin, smiling with gratitude)
- (wide gesture pointing to the gardens)
You will have all this under your responsibility.
(stunned, mouth open, looks at the immense and sublime gardens)
- Do you accept to work for president Jin?
- (crazy with joy, nods several times)
Yes! Yes! Yes!

Secretary Min takes out of her bag a contract with several bound sheets and a stamp.
She stands up and puts the contract on the table in front of Ren-Bo.
She stays beside her, bent over like an evil crow.
PLUFF! A cloud of light. Fairy Spark appears, standing on the table, next to the contract.

- Ren-Bo, be careful. Take the time to read everything.
(elated with happiness, not listening)
(takes out her seal and dips her thumb in the fingerprint pad)
- (distressed) Ren-Bo!

Frantically sweeping the sheets, Ren-Bo prints her seal and fingerprints on each one, without reading.

LAST: Jin In-Jin smiles in cruel satisfaction, stroking his eyebrow.

C#23. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image".

¤ VIZ! This slides to the next frame.
¤ Ren-Bo signs, wildly elated. Fairy Spark, devastated, looks at Ren-Bo pleadingly.

C#24. LIVE - Jin In-Jin's office (day).
- Crush it until it hangs itself.
You have carte blanche.
- By your command, President. (she leaves)
(looks at his insect collection hanging on the office walls)
- (disdainfully) Derisory...

Jin In-Jin picks up a pad of contract sheets from the table.
He detaches one of the sheets and takes a long look at it, his eyes sparkling with envy and malice.

Close-up of the sheet, moving and zooming in on different areas.
At the top, "In case of death". In the middle, "I agree to leave my body to the beneficiary".
Below, "Beneficiary: Jin In-Jin". Next to it, "Signatory: Ren-Bo", with fingerprints and seal.

C#25. LIVE - Jin In-Jin's building, Secretariat (day).
Sitting in an armchair, Secretary Min reads a book. She nods her head in approval steadily.

Close-up on the cover: "Moral harassment - First cause of suicide in companies".

- (laughs cynically) Hey hey! A guide would be less useful.

C#26. LIVE - Jin In-Jin Villa, Servants' Locker Room (day).
A dozen servants in a row, intimidated and anxious.
Secretary Min walks past them, giving them each an envelope.

- Do this task, and you will receive this every week.
(looks into her envelope, amazed! the wad of bills is so thick)
(frowns, ties fingers, remorse)

- (notices the reluctant one) This is not a human being.

LAST: Secretary Min talking to the servants, fierce, bossy.

C#27. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Text Bubble.

- Those who show humanity will be beaten to death.

¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide by quickly. It stops on...
¤ A maid spills a bag of fertilizer on Ren-Bo's head.

¤ VIZ! Ren-Bo dumbfounded, shit on her head, flies around.
Mr. Ladybug, wielding a sword, skewers one of the flies.
¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slip by quickly. It stops on...
¤ Two servants take Ren-Bo's gardening tools.
¤ VIZ! Ren-Bo begs, reaches out to the servants.
¤ VIZ! The servants throw the tools into a pond.
¤ VIZ! The tools fall into the water. SPLACH! Mr. Ladybug takes shelter under an umbrella.
¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide by quickly. It stops on...
¤ A servant's hand forces Ren-Bo face down on the ground. She screams and cries.
¤ VIZ! In the garden, the servants smile sadistically, around Ren-Bo on all fours.
¤ VIZ! Close-up, a servant's hand forces Ren-Bo to open her mouth.
Another hand forces her to eat grass and worms.
¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide quickly. It stops on...
¤ LAST: On the villa's terrace, Secretary Min and Ren-Bo ashamed, head down.

C#28. LIVE - Jin In-Jin's Villa, Terrace (day) + LAST dissolve from "image" to "real".
- President Jin has put his trust in you, and you make a mess.
- You annoy the other employees and vandalize the equipment!
- (sobs) It's not that... I tried to--
- Don't try and succeed!
- Do you want to be fired?
(overwhelmed, nods no)

C#29. LIVE - Jin In-Jin's Villa, Servants' Locker Room (day).
The maid, who previously had remorse, consoles Ren-Bo.

- I know it's hard, but don't lose heart.
- Thank you Unnie...

LAST: The maid takes Ren-Bo in her arms.

C#30. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Text Bubble.
- You're the only one being nice here.

¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide by quickly. It stops on...
¤ LAST: Ren-Bo eats at the canteen, alone at her table, depressed.

C#31. LIVE - Servants' canteen (day) + LAST dissolve from "image" to "real".
The servants eat at the other tables and sadistically look at Ren-Bo.
Ren-Bo spasms, her wings turn dark purple.
She vomits on the table. All the servants burst out laughing.

- It seems that rat poison works for insects too.

General laughter. Ren-Bo bursts into tears.
She has a spasm and vomits again. Laughs!!!

C#32. LIVE - Ren-Bo's house, Kitchen (night).
Depressed to the extreme, Ren-Bo is facing her meal, unable to eat.
Fairy Spark is standing on the table next to the plate.

- Eat Ren-Bo, you need to get some strength.
- (head falling on the table, cries with despair)
I can't take it anymore, it's beyond my strength.

C#33. LIVE - Jin In-Jin building, Secretariat (day).
~ Then resign.

On the table, a letter of resignation.

(depressed, intimidated, dark circles under eyes)
- (takes the letter and tears it up)
No one leaves President Jin without saying farewell to their career.
- ... ?!! (incredulous and worried)
- You would be blacklisted.
No one would hire you after that.
- ... !!! (horrified)

C#34. LIVE - Capital, Street (night).
Ren-Bo walks staggering, as if drunk. She cries in despair, and talks to Fairy Spark.
The people around her don't understand. They are disgusted to see her, and think she is crazy.

- Never again... Never again would I be allowed to garden, anywhere.
- (compassionate, hesitant) Isn't life... more important?

LAST: Ren-Bo desperate and stubborn.

C#35. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Text Bubble.
- I will never give up the only profession I love.

¤ WIIIZ! Several pages slide by quickly. It stops on...
¤ LAST: Jin In-Jin and Secretary Min are on a balcony, upstairs in the villa.

C#36. LIVE - Jin In-Jin's villa, Balcony (day) + LAST dissolve from "image" to "real".
Jin In-Jin and his secretary watch a maid argue with Ren-Bo in the garden.

- One last coup de grâce and that will be enough, President.
- One regret... The gardens have never been so beautiful.

C#37. LIVE - Jin In-Jin Villa, Garden (day).

The garden is beautiful, clean and neat.

- This is a garbage dump!
What will you do to fix it?
- (confused, appalled) But... No... I've... I have...

Ren-Bo's maid friend is standing next to a barbecue.
She takes a can of flammable liquid and approaches.

- She's not capable of anything, and it's up to us to clean up her garbage.
- (terribly shocked) Unnie?! But... I thought that--
- That we were friends?
A monster like you doesn't deserve anyone's friendship.
(stunned, lost touch with reality)

The maid scatters the contents of the can on the flowerbed.

- (too terrified to accept to understand)
Unnie... What... What are you doing?

The maid lights a barbecue torch and throws it on the flowerbed.
The flowers and plants catch fire, burned alive!

- NOOOO!!! (as if she could hear the agony screams of the flowers).

Crazy with grief, Ren-Bo runs her hands over the flowers, burning herself.
The two maids look at each other with a smile, nod, and...
... they kick Ren-Bo in the back!
Ren-Bo is rushed forward and falls into the flames, her wings catch fire!

- (screams in pain, burned alive) Aaaaah! ARAAAH!!!

C#38. LIVE - Jin In-Jin Villa, Balcony (day).
- (leaps to the railing, angry) Are they crazy?!
- They'll ruin it!
- Everything has been planned, President.

C#39. LIVE - Jin In-Jin Villa, Garden (day).
Human torch, Ren-Bo runs to a nearby water basin.

SPLATCH! She dives in. Her flaming body extinguishes.
LAST: With black and purple wings and blackened skin, Ren-Bo screams in pain and despair.

C#40. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image".

¤ WIZ! Next page...
¤ LAST: Capital, big river bridge seen from afar, at night and under the storm.

C#41. LIVE - Capital, Bridge (night) + LAST dissolve from "image" to "real".

Rain, storm, lightning. Ren-Bo screams with grief. She climbs the bridge railing.

- (standing on the railing, panicking) Ren-Bo! Ren-Bo!
- This is the only thing I will ever achieve in my life!!!

C#42. LIVE - Capital, Shore (night).
Secretary Min looks at the bridge through binoculars. A henchman is standing next to her.

- (smiling with satisfaction) Get ready to fish out the body.
- Understood, Secretary Min.

C#43. LIVE - Capital, Bridge (night).
SKREEEK! Park Sin-Moo's sports car brakes hard.

He gets out and rushes to Ren-Bo. He belts her to prevent her from jumping.
She struggles, redoubles her screams and tears. Heartbreaking!

- Let me go! Let me go!
I should have done this long ago!!!
- Never!!!
I forbid you to die any other day than me.

C#44. LIVE - River bank, In Park Sin-Moo's car (night).
Rain, storm. The car is stationary, at the bottom of the bridge.

In the rearview mirror, Park Sin-Moo looks at Ren-Bo sitting in the back seat.

- Resign.
- (crying) I can't. I'd rather die.
- Then stay home.
- It's the same!
- Your career is not in danger. Trust me.
- (vague hope)
- I know what these sharks do when they don't get what they want.

LAST: CRAACK! A bolt of lightning strikes nearby, lighting up Park Sin-Moo's determined face.

C#45. MANHWA - LAST dissolve from "real" to "image" + Text Bubble.
- Someone else than you will pay for this.

C#46. LIVE - Jin In-Jin's building, Office (day).
- Secretary Min failed, President.
- The incompetent one! She'll pay for this.
- (stands up) Follow me, we'll fix it.

Jin In-Jin leaves the office, accompanied by his henchman.

C#47. LIVE - Ren-Bo's house, Entrance (day).
Ren-Bo is terrified, a gag over her mouth, icy wings.
The henchman constrains her from behind.
A rope hangs from the ceiling, hooked to a wooden beam. A stool is on the floor.
Jin In-Jin puts the noose of the rope around Ren-Bo's neck.

- Moral, man comes to art, and don't wait for art to come to him.

He stretches the other end of the rope. Ren-Bo is strangled.
The henchman lifts her up and puts her feet on the stool.

C#48. LIVE - Ren-Bo's house, Garden (day).
Armed policemen run silently across the lawn and head towards the house.
Park Sin-Moo watches the assault, next to a police car. Flashing lights, but no siren.

C#49. LIVE - Ren-Bo's house, Entrance (day).
Jin In-Jin has his foot on the edge of the stool, ready to push it to hang Ren-Bo.
VLAM! The policemen open the door, surprising him. They brandish their guns.

- Freeze!

The policemen approach Jin In-Jin and his henchman with handcuffs.

- President Jin, you are arrested for attempted murder of this young woman...
- (vindictive) What right?! We just came to help this--
- ... and for the proven murder of your secretary, Mrs. Min!

C#50. ANIMATION - News articles piling up.
Headlines are recited in Voiceover, by excited reporters.
¤ Newspaper 1, "Insolite: President Jin murders his secretary".
¤ Newspaper 2, "Deadly slit throat with a letter opener for doing her job badly".
¤ Newspaper 3, "Jin In-Jin wanted to help a young woman end her life".

C#51. MANHWA - Jin In-Jin defeated, in a prison suit in a jail cell, and...

#13. In Kang Chul's car + Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

... the image returns in the tablet, which Kang Chul puts on the passenger seat.

Kang Chul calls Oh Yeon-Joo with his smartphone. She picks up.

- There is a plot hole!
- What do you mean?
- A girl with butterfly wings!
That would have been front page news a long time ago.
- The entomologist should have known her since she was a child.
- Jang Soo-Bin's story doesn't take that into account!
- She wrote it without logic.
- She just made the villain appear when she needed to.
- No wonder he appears earlier this time.
- Eun-Ji went to Jin In-Jin, to inform him about Ren-Bo.
- ... !!! (shit)
- I knew that damn plot would come back to bite us.
- What can we do? Otoke?
- I'd better go home.
- Where are you?
- In Iksan.

Sitting in front of his tablet, Soo-Bong waves to Yeon-Joo, a "cut" with his hands.

- Wait, Soo-Bong is on the case.
- ... ?!
- It would be silly to go back when you're already there.
You might as well keep your commitments.
- And you wouldn't really be of any use, apart from giving advice.
- Then I'll come back as soon as the shooting is over.
- Call me if there's any news, or if you need my advice.
- I will, kiss. (hangs up)

#14. Oh Sung-Moo's House, Living room (evening).

- Do you have an idea?
- Not yet, but I will find it.
- What do you mean?
- In this!

PAF! He taps the pile of 6 volumes of "Butterfly-Girl" placed on the table, next to his tablet.

(looks at the pile of manhwas, unconvinced)
- I'm going to dissect the parts involving the entomologist.
- There are certainly details that will help to catch him.
- Do you plan to create a scenario for this?
- Yes, and with two of us, we'll draw it quickly.

Soo-Bong takes volume 5 and opens the manhwa, first chapter.
On the page, title "Chapter 81", and Ren-Bo's upset face.

#15. "Butterfly Girl" - Ren-Bo's house, bedroom (night).

Upset, Ren-Bo frames the portrait that Soo-Bong gave her.
She covers it with a protective glass, then hangs it on the wall.

To the right of the portrait, there is a mirror, and further to the right, a flower pot.

Ren-Bo looks at the portrait and the flowerpot, then she looks at herself in the mirror.
Contemplating her sad eyes makes her even sadder, communicating her pain to herself.

- My wings... in essence they look like flowers.
- I've always loved flowers, so why have I always hated my wings?
- (broken voice) Why do I hate myself so much?
(looks at herself crying a lot)

Crushed by an inner contradiction...
She has more and more difficulty to support her own gaze in the mirror...

She breaks down! She picks up a hairbrush and throws it at the mirror.
CRASH-KLING! The mirror shatters!
Ren-Bo collapses to the ground, and lies on her side, curled up in a fetal position.
Her wings are a sickly blackish purple and have horrible nervous jerks.
She is agitated by convulsions, similar to the post-mortem reflexes of an insect that has just died.
She moans with a high-pitched voice modulating on ultra-sounds in an inhuman way.

#16. RECALL - Hospital, Corridor (day).

Ren-Bo as a child, one meter high. Her wings are dark blue.
Her father holds her tiny wrist, and walks fast in a hospital corridor.
She is forced to keep up the pace, among dozens of passers-by.
Everyone looks at her with disgust and horror.
Ren-Bo sobs, holding a pink stuffed rabbit close to her.

She passes too close to a man sitting on a bench.

SBAF! She accidentally bumps into the man's lap and drops the rabbit.

- (small panicked voice) Mr Rabbit!
- (reaches back, cries) Stop, I've lost Mr. Rabbit!
- (forcing Ren-Bo forward) Stop making a spectacle of yourself.

The man on the bench picks up the pink rabbit.
He watches with pity this strange, winged little girl walk away.
He would like to give her back her rabbit, and stretches his arm slightly.
But he feels it's too late, so he holds the rabbit in both hands and looks at it sadly.

#17. RECALL - Hospital, Analysis room (day).

Analysis in light screens on the walls, X-ray sheets on a table.

Two professors, doctors, Ren-Bo and her parents.

- Don't worry, we'll do the impossible.
- We can't let this girl suffer such a nightmare.
- (small voice all fearful) What will they do to me?
- It's for your own good, Ren-Bo.
- We don't hide that it will be difficult.

The professor points a wand at one of the X-rays, showing Ren-Bo's torso and wings.

- These blood vessels lead to her chest.
Some of them are deep and difficult to track.
- But with proper cauterization, the operation should go well.
- Please don't tell us the details!
- Do whatever it takes, we trust you.
- (terrified) Please, I don't want to... I'm afraid...

The doctors take Ren-Bo out of the room.

- (screams, looks back) Dad, mom, don't leave me!!!
(embarrassed, looks away)
(relieved, looks away)

Ren-Bo's wings turn an icy blue.

- (terrorised, desperate) No, stop, for mercy!

#18. RECALL - Hospital, Surgical Operating Room (day).

Ren-Bo is lying on her stomach on the operating table. Comatose, under general anesthesia.

- I start the ablation by cutting the base of the right wing.

The scalpel sinks into a gnarled black and downy tendon.
Surprising the surgeon, FRIIITCH!, a jet of pressurized blood sprays his face.

- An artery! There was an artery hidden underneath!

Ren-Bo's wing suddenly spasms.
Surprising everyone, Ren-Bo sits up, conscious.

- (screams) Hiiiiiiiiii!!!
- Stop it!

FCHIIIII! Blood from her wing spurts out at high pressure, spraying everyone around.

- I implore you!

The panic takes hold of the operating room. Doctors are shouting.
Ren-Bo is flailing around with the energy of desperation, bleeding to death.

- Hold her! Hold her down! (tries to restrain Ren-Bo)

A doctor helps to control Ren-Bo.

- Dad, mom, help!
- What the hell kind of anesthesia is that?!
- The body mass of the wings distorted the calculations.
- Haaaaa!!! (tilts backwards)

Ren-Bo loses consciousness, her body goes limp.
The blood continues to spurt, but less strongly.
TUUUUUUU. Flat electrocardiogram.

- Cardiac arrest!
- Seal off this artery, for heaven's sake!

Two doctors are applying compression to the wound.
One of the two doctors has a spasm, he leaves the table, and goes to vomit in a corner.
The second surgeon deploys the suture set.

- Emergency resuscitation!
- (puts an oxygen mask on Ren-Bo's mouth)
Impossible to massage in this position.

A doctor brings a defibrillator.
He places the electrodes, the chief surgeon coats the gel on the spatulas.

- Charge to 200 joules, monophasic.
- 3... 2... 1... Clear! (BAKLASH!)

TUUUUUU. Flat electrocardiogram.

- Again! Charge to 250 joules!
- 3... 2... 1... Clear! (BAKLASH!)

Tit... Tit... Tit... Small but fast beats on the electrocardiogram.
Ren-Bo, eyes half closed... her little child's heart comes back to life.

- The artery, what does it give?!
- Hemorrhage stabilized, being sutured.
(sewing up the black tendons)
- We give up the operation!
- Impossible to know her blood branches.
If an artery passes here, there is only one explanation...
- ... her wings are directly connected to her heart!
- This hapless kid will have to suffer this her whole life...

#19. Ren-Bo's house, bedroom (night).

Ren-Bo has exorbited eyes, empty pupil. Shock condition.
She relives her memories, as real as the first time.

#20. RECALL - Ren-Bo's parents' house, Kitchen (day).

Ren-Bo drags herself to the floor in a demeaning manner, her wings purple.
In a fit of tears, she begs her parents, who are standing.

- Why do you see me as a monster, too?
- It hurts me too much. (puts a hand to her heart)
- Because of you, we never dared to have children again.
- Who knows? We would have a boy with fly wings?
- And to think that this abomination comes out of my womb, oh lord!
- But I did not choose to be born like this...

The mother grabs a wet towel and SNAP!, she whips Ren-Bo's wings with it.

- Aaaaaah!
- I can't stand you anymore, you horror!!!

Ren-Bo quickly slips backwards, using her feet to move.

- Look at the pain you cause to your mother.
- Go hide!

Ren-Bo crouches down, shuddering, under the kitchen table.
Her wings are shaken by involuntary spasms of pain.
The parents come out of the kitchen, but Ren-Bo can still hear them.

#21. RECALL - Ren-Bo's parents' house, Entrance (day).

Ren-Bo's mother loses the strength to stand. Her husband helps her not to fall.

- We are the shame of this city.
- I'm so tired of this life.

#22. RECALL - Ren-Bo's parents' house, Kitchen (day).

~ We are cursed.
(desperate, clutching her hands to her heart)


C#1. Ren-Bo's parents' house, Interior (day).
Ren-Bo, young teenager, goes through several rooms of the house. Desert, nobody!
In the parents' bedroom, no clothes in the closets.
Ren-Bo finds a big envelope on the bed, with "Ren-Bo" written on it.

~ One day, my parents abandoned me.

C#2. Ren-Bo's parents' house, Outside (day).
In front of the house, a real estate agency sign "FOR SALE".

~ They sold their house and disappeared without leaving any address.

C#3. Country road, In a bus (day).

Ren-Bo looks sadly out the window. She is holding the large envelope with her name on it.

~ Remorseful, or to avoid me being taken back to them...

C#4. Ren-Bo's house (evening).
Ren-Bo looks at her future house. In ruins. A muddy ground full of garbage.

~ ...they left me grandma's old house...

C#5. Ren-Bo's house, Kitchen (evening).
Dust and cobwebs, broken furniture.

On the table, Ren-Bo pulls out the envelope contents, which she illuminates with her smartphone.
A deed with the picture of the house, a bank book, a small envelope.

~ ... some money in a bank account...

She opens the small envelope and takes out a typed letter.

~ ... and a simple note of Farewell.

A one-sentence letter, unsigned: "You'll do better without us".

C#6. Ren-Bo's house, Bedroom (evening).
Ren-Bo walks to the desk, pushing aside the cobwebs.

~ I was in a house as empty as the abyss that inhabited me.

She finds an old oil lamp and lights it.

Ren-Bo's sad and desolate face is lit by the flickering flame.

~ I never saw them again.

#24. Ren-Bo's house, bedroom (night).

Ren-Bo picks up a shard of mirror on the floor. She cuts herself with it, bleeds, but doesn't care.
One of her wings rises, behind her head. She looks at herself with her wing, in the mirror shard.
She gasps quickly, her chin trembling, resisting the urge to cry.

- Sorry...
- Sorry my wings. (sticks her cheek against the wing)
- I will hate myself as much as it takes.
- But I will never hate you again.
(discomfort, no more energy)

Ren-Bo, without getting up, clutches the edge of her bed.
Exhausted, she drags herself pitifully to crawl on the bed.
Ren-Bo crushes onto her pillow, and bursts into tears. A huge crying fit!

PLUFF! Fairy Spark appears, but Ren-Bo doesn't notice her, lost in her heartbreaking sobs.
The fairy stands still for a few moments, unable to find words.
Fairy Spark approaches Ren-Bo's cheek, opening her arms.
She tries to embrace her cheek to comfort her.
Of course, she knows that she is too small to do so.
Still, she sticks to her cheek, taking a bath of tears.
Fairy Spark comforts her like this, until Ren-Bo falls asleep.

#25. "Real World" - Oh Sung-Moo's house, Bedroom (night).

Ren-Bo and Fairy Spark dissolve from "real" to "image", on the computer screen.
Oh Yeon-Joo looks at the screen with a sob. Her breath weighs in her chest.

She stands up, takes a deep breath and looks up.
She wipes her tears and walks out of the room.

#26. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Kitchen (night).

Yeon-Joo enters. Soo-Bong is sitting at the kitchen table.
With one hand he turns the pages of manhwa volume 5, and with the other he takes notes.

- Did you find anything?
- Some ideas.
- His position of authority makes him hard to pin down.
- Couldn't you replicate what Park Sin-Moo did?
- He was caught off guard at one point.
It almost cost Ren-Bo her life.
- With such a random manhwa, it's too risky to rely on a miracle.
- In volume 6, it talks about Jin In-Jin's financial schemes.
- He appears less in this volume, it will be faster.
- I finished studying volume 5! (closes the manhwa)
- (looks at Soo-Bong's notes)
You draw very well, but you write very badly.
- (gets up) I have to go to the toilet.

Soo-Bong picks up "Butterfly Girl" volume 6 and heads to the toilet.

#27. Lee Sang-Deuk's apartment, Living room (night).

The radio equipment is turned on, broadcasting...

~ This nasty habit of reading comics in the toilet...

The radio is silent. RRR-ZZZ...RRR-ZZZ... A snoring sound from somewhere else...
Baek Young-Sik snores, asleep in the sofa, a manhwa lying on his stomach.

#28. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Living room (night).

Oh Yeon-Joo is pacing.
She holds Soo-Bong's notes, and tries to read them.

#29. Oh Sung-Moo's house, Toilet (night).

Sitting on the gogues, Soo-Bong reads volume 6 of "Butterfly Girl".

- Why we never see the hero pooping in dramas?

He grabs some toilet paper to wipe his butt.
He remains seated, picks up the manhwa and continues reading.
"Lalala ~ Wizzz ~ Tip ~ Tip ~ Tip". Strange female vocals comes from the next room.

- (without lifting his head from his book)
What puts you in a good mood, Noona?
- You sing as badly as I write!

The door of the toilet opens...

#30. "Butterfly Girl" - Ren-Bo's house, Bathroom (morning)

- Hiiiiiiiiii!

Soo-Bong startles! He drops everything he's holding, and raises his head.

- ... !!!!!

Ren-Bo is in the doorway, completely naked! (we can only see her head)
She hurriedly crosses her arms over her chest. (we can see her bust)

Her wings turn bright orange. She realizes something...
Dismayed, she looks down at her body. Naked from head to toe!

She looks at Soo-Bong again, terribly embarrassed, and runs away.
Stunned, Soo-Bong gets up and hurries to pull up his pants.
Stammering incomprehensibly, he walks towards the entrance door of the toilet.

The bathroom has turned pink, with all the pretty girl's paraphernalia.

It's morning in the world of "Butterfly Girl"...

FLASH, End image: Ren-Bo surprised + Soo-Bong surprised.


- Mr. Ladybug is inspired by the character of the French cartoonist Gotlib.
- Oh Yoon Ah is Secretary Min. Excerpts from drama "Incarnation of money".
- Jo Seung Woo is a police inspector. Excerpts from drama "Sisyphus: The Myth".
- Jung Woong In is a lead surgeon. Excerpts from drama "Yong Pal".
- Cha Soon Bae is a second surgeon. Excerpts from drama "Yong Pal".
- Kim Hye Ok is a servant. Excerpts from drama "The Penthouse: War in life".
- Jeon Mi Seon is a maid. Excerpts from drama "School 2015".